What About Joan - Season 2

ABC (ended 2001)


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  • Jake's Dilemma
    Jake's Dilemma
    Episode 12
    Jake shocks everyone when he announces that he quit his job, because he was miserable from all the micro-management. Rather than look for a new job, Jake decides to set up his own corporate financial consultant business. Even though he'll be making less money, Joan feels that all that's important is Jake enjoying what he does. Jake soon realizes that he doesn't enjoy running his own business, so Joan persuades him to go out and find a job he has a passion for. The trouble is he just doesn't know what it is he has a passion for. To Joan's chagrin, he ends up going back to his old job. Joan's advice inadvertently works better on Ruby, who signs on as the school's therapist. Meanwhile, during an argument with Mark over a pre-set radio station, Alice runs over a stray dog. After getting it back from the vet, the other teachers convince Mark, who has abandonment issues, to take it in -- only to have it run away from him. And Jake and Steinie make a Halloween bet where Jake agrees to give up smoking and Steinie agrees to give up sweets. Whomever caves in to temptation first has to go around trick-or-treating around the neighborhood wearing a humiliating outfit that the other person chose.moreless
  • Green Bay
    Green Bay
    Episode 10
    When Steinie invites Jake to a football game, Joan decides to join Ruby and Alice for a girls' night out.
  • No Bar Is an Island
    When a waitress Joan considers a friend gets fired, Joan makes herself an unwelcome presence in Steinie's bar, insistent that Steinie hire the woman. Meanwhile, Mark wants to be buddies with Jake.
  • It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Joan
    Jody, a peppy, popular former student of Joan's who isn't even in her class this year, begs Joan to write a college recommendation for her, as she wants to get into North Western -- which just so happens to be Joan's Alma Mater. Joan agrees, but when the time comes to write it, she procrastinates, realizing that Jody rubs her the wrong way. Alice helps her see that the reason she doesn't like Jody is because she's the kind of girl Joan never was in high school. Of course, Joan never was the kind of girl who would write her own college recommendation and give it to her teacher hoping she'll claim ownership of it. Though she refuses to show it around the girl, Joan is furious with Jody, until she reads the earnest recommendation she wrote, documenting how she's made most of her friends only by joining lots of clubs. Meanwhile, Steinie answers a trivia contest question correctly and wins two minutes in a bank vault cash grab, but his excitement turns to resentment when Jake jinxes him. And Jake is forced to take an anger workshop class as part of his job requirement.moreless
  • You Can't Go Home Again
    Ruby begins dating Joan's ex, Justin, which doesn't sit well with Joan. Meanwhile, Jake and Steinie plan one final visit to their favorite childhood hangout before it is demolished.
  • Testing, Testing
    Testing, Testing
    Episode 17
    Joan decides to use Jake's services to whip her students into shape for an upcoming standardized test -- which doesn't sit well with Principal Gorney.
  • Quiet Time
    Quiet Time
    Episode 2
    Joan is nervous when Jake signs a new apartment lease. Meanwhile, Mark falls apart when Betsy dumps him and heads off to Australia with a man she just met.
  • My Dinner with Jake
    The setting is an expensive French restaurant. Joan's dining alone. Jake is, too, but not for long: he's soon joined by his girlfriend, Penelope. But that's not for long, either. Jake breaks up with her but it isn't a pretty sight, and Joan has a front-row seat. "I was eavesdropping," Joan tells him seconds after Penelope storms out. "You seem like a nice guy."moreless
  • Mr. Roboto (Unaired)
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