What About Brian

Season 2 Episode 4

What About the Fish...

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 30, 2006 on ABC

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  • Tragedy strikes

    What a sad, sad ending to a good episode.

    Finally, someone tells Deena the truth. I was almost cheering when Nic finally told Deena that it was all her own fault. She was the one who started this whole open marriage thing, she was the one who slept with Richard so where does she get the nerve to blame Dave. Go NIC!

    Cargirl returns, in a shocking reunion. I hope she's gone again pretty quickly too, she drives me nuts.

    When Raoul's name was missing from the credits, it was easy to figure out he would not be returning to the show, still, a cart crash!! Couldn't they've come up with something better? Poor Nic...
  • What an ending!

    There are a lot more fish in the sea than just Marjorie, so Ivy makes a bet with Brian and Adam. Either they get over Marjorie and go out on a first date with someone new, or one of them has to pay the $500 bar tab. Deena kicks Dave out of the house and he moves in with Brian. "Zap Monkey" gets into financial trouble and Brian must figure out how to save it. Nicole has her baby shower. Brian attempts to surprise Nicole by having Angelo flown home for the shower, but tragedy strikes and the nd when Nicole asks Brian what's wrong after the tragic phone call, the look in his eyes just told her the answer to her question. What a tearjerker ending that tied into a funny, successful episode.
  • Review

    There were both things I liked and disliked about this episode. I thought that the video game destruction of Suzanne that brought down Dave and Brians entire company was a little over the top. I never saw it comeing and frankly I thought it was a little soon. It also seems that the writers have in fact written Marjorie out of the show, which might be a big mistake. I would assume that she will come back at some point, which would make for a nice end of episode cliffhanger in the future. I guess not having her in the show calms the tension between Brian and Adam for the time being, but once she shows back up I presume it will all start back up again. I thought the end of the episode was very well written as well, with Angelo being killed off leaving his pregnant wife and unborn daughter behind. It should make for an interesting emotional episode in the episode that follows.
  • The Return of Car-girl

    The episode starts off with Brian and Adam making a bet on who will sleep with a woman first. We find out they are being charged in connection with the bar fight they were in as well. Dave ends it with Suzanne who then steals their video game and uploads it onto a free game website. All this happens after Brian empties his accounts and takes advances on his credit cards. Oh yeah and he gets back together with car-girl. Deena tries to fix things with Dave and he tells her it's over. And finally.....Angelo dies in a car accident. We all knew he was going to die, but personally I think it should've been in an airplane crash since we already knew he was supposed to be flying in. It just didn't seem to fit as well into the storyline. Regardless, I was bawling. It was a very powerful closing scene.
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