What About Brian

Season 2 Episode 1

What About Second Chances...

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 09, 2006 on ABC

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  • Brian returns days for the wedding

    Hmmm, Ihad to select not my favourite storyline as the classification for this episode because of two story elements. I did not like Adam going with the stripper girl and Brian and Marjorie kissing. Having said that, the episode was still fantastic and I understand why the writers made those choices, it makes for excellent drama! but that doesn't mean I have to like the storyline.

    Both Dav's and Brian's speeches were very sweet, which makes the ending all the more disappointing (again, from a personal perspective, not from an episode appreciation point of view). I liked that Dave and Deena are trying again to make their marriage work.
  • Review

    Coming into this show without watcihing the first season was a little odd, because I didnt know what was going on for the most part. Didnt take me too long to realize what was going on and I was hooked into the shows many sub plots. I thought that the little fights between Brian and his best friend (I forget his name all ready) were needed, but a little over the top. After Brian gave the big speech about the baseball I thought things would have died down between the two a lot but things just got more heated when they went to the strip club together. The ending was really cool and I cant wait to watch the next episode.
  • Wow! This one was better. I can tell that there is a new writer. There were a lot more details that were not there before.

    I think that my heart stopped for at least 30 seconds when Brian was hit by that truck. That was a horrible accident; but lets face it, we all knew that he was not dead, because there would be no Brian for the show to be all about.

    I figured that Deena and Dave would be having some serious marital problems after the affairs. I never could understand why they even wanted to do that; they were a good couple. The gifts that they gave each other were a little weird too. If you are not having sex and you are not getting along, handcuffs and bunk beds are probably not the greatest gifts. I kind of get the idea with the bunk beds, because Deena was trying to make Dave happy by getting the kids out of the bed, but the handcuffs were tasteless. I am glad to see them making up though. Hopefully they wont let the past break up their marriage. I can’t until next week to see what happened with Marjorie & Brian and Adam & the dancer; I wonder if this will stop the wedding. I really hope that it does, because I think that Brian loves her more than Adam does. He seems to be really in love, whereas Adam seems to be doing it because that is what he thinks he should do.
  • Someone should have told me

    I want to start out by saying that J J Abrams is brillant. I wish that I would have watched the first season of this show. I love the charaters. Everyone is great. Very seldom do I watch a show say that all the characters are great. All the character relate well with each other, even Brian's sister included in his group of friends. How many times does that happen? The show is well written. I hope they will put the first on DVD soon. Maybe we can get ABC to run a five hour marathon so those of us who has not seen it can. (Crossing fingers.)

    This episode was great. When the truck hit Brian I was like OMG! When Brian gave his speech at the rehersal I thought I was going to cry. I just hate that Brian and Marjorie kissed at the end because of the speech. Watching those three is like watching the Mer/Der/Addi triangle on Grey's. I felt sorry for Dave and Deena when they presented each other with the gifts, though I had a feeling that was not going to be a good idea. At the rehersal dinner Dave gave a truthful speech, yet loving speech. He admitted that he did not know about much about marriage and he was able to say that he loved Deena inspite of their problems. Now when the candle fell and the bed caught on fire I again felt sorry for them. The scene with Deena sittig on the couch with the girls was funny to me because of Deena's expression.
  • the best show ever!

    Last night was perfect! you just wanted to jump on the couch ,I can\'t wait for the next episode,it is so exiting the sexy atmosphiere and the chemistry between all of them!! I love this show! I wish people would watch it all,so that it would be the number one show ,cause it is number one!!!!
    guys please tell everyone you can ,we are gonna make this show number one!
    thanks Laleh
  • I forgot how great his show was...*spoiler*

    Great show, Great episode. I love the characters, I love the writing, the acting and the actors. I kind of forgot about this show, it seems like it has been forever and I wasnt sure if it was going to be picked up for another season. After the first episode it all came back to me, why I loved it so much last season. The story lines, sort of pick up where they left off, just 6 months later. Happy to see Brian's sister pregnant and happy even though Angelo is no where to be seen (off on business) Dave and Deana are trying to work through their problems after their open marriage and Adam and Marjorie are set to be married in a matter of days. Brian was off "finding himself" and returns just in time to muck up the wedding. Marjorie visits a psychic after picking up her wedding dress and is told to pick a guy and make sure the guy she picks is the one she is marrying. She blows it off until later during the girls' little bachelorette get together when Deana pulls out her Tarot cards and the same card is drawn. Deana has a different meaning for the card, Betrayal. The episode ends with Marjorie showing up at Brians door and they kiss. Adam was already pissy with Brian because Marjorie apparently told him all about her and Brians little "semi-fling" Brian finds out she didnt actually tell him everything when he blurts out that he kissed her. Will she marry Adam? Who knows, I guess we will find out next week. Glad to have the show back.. :)
  • Brian see marjorie in a wedding dress and his sister noticed that he liked her

    What about Brian has some very good acting in acting and that good acting compounded with great story lines, makes the series irrisistible! I especially like the dynamic between Brian and Marjorie. the sub-plots are also very intruiging. Who knows what will happen with Dave and Deena? I had a dream that my boyfriend dumped me on a cruise ship so he could ask marjorie to marry him and then he pushed me down on the pavement in the middle of a busy street in orlando. I am very excited about the upcoming season and hope that brian and marjorie will get together!!!!!!
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