What About Brian

Season 2 Episode 18

What About Secret Lovers…

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 19, 2007 on ABC

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  • Dave and Deena get back together and Brian finds out about Adam and Nicole.

    A bit of a filler with a great ending, even though it wasn't a surprise to the viewers, it was still a good ending.

    The Dave and Deena storyline seems to be coming to an end, unsurprisingly as next week's episode is the finale. I hope they do tell everyone about their new-found love.

    I thought the Adam - Natasha affair could turn out to be interesting. Both of them are very career-oriented (depsite Adam now having reservations) and I think there could be more to their relationship than casual sex.

    I was confused by Brian's action. He seems to be moving from roommate to roommate, which is unlike him
  • Was a slow episode...but still pretty entertaining.

    It seems like all of the group can't be settled and happy all at once. Now that it seems Deena and Dave seem to be getting their love life back on track, opting for remarrying rather than getting a divorce- Deena and Nicole's new cupcake biz is also taking off. Brian's relationship with Stephanie hits a few bumps as the tabloids label HIM a fashion don't. He starts to feel like her acting career will overshadow their relationship. And still-the roommate pines away for Brian and makes not so subtle hints about hooking up with him. At the end of the episode, Brian finds out about Adam and Nicole-and as of right now, that appears to be the biggest scandal that the show has going on-unfortunately. So, all in all not the best job by the writers, but still better than most other drama series airing now.
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    I guess the writers needed a filler episode to led into the finale with, which is what I pretty much thought that this episode was. I dont know what the writers were doing with Brians storyline. Apprently they are trying to make him think of Laura as the really good friend, even though it is clear her sights are set on Brian. Once they left the party I thought he finnaly saw it, but when Stephanie came home and they starting fooling around I was very confused. Dave and Deenas storyline was really boring and repeative right up until it got interesting with Dave asking Deena to marry him again, so hopefully weve seen the end of Dave punching people. Nicole and Deenas cupcake shop - they needed a way to leak out Nicole and Adams entire story, there you go. Brian didnt seem to take it to rough, so I dont think we will get too much drama in the next episode (which hopefully IS NOT the series finale)...Overall it was a pretty filler episode and hopefully (as promised) all these relationship questions will be answered in the finale.