What About Brian

Season 2 Episode 2

What About the Wedding...

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 16, 2006 on ABC

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  • It's Adam and Marjorie's wedding day.

    Pivotal episode in more ways than one. The obvious pivotal point is the ending, Marjorie NOT walking the aisle and leaving Adam standing there was shocking and sad for Adam. The other pivotal point was Nic telling Brian that he always wanted to be the nice guy and that Adam walked all over him plus there's the fact that Brian actually met Marjorie before Adam did.

    Brian is to blame for letting Adam get a head start and for letting him walk all over him but Adam too advantage of Brian, according to Nic he even did it all the time, so as much as I felt sorry for Adam, I thought the locking stars at the wedding was an important point made by the writers. Brian is no longer taking it lying down!
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    Its not often in the span of a television series that you have such an important episode very early on in the season, however, there is likely not going to be a bigger episode emotionally in season 2 then this one. I really thought that the flashbacks in this episode were really good - giving us some inside information on how this all came to be between Brian, Adam, and Marjorie. I thought the scenes between Adam and Brian were really good again, I just wish the baseball scene had never happened in the pilot episode of this season and it would have been that much better. Marjorie running away from her wedding is sure to bring up some interesting new drama in the next few episodes as Im sure she has a lot to say to both Brian and Adam and Im sure everyone will be waiting for the sure to happen Brian and Adam showdown.
  • A lot of backstory about the love triangle is revealed

    Including the fact that Brian-technically, met Marjorie first. It was 2003-and Brian and Adam were at a New Year's Eve party-Adam of course had a date (which he asked Brian to ditch for him) and Brian was stag (of course). Marj and Brian met as he was exiting the bathroom and had an almost 'Love at first Sight' moment. Brian didn't officially approach her-and so Adam does later that nite. Of course, the resentment grows from there-but Brian doesn't fight for Marjorie and secretly pines over her for 3 yrs. Meanwhile, Deena and Dave give their marriage one last shot-at marriage counseling. It's revealed, there, that Deena is harboring resentment because she doesn't know who he slept with. It's obvious this is the beginning of the end for them. A great episode with quite a bit of details.
  • I did not expect the some the events.

    One thing that I did not expect was Deena and Dave to go back to the way things were between them. I thought they would move forward. I cannot understand why she would not drop those things and do something husband wanted her to do. I feel she could have said okay, but will you help later. I am sure he would have agreed to that. I mean when he told her that he was trying, I thought Deena just do it! Not happy at all how this couple is doing. I hate that Dave did the do with that game woman.

    I expected Marjorie to fall in Brian's arms and run away with him. I was so surprise when she did not and she told him let her go if he loved her. When doors opened and she did not appear, I sat with my mouth opened because I really thought she was going to marry Adam at that point. I also did not expect Brian to stay at the wedding. I thought it was a good move to have him there. I liked Adam and Brian locking eyes. I also liked knowing how Brian first saw Marjorie and how he let her get away. I also liked Nicole telling him that he always let Adam run over him. Great show last night.
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