What About Mimi?

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  • Season 3
    • Law & Disorder / Where's the Fire?
      Law and Disorder: Mimi gets blamed when Principal Earl learns that someone has vandalized his hall photo.

      Where's the Fire?:
      Mimi and Sincerity get selected to accompany the fire department for a day.
    • Block Party/ Millionaire Mogul
      Block Party: Mimi tries to organize a neighbourhood party to help them get to know each other better. Millionaire Mogul: Thanks to Mimi's efforts, Russell becomes rich. Mimi must try to help him not let money get to his head.
    • The Creeps / Sports Day
      The Creeps
      Mimi imagines that her teachers have become zombies.
      Sports Day
      The new track coach causes problems for Mimi and her friends.
    • Save the Rainforest / Father's Day
      Save the Rainforest
      Mimi thinks that a famous musician is just the boyfriend for Elaine.
      Father's Day
      Marv is upset when his record collection is gone.
    • Uniformity / Caddy Girl
      Uniformity: Mimi and Sincerity team up to protest against Principal Earl's new uniform proposals but things aren't what they seem to be. Caddy Girl: Mimi tries to help the poor and less fortunate by holding a golf tournament.
    • Father's Day / Her Girl Friday
      Father's Day: Mimi and Jason plan to do something special for Marv on Father's Day. Her Girl Friday: Sincerity does a favor for Mimi and she must become her personal servant.
    • Iron Guy / Critic's Choice
      Iron Guy: Brock and Russell sign up for an Iron Man competition, and Mimi volunteers to train Russell. Critic's Choice: Mimi and Serenity create a new show for TV cable access.
    • Forget Etiquette / This Old House
      Forget Etiquette: Mimi tries to teach her family manners to impress sinceritys family.

      This Old House: Mimi and friends try to save an old house from being demolished.
    • Club Mimi / Down on the Farm
      Club Mimi

      Ms. Grindstone announces in class that one third of all students final grades will be based on extracurricular activities, since Mimi isn't taking part in any after school club she tries to join any of the current ones. With all the other clubs full, Mimi sets up her own kite flying club and membership takes off faster than she expected even Sincerity wants to join and won't take no for an answer. Finding the club to be too much work, she wants out, and it looks like Sincerity is the only suitor.

      Down On The Farm

      After Mimi and Russell visit Uncle Edgar's farm, Mimi jumps to the to the conclusion that Russel's pet sheep Lily will be turned into Sunday dinner. Mimi hatches a brilliant plan to hide Lily in an abandoned barn until all is clear. When they realize Uncle Edgar only wants to enter her into the County Fair, it's a frantic race to try and reclaim Lily before Mabel Frombacker, Uncle Edgar's evil neighbour, takes both the grand prize and Lily home for good.moreless
    • Miss Lonely Hearts / Brock's Robot
      Miss Lonely Hearts
      After spying on Mr. Greeley getting a haircut and buying a new suit, Mimi becomes under the impression that he's looking for a new girlfriend. She also becomes convinced that he needs her help, so she puts an ad in the Lonely Hearts column of the local newspaper. Following a good reaction to the ad, she chooses the best candidate and arranges a visit to Mr. Greeley's house, only to learn that Mr. Greeley has a candidate of his own; an old flame that's arriving at the same time!
      Brock's Robot
      Due to last year's disaster, Mimi has been banned from the school science fair. This year everyone is amazed by Brock's almost human robot, but Mimi smells a rat and goes undercover with Elaine to investigate. After uncovering the truth about Brock's robot, Mimi and Elaine mistakenly become locked in the janitors closet. It becomes a race against time to expose the truth and stop him from winning first prize.moreless
    • Sticky Fingers / Not in My Biosphere
      Sticky Fingers
      Ms. Grindstone assists Mimi's fundraising plan of selling candy to raise money for new school computers. Trouble arises when boxes of Choco-Chews disappear from Ms. Grindstone's locked supply cupboard, after a lengthy investigation, the evidence clearly points to Loadman. Convinced of his innocence, Mimi hatches a plan to find the real thief.
      Not in My Biosphere
      Mimi helps Mr. Jacques recreate a 'Biosphere' experiment where students live in a self-contained environment for one week. The experiment starts off well, but soon goes bad when Brock becomes infected with a strange virus that results in everyone in the experiment being quarantined.moreless
    • The Birthday Present / Close Encounters
      The Birthday Present
      Bradley becomes annoyed with his big sister following Mimi breaking her promise that she'd get him a cool birthday present. Flat broke, and unable to buy Bradley a gift, Mimi enters a contest; the grand prize being a meeting with Bradley's favorite comic book superhero "Spongiform Man". Mimi's got a good chance of winning the contest, but through manipulation and deceit, Brock steals the prize. Mimi hatches a plan to get the prize back and restore Bradley's love for his sister.
      Close Encounters of the Herbert Kind
      The kids at school find out Herbert Finkle is total UFO nerd, losing what little respect he held with them. Mimi decides to help Herbert become popular by staging a fake alien landing and having him make the discovery. Mimi's plan backfires and Herbert's ego gets out of hand. Now she has to reveal the truth without ruining Herbert's newfound confidence.moreless
    • Animal House / Our Little Einstein
      Animal House:
      Elaine has to go out of town, leaving Mimi to look after Elaines menagerie of pets. Things go from bad to worse when Brock, Buddy and Russell show up. Elaine's prized African Love Bird flies out the window and disappears. Mimi hatches a crazy plan to get the bird back, with very little time left before Elaine and her family return.
      Our Little Einstien: Following an accidental mix up at school regarding Bradley's IQ test, Bradley and those around him are led to believe he is a genius. Mimi convinces Bradley he should go to 'genius school' only to later find out it's 500 miles away! Now Mimi's got a plan to get her little brother back home, but she was never prepared to find out the real taker of the test was infact...Buddy Wickersham!moreless
  • Season 2
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