What About Brian

Season 2 Episode 9

What About True Confessions...

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 18, 2006 on ABC

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  • Dave and Deena go on their dates and Brian and Adam do community service

    A good solid episode with some great contrasts.

    The first contrast was between Dave's date and Deena's date. The way in which these two very, very different dates were portrayed was excellent and funny. Dave's date with candy and arcade games made a great contrast to Deena and TK's posh limousine and plane trip to San Francisco date. Very well done!

    The other contrast was between Brian and Adam and the people at the shelter. This experience seemed to affect Adam quite a bit and I'm sure we'll see the results of his experience in a future episode.

    Brian and Bridget's heart to heart about Brian's mom was very touching!
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    Another really good episode from this series I thought. Dave and Deenas storylines finnaly got off the ground, leaving only Nicoles storyline that has yet to entertain me for some time now. Daves date with the girl from his office was really awesome to watch, all though having her drop the bomb that shes only 20 and still lives with her parents was kind of wierd. I thought Deena and TK didnt have much of a connection, both in the television series and in real life on screen connection. I thought if any part of the episode was "filler" the date between them that should end the relationship was it. Adams - Brians storyline was solid in this episode. Adams marriage wasnt much of a topic of conversation in this episode, more along the lines of Brian and him having to serve some community service. I dont know what it was, but it seems Adam got something out of the service that may show up again sometime soon. The conversation between Bridget and Brian was emotional and somewhat dissapointing. If Marjorie isnt really going to come back into the picture, I would like to see Brian get with someone like Bridget. Very good episode