What About Brian

Season 2 Episode 15

What About Temptations…

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 19, 2007 on ABC

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  • Temptations...

    Good episode of this under-rated show. Why did it get cancelled? Anyway, loved this one what with Nicole's crush on her 'manny' to Brian's new haircut! Dave's new boss turns out to be his former intern; Brian's downstairs neighbours convince him to let them use his apartment for a party when Bridget is away on business. Nicole has an erotic dream about her manny. Dave decides that it's time to move back home, but only to the guest room and while there, share's a 'moment' with Deena. Could they be heading for a reconciliation? And why was Tiffani Thiessen added into the opening credits for the 5 remaining episodes?
  • Dave, Adam and Brian get a new boss and Brian has a new haircut.

    The Jamie and Nicole relationship is heating up. Firstly as part of one of Nic's dreams but after firing and unfiring Jamie, it happens in real life.

    The company where Dave works is taken over by another company and his new CEO used to be his fat intern. She's now wealthy and gorgeous looking (the first episode to feature Tiffani Thiessen). When she isn't impressed with one of Dave's ideas, Brian defends Dave and gets a job offer in return. It turns out she wanted to get the both of tehm working together again.

    After some practical joking with Jimmy, Adam becomes part of a new team. It turns out that the new job comes with some unexpected and unpleasant surprises.
  • Review

    I thought the episode was solid, yet I still feel that the series has shifted into a lower gear ever since "What About The Lake House" episode where everything was pretty much finalized it seems. Heather and Marjorie are gone for good, which I think takes away from the show a bit. Adams new role in the show as the man without a woman who just made partner actually turned him into just an average character now I think. He didnt get much airtime in this episode, though it seems like his new job may not be all it might seem at first. I thought the Bridget - Brian relationship took a turn for the worse. They do seem to be growing more distant as time goes on, which is depressing because I think they do have a very good on screen connection. Brians new haircut is just wierd, but I did like the fact that he got a new job in this episode. Nicoles storyline has finnaly taken off, I thought she has been the most boring character of the season but now she has one of the brightest storylines. As far as Deena and Dave, who didnt see that coming. Moving back in together was just the first sign and now they seem intent on trying to make it work out.
  • Was a good episode . . .

    Tiffani Amber Thiessen guest stars on this epi as Dave's new boss and the CEO of his video-gaming company. The only problem is, she actually used to be an intern of his, and at the time, was a lot fatter-and was teased and called 'Fattie Mattie', even by Dave. By the end of the epi., Dave and Brian are working together, because Brian convinces her that they are a great team-and not as affective working alone. The real fireworks happen within the relationships of Brian's friends. Nicole's manny,male Nanny, for instance- is smokin' hot. But, Nicole doesn't want to risk alienating him or mixing business with pleasure-so she squelches her feelings for him. After firing him, she asks him to come back and then reveals her reasoning for firing him-having a sex dream involving him. Her dream becomes a relality and they end up making out in her bedroom. Also, since Dave has returned home semi-permanently, Deena has been trying to tempt him into noticing her. She eventually asks him out at the end (a la high school-by calling on the upstairs phone) and he says yes. Adam FINALLY gets the recognition he deserves at work, and is accepted as partner at the firm-however, he soon discovers that one of the senior partners he will be working for is corrupt. Brian is also stuggling with mixed emotions: riding high from a new job and getting the cold shoulder at home from Brooke-who disapproves of his relationship with the female tenants downstairs-stay tuned, this is getting very interesting [**THE NEW MELROSE PLACE**].