What I Like About You

Season 3 Episode 19

Bad to the Scone

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2005 on The WB
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Holly tries to set Ben up with a girl he likes because she thinks she made Ben lose his bravery when she broke up with him. She fails and needs Vince's help, but the problem is that Vince doesn't want to be her friend anymore. They end up confronting each other and become friends again. Meanwhile, Val hires a hobo to work at the bakery, and both her and Lauren end up liking him. After they try to go on a date with him, the hobo tells them that he's married.moreless

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  • Holly helps Ben become a "bad boy" so he can date a singer he likes.

    This episode is hilarious! I loved the scene at the beginning when Holly got Ben to talk to the singer he liked. Gary was talking to himself about her chest, Tina was debating about whether she should eat another onion ring, Holly was commenting about the lame conversation Ben was having, and Ben was thinking about how much he hated Holly at that minute. It was hilarious! My other favorite scene was when Holly went to Vince's apartment to get him to help her help Ben. Vince thought she came there to get together with him, so he picked her up, and swung her around expressing his joy at finally getting together with her. When Holly told him she wasn't there for that reason, he shut the door in her face XD My all time favorite scene was when Vince taught Ben the "bad boy" look. He used Holly as an example. He walked around her, gave he a loving look, then quickly turned away from her and ignored her. Then, Vince turned around, grabbed her, and kissed her XD It was great! XDmoreless
  • Vince & Holly kiss.

    This seemed like an innocent plot after the whole big dramatic plot in the last episode. Vince continues to not be friends with Holly & even insults her. Ben fit in perfectly since the episode revolved around him, I like how he gets the girl in the end, just like Vince's steps. They all worked. And left a bit of a cliffhanger. Are Holly & Vince friends or more? Holly seemed to leave a big hint when she checking him out. Val's plot with liking a homeless man was just unbelievable. A dry any other sitcom plot, like how it wrapped beautifully. Why can't Val just start over already!moreless
  • Season 3, Episode 19.

    I can't understand how this show only lasted 4 seasons. The CW was retarded not to renew it. The beginning of this episode was funny. Tina wants another onion ring, but she just started her diet. She decides to go on her diet tomorrow. Haha! Tina thinks about cupcakes when Holly is talking to her. This episode is good! I never thought I'd see Amanda Bynes in a show that wasn't on Nick. Besides, Jennie Garth is extremely hot! Lauren rocks! She wants to call midgets "Lollipop kids." LMAO! She thought a hobo touched Val and wanted to sue, and realized they wouldn't get away with any money.moreless
  • Holly and Vince are friends!

    Holly learns that Ben has moved on. He wants to date a girl named Ava. Holly tries to get him a date with her. She goes to Vince for advice, but he shuts her out. Vince then comes back and gives Ben advice and it works. In the process of teaching Ben, Vince kisses Holly. They agree to be friends. A film crew comes to tape Val's bakery and have an interview with her. Gary wants fame. Val meets a homeless guy, Jack, and offers him a job. After he's cleaned up, both Val and Lauren like him. They find out he's married and that his wife is taking him back because he got a job and cleaned up his life, thanks to Val.

    This episode was really good! I sort of like Holly and Vince together. I still would rather have Henry though. This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10!moreless
Leslie Grossman

Leslie Grossman

Lauren [Episode 23- Present / Recurring Previously]

Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth

Valerie Tyler

Wesley Jonathan

Wesley Jonathan

Gary Thorpe

Allison Munn

Allison Munn

Tina [Episode 25- Present]

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes

Holly Tyler

Nick Zano

Nick Zano

Vince [Episode 23- Present]

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    • Holly: I've found out the perfect way to help Ben.
      Tina: You want me to sleep with him?
      Holly: Tina, we've talked about this. To solve problems, we use words, not our lady parts.

    • Ben: (on why he's laughing) I can't help it, this leather is tickling my willies!

    • Ben: Ava, your gig at the Limelight last week was splendid!
      Ava: "Splendid"?
      Holly: Don't you think that "splendid" is such a strong word?
      Gary: (thinking) Her boobs are splendid!
      Tina: (thinking) Should I eat that last onion ring?
      Ben: I'm hungry! Ava, would you like to share a meal with me?
      Ava: No, I'm sorry, but your just not my type!
      Holly: (thinking) Oh, God, he's gonna hate me!
      Ben: (thinking)Oh, God I hate her!
      Tina: (thinking) I'll start my diet tomorrow (eats the onion ring)

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    • Vince: (To Ben)And that's how you you do it, Fonzie.
      Fonzie was the "bad boy" cool guy on Happy Days, a series that ran from 1974 to 1984 and produced several spin-offs, among the Laverne and Shirley and Joanie Loves Chachie.