What About Brian

Season 2 Episode 11

What About the Exes...

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 15, 2007 on ABC

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  • Dave and Deena discover something about their daughter and Adam has to deal with one of Heather's former customers.

    After last week's return of Marjorie, the writers extended the wait by making the confrontation a cliff hanger in this episode. I understand the need for drama and her return was expected, but I still don't like it.

    I was never a big fan of Marjorie whereas I really like Heather and don't really mind Bridget. I do think the way the writers reintroduced her, Carey being deaf, was very clever and they deserve credit for that, but ending this episode on such a cliff-hanger, hmmm, I don't know.

    Guess, we'll have to wait and see what happens next and whether she messes up two relationships.
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    After last weeks big bomshell that Marjorie was back in town, Im sure everyone expected this to be the big episode when drama got started between Brian, Adam, and Marjorie. However, this episode was pretty much a filler episode, with the ending setting up something really big to happen next week. Brian and Bridgets relationship, as well as Adam and Heathers seem to be really strong at the moment, Marjorie should make for some interesting drama. Dave and Deenas storyline has once again grown a little odd, with their youngest daughter having an ear problem that has the two on pins and needles. When they were both going out on seperate dates and having there own storyline i was interested, but now that they are "back together" to support there daughter I dont feel there storyline anymore. Nicoles storyline has never been interesting and its likely the only reason I am turned off to this show sometimes. Still a decent episode.
  • Well, Marjorie is back. I don't know why. Brian and Adam seem to be doing fine without her.

    Well, Marjorie is back. I don't know why. Brian and Adam seem to be doing fine without her.

    Both are in great relationships now, so Marjorie coming back is just gonna mess things up. But, I guesss, that 's why we watch.

    Anyway, for those that didn't see it, it is discovered that Deena and Dave's youngest, Claire, has a hearing problem. So after going back and forth blaming each other for not spoting this sooner, the two finally calm down and try to find a specialist. They discover that Dr. Marjorie Seaver on a list of local doctors.

    Meanwhile, after Brian asks Bridget to come clean about her sersious relationships, she does and then asks him to do the same. After much hesitation, he does refering to everyone but Marjorie with a title (car girl, etc.).

    When a Brian is late for a meeting he set up betweeen his sister and Bridget, the two gals get to a talking and Nicole tells Bridget the whole "Brian-Marjorie-Adam" story. Well, Bridget confronts Brian about it and even asks him "If you were to see her right now, who would you choose." This question is ironic, because Brian swears he saw Marjorie from a distance the day before. When Brian remains silent to the question, Bridget walks out the door.

    So, Brian goes over to Bridget's house and makes up with her by assuring her that Marjorie is his past and that he loves Bridget. She forgives him and she gets ready so she and Brian can go out to dinner with Adam and Heather.

    Meanwhile, Deena is meeting with Marjorie at a reastaurant to discuss Claire's condition. I never figured out why Dave wasn't there. Marjorie confesses that she didn't like the cold in Minnesota, so she decided to come to L.A. Just as the two are talking, who should walk in but Brian, Bridget, Adam and Heather. Deena tells Marjorie she "had nothing to do with this." Marjorie turns around and her eyes meet Brian's and Adam's.

    The plot thickens.