What About Brian

Season 2 Episode 13

What About the Lake House...

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 29, 2007 on ABC

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  • Marjorie crashes a party and then Heather shows up unannounced too.

    Fabulous episode even though I don't like all the events in it.

    For one, I think Adam's a jerk to sleep with Marjorie while still married to Heather. Again, this episode showed that Marjorie only cares about Marjorie. Making advances on Adam while he's married to another woman, no matter if he's her ex-fiance is not cool. Admittedly, Adam reciprocated the advances which is why I called him a jerk. He's also an idiot to break up with Heather, whom I guess will be written out of the series. Guess Adam will be alone for a while.

    I really liked that Brian stood up for Bridget and defended her and I liked that Deena and Ivy apologies to Bridget. Bridget was right, they did not give her a fair chance and the way they chose Marjorie's side was totally unfair on Heather.

    The big twist about Bridget and Brian both out of a job now, will be interesting in the upcoming episodes.
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    I thought this was one of the best episodes that the series has produced. I thought the exclusion of Nicole in this episode really helped the storyline advance. A lot of big shockers were dropped in this episode and I loved each and every one of them. Adams controversy with Heather and Marjorie ended in a way that no one would have expected. TO be honest I was happy that he broke it off with Marjorie, but was dumbfounded when he broke up with Heather right afterwards in one of the biggest twists of the season. With Adam now single and unwillingness to get back together with Marjorie, there is a lot of questions concering his new role in the show as well as Marjorie (Heather will likely just be written off). The other big bomb of the episode was that Brians father skipped town with all of the companys money, which will now force Bridget to leave her condo and move in with Brian I beleive. I dont know where that twist will go as far as both of them finding new jobs, but the next episode should be interesting.
  • Well, everything changes in this episode. I guess the writers were bored...

    Adam breaks off the opportunity to get back with Marjorie after sleeping with her again at the friends cabin by the lake. Then he goes home and breaks it off with Heather too.

    After the weekend in the cabin, Brian and Bridgette get back to the office to find that his dad left the country and the business and their jobs are all gone.

    Maybe the fans weren't liking where the show was heading, so the writers decided to blow it all up, and start over.
  • Very Exciting episode...Friends gather at the lake house before Brian's father sells the place. Heather decides not to go and Marjorie shows up...

    In my opinion a great episode. Adam and Marjorie reunite for a night. Heather gives him an ultimatum..it's her or Marjorie... Adam decides that he can't go back to Marjorie she left him to find herself. Adam decidees it's his turn. He returns home ot Heather and breaks things off. Looks like adam is going to find himself alone for a while. Brian and Bridget try to figure out who is moving where. Brian takes a giant leap and sticks up for Bridget when his friends don't give her a chance. Looks like he really likes this one.. HE's going all in! They return from the Lake House and find themselves unemployed. Brian's father is having trouble with the IRS! Dina and Dave make the difficult decision about Carrie.. THey will go through with the surgery. In a nutshell they just gave us a multitude of storylines they are going to cover. THe show was in a rut with the last episodes being predictable. This one however was not. I'm looking forward to the upcoming episodes...
  • Powerful; emotional; I'm glad the storyline keeps moving right along. Some episodes get a bit bogged-down and predictable, but this one was great.

    Powerful; emotional; I'm glad the storyline keeps moving right along. Some episodes get a bit bogged-down and predictable, but this one was great. And wouldn't you love to have that vacation home? "just a little cottage out on the lake". That's the one gripe I have about this show: everyone seems just a little too successful, or ... things seem to come a little too easily to all these folks. Not a very typical (realistically) bunch of people. The same complaint that is often made about the day time soap opera shows. It seems the only thing this bunch has to worry about is their relationship problems.
  • A lot happened in this episode.

    Brian invites his friends to his father’s lake house for one last weekend get away before his father sells it. Heather declines leaving Adam to attend on his own. Marjorie show up unrepentantly and every one seems to be getting along well until Heather makes a surprise appearance.

    Heather and Adam get into a fight because Adam had told Heather that Marjorie was not going to be at the lake house. Heather asks Adam to leave with her and Adam says that he doesn’t want to go. Heather leaves telling Adam he has a choice to make.

    While Heather and Adam are fighting the rest of the gang is outside and Bridget blows up say that they are not accepting to new comers. When Brian goes to console Bridget the couple confesses their love for each other.

    Dave and Deena decide that it is best for their daughter to have the surgery with a little help from Marjorie.

    After sleeping with Marjorie, Adam tells her that things couldn’t work between them. When Adam returns home he also breaks thing off with Heather telling her he loved her but it was wrong. After returning home Brian and Bridget learn the Brian’s father has left the country and business a long with their jobs is no more.