What About Brian

Season 2 Episode 16

What About Strange Bedfellows…

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 05, 2007 on ABC

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  • Some relationships break up and maybe some have just begun.

    As it turns out, Jamie is gay despite kissing Nicole. This depresses Nicole.

    On the other hand, Adam makes partner to his immense joy and decides to forget his vow of celibacy for one night. When Brian's neighbour and Brian's boss don't take Adam up on his offers, Nic and Adam, after some drunken karaoke end up in bed together.

    Dave and Deena go on a date, together. However, when they return home Carey has a fever and in the hospital they say that she will remain deaf. THis breaks Deena's heart because she feels she pressured Dave into agreeing to Carey's operation.

    Brian receives an offer for a promotion, to a job that Dave wants and Bridget breaks up with him, saying she cannot see a future for them together.
  • An episode full of awkward ,yet,entertaining moments.

    This episode was really pivotal for Brian and his new GF Bridget. Although it never really seemed liked the 2 of them were meant to be-their unceremonious parting in this episode was a bit surprising, but understandable. The writer's have long been hinting at a new love interest that might be living one-story beneath Brian, but now we have a clearer understanding of what his prospects are with both his downstairs tenants. One, a tall leggy blonde named Stephanie-aka Stacey Kiebler-just revealed that she's WAY into him (and not at all interested in Adam despite his best effort). Another, her smart, sensible college student roommate has struck numerous convos with Brian-but hasn't been able to go further than prolonged stares. In the meantime, tragedy strikes Deana and Dave as they realize their youngest daughter's cochlear surgery didn't work, and she will be deaf for life. To add insult to injury, Brian and Dave's new boss offers Brian the job that Dave was interested in. And, it seems that Brian might take her up on the offer. Speaking of insults-Nicole finds out that her prior assumptions about the hot "Manny" were correct: he is gay-despite having made out with her. That news sent her flying into the drunken embrace of Adam after a heated bout of karaoke. And the plot thickens .
  • New developments in this episode, a lot of shocking things happen and a few secrets are put in this episode. PLEASE DON'T CANCEL THIS SHOW ABC!!!

    The start of the episode saw Dave and Deena talking on the phone like a young couple again. This episode was great for them because it saw them finding their love again and it showed how they really need each other for moral support as they go through Carrie's hearing problem. We also see the end of the Bridget and Brian relationship, but we see the beginnings of a Laura-Brian-Stephanie relationship. Maybe this is why Stacy Kiebler (Stephanie) is still credited as a guest star while Jessica Szohr (Laura) is credited as a regular cast member. Anyway, they are both hot so Brian is one lucky SOB. We also see Adam's desperation to finally break his vow of celebacy after making partner. I'm glad he made partner, but come on now, hes a player, he could get just about anybody. And thats when we get to the ending and see how Nicole has slept with someone, at first one may think its Jamie the manny, but we find out that its really Adam. So how is this going to change their relationship in the future episodes? And how is Brian's promotion offer going to affect his relationship with Dave? And the new love triangle just about to brew seems like its going to be a doozy. Hopefully all of this new drama will cause ABC to renew this show for another season. hopefully!
  • Review

    I thought this episode was pretty much a filler epieosde, other then the big bomb close to the end where the seeminlgy right for each other Bridget and Brian broke up. I actually loved the on screen connection that the both of them had, but for storyline reasonms I think the love triangle that may blossum from the two girls downstairs should be interesting to watch in the shows final episodes down the stretch. Dave and Deena played a big part in this episode and for the most part felt like the same old song playing on a loop. The constant fighting about there daughters hearing problems have been the same for a couple of episodes now, at least now it may finnaly come to an end now that they have shared a kiss and seem to be back together and commited to one another again. I think Adams role in the show has declined ever since his breakup with Heather, but in this episode he did make partner and have a little secret with Nicole there at the end.
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