What About Brian

Season 2 Episode 10

What About the Tangled Web…

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 08, 2007 on ABC

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  • Sheeee's back

    What a surprise ending. Even though she didn't appear in the last couple of episodes, her name was still in the credits so the return of Marjorie shouldn't have come as a total surprise, and it didn't what it was still very surprising in way. Of course, from a dramatic point of view it makes perfect sense. Adam and Heather are happily married and even thinking about kids. I loved the romantic shot of them in the strip club and I loved how she had quit and he had bought out everyone there.
    On the other side, Brian and Bridget are getting closer, so, like a said, from a dramatic point of view the reappearance of Marjorie makes perfect sense.

    I've never really liked Marjorie, so I hope whatever plans they have for her, fail and she disappears again soon.
  • Review

    Let the drama ensue- Majorie turns out at the airport for one of the more surprising endings of the season. Without a doubt the next few episodes should test whatever Brian and Bridget may have as well as Adam and Heather. With Adam and Heather talking about kids I dont think the drama will involve Adam, but Im sure Brian and Bridget may through a rough time with Majories reapperance onto the big stage. Nicole finnaly having the baby was a huge relif. I thought the pregnancy really took away from her character and she brought the whole show down with her a little bit I think. Daves relationship with the 20 something year old girl seems to be turning into something, while Deena says that she has seen the last of TK. Overall it was a very strong episode, with a lot of things being tied up and a whole new door swinging open.
  • Nicole tells both Deena and Dave that they can be in the delivery room. Brian is on a company retreat where Bridget and him get a little closer. Nicole gives birth; Adam and Heather decide that they want to have a family.

    I found the episode Ok..It wasnt' one of the best I've seen. SO Deena and Dave are finally understanding that they really can't share their friends.. but neither of them want to give them up. I was actually glad Nicole kicked them both out of the delivery room. It was a sweet moment when Nicole is hugging Angelo's soccer uniform before giving both. She finally realizes, he will always be with her. The best part of the entire episode is when the entire group goes into the hospital room and sees the baby. This is what I typically expect from them. Being together as a group. I think I'm just upset because the perfect couple Dave and Deena are obviously not getting back together especially since they are fighting over who saw which friends first. Then end of the show is where it gets interesting. Marjorie returns... What will happen? What will Brian do? What will the next episode reveal??
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