What About Brian

Season 2 Episode 8

What About Secrets…

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 11, 2006 on ABC

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  • Brian finds out who Bridget's 'boyfriend' is.

    This was a great episode with some sad and some funny moments.

    Deena's date with surfer dude and their lack of topics to talk about was hilarious and her subsequent acceptance of a date with TK promises more for the future.

    Nic's storyline took an interesting if sad turn when she discovers Angelo had 'a moment' with an actress.

    I loved the Dave and Heather storyline and this conversation cracked me up:

    Adam: Well, don't bring those two strippers over tonight!
    Heather: Most men would actually kill for that.

    That's sooo funny.

    I felt sad for Brian that the girl he really likes, had an affair with his dad!
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    I thought this was the episode that got season 2 off of the "filler" role and back onto the drama role that makes this show so watchable. There wasnt a whole lot of Deena, Nicole, and Dave in this episode which is good - they simply cannot hold up the storyline and the main parts of the storyline are Brian and Adams relationships with someone other then Marjorie, who still hasnt played a role since the wedding episode. I thought that the Brian and Adam aspects of this episode were amazing. Adam finds out that Heather has a crimanal record, but he finds it in his heart to forgive her for lying about her past. Brian finds out that Bridget was sleeping with his father, which seems to have terminated any chance of a relationship that the two may have been able to have. But with that ending scene anything could be possible at this point. Great episode