What I Like About You

Season 1 Episode 5

Cool Older Sister

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2002 on The WB
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Val tries to ease up on being an authority figure to Holly, but her patience is pushed to the limit when Holly and Gary take off for a wild party on Long Island without letting anyone know.

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  • Season 1, Episode 5.

    Holly: (about the tire) Through the fence... Over the ditch... And into the woods. Gary: Who would have thought it would roll like that?

    Holly: That's kind of its job...

    Haha! Amanda Bynes is so cool! Jennie Garth wasn't as hot yet, but still, it has to do with the hair color and length.

    Val: Why didn't you take your cell phone?

    Holly: It wouldn't fit in my skirt.

    Val: You don't fit in your skirt!

    Not bad. I think the show got better in later seasons, although maybe it was because Jennie Garth just got hotter. I didn't realize that Jennie's stomach was blocked for the whole episode because of her pregnancy. Cool episode.moreless
  • An amazing episode.

    This episode was a high-point of What I Like About You because the plot definitely developed, Val acting like a cool older sister, at first I thought this episode was going to be like any other, until it developed to Holly taking advantage of her. An amazing thing about this episode is that Gary is afraid of hobos, & they're stuck on the street, it seemed like Holly learned a lesson, after doing all the cool stuff with Val. I love Jeff's thoughts about Chad when that guy wasn't even at the party. My favorite part is in which the radio said there was going to be party tunes and Holly & Gary get all excited. The radio soon says "From the 17th century!" That was hysterical!moreless
  • Great!

    After Holly tells Val that she is acting too motherly, Val decides to take it cool and be a "cool big sister." Val even lets Holly skip a class and stay up late on a school night. Holly and Gary take a road trip to a party and Val and Jeff get worried. Gary gets a flat tire, so they must stop. Val and Jeff find them and take them home. Val decides that she can't be too strict or too laid back.

    This was a great episode! It was really funny with the birthday and the clothes. I give it a 10!moreless
  • A good episode.

    This episode is extremely funny because Val trying to be cool doesn't really work. It's funny how Val tells Holly that you don't need to know algebra yet later on in the episode Val tries to use Algebra. The episode goes back to normal once Holly leaves a note saying that she is going to a party with Gary. Val can only be the uncool sister at that time because that is just who she is and it won't change. At the end of the episode and Val is really back to normal and talking to Holly about her clothes it felt like an actual episode and so did the other part too but this more. This episode is well written though.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Gary's parents are very concerned with him getting perfect attendance. He even got an award for perfect attendance, but he is ridiculed by it.

    • The fake doctor's note that Val gives Holly says that she has something called "Clark's Syndrome."

    • The car that eventually ends up in the woods was Gary's brother's car.

    • Gary has a fear of hobos.

    • In this episode we learn that Val's birthday is April 21.

    • This is the episode where Val jams her whole hand into a container of chocolate frosting, then sticks it into the popcorn bowl to fill her whole hand with popcorn. On the Season 1 DVD, there is a part in the gag reel where Amanda Bynes is shown eating some of it directly from Jennie Garth's hand, yet that part is cut out of the actual episode. But watch closely after Val smiles and says "Amateur!" Just as the scene is fading out, you can see Holly start to reach in to eat from the hand.

    • In the first scene, Jennie Garth (Val) is wearing a large white blouse that appears to be maternity clothing. This makes sense, given that Jennie Garth was pregnant during the first half of season 1.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Val: We've gotta go find her.
      Jeff: How? She went to Long Island. Not Short, Easy-to-Find-People Island!

    • Val: Communicating with teenagers is not that complicated. Maybe I should share my insights with others. I could write a book!
      Jeff: Hey, Holly left you a note.
      Val: Doesn't surprise me at all. Freedom promotes responsibility.
      Jeff: (reading the note) "Going to party on Long Island, be back tomorrow."
      Val: Back tomorrow? That's it?
      Jeff: No, there's more. "P.S. we're out of juice."
      Val: Oh my God, what are we going to do? Do not say "get more juice"!
      Jeff: Then I got nothing.
      Val: What was she thinking? Who is she with? Where is she going? Who am I calling?
      Jeff: Her cell phone?
      Val: Yes! I will call her cell phone and suggest in a firm but cool way that she get her mini-skirted butt back here! (Holly's phone rings on the table and Jeff answers it)
      Jeff: I'd leave this chapter out of you book.

    • Gary: You do have an excellent style. I mean what are those, like ... pants?
      Val: Yeah. They're back.
      Gary: Fantastic!

    • Holly: (Playing a video game) Hey Gary, are you hungry?
      Gary: A little, why?
      Holly: Eat this!
      Gary: Aw, man! I got beat by a girl with Clark's Syndrome!

    • Val: How about you start a new trend? Throw a big sweater on over that, and call it the "I'm not naked" look.
      Holly: No, starting trends is just too much responsibility. Like when I came up with that "Talk to the hand" thing, it got way out of control.
      Val: You didn't start that.
      Holly: Prove it.

    • Gary: You know, not everyone would go into a nest of hobos.
      Holly: I didn't even see any down there.
      Gary: But they saw you.

    • Gary: Oh no! They got a car now! There's gonna be hobos dancing in the night!

    • Holly: (wearing a midriff-baring outfit) What?
      Val: Your shirt.
      Holly: What about it?
      Val: You need one.

    • Val: Holly, don't let me chase you off. If you want to stay up late, it's fine.
      Holly: You mean, you wouldn't mind if I stayed up on a school night?
      Val: No, why would I mind?
      Holly: Have you met you?

    • Val: Why didn't you take your cell phone?
      Holly: It wouldn't fit in my skirt.
      Val: You don't fit in your skirt!

    • Val: Why is my birthday on your hand?
      Jeff: I think the real question here is why mine isn't on yours?

    • Jeff: (about Holly's password) I'd try your birthday.
      Val: April 21st is your password?
      Jeff: (hesistantly) Yeah.
      Val: Awww.
      (Jeff writes something on his hand)

    • Jeff: What's freak-dancing?
      Val: You know that thing your mom's poodle does with your leg?
      Jeff: Yeah.
      Val: It's like that but with music.

    • Holly: I wish we had a better tunes though, the only station we get is the bagpipe festival.
      Gary: Who cares? Crank it up!
      (Holly turns on radio and both start dancing then gets bored and turns off radio)

    • Holly(to Gary, about the music playing on the radio in the car): This music sucks.
      Radio Announcer: And now, all your favorite party hits...
      Holly and Gary: Thank God!
      Radio Announcer: ...from the 17th century! (Holly and Gary look at each other as the music starts; they do a little jig to amuse themselves)

    • Holly: (When Val comments about how Holly's skirt is too short) Hey, I've got an idea! Why don't I go see if I have something in my "Amish" drawer?

    • Holly: (to Val) Yeah, maybe I do need a little supervision. I don't know if you've noticed but I'm a bit of a loose cannon. I do whatever pops into my head, I'm like a monkey.

    • Holly: (about the tire) And through the fence and over the ditch and into the woods.
      Gary: I can't believe it rolled ike that.
      Holly: It's kind of its job.

    • Holly: (to Gary) It seems wrong they gave you a license, but here we are.

    • Holly: (to Val) Wait a second, at this breakfast, we're not gonna talk about becoming a woman again, are we?

    • Val: (microwave rings) What's that?
      Holly: Uhh, that's the microwave oven telling me it's time to get to bed.

    • Jeff: (to Val) I've been to a million parties like this when I was Holly's age and there all the same:girls hanging in one side of the room, guys hanging out on the other side. It's pretty boring until some guy named Chad shows up with beer that he got with a fake I.D. Everyone starts drinking, the two sides merge. Chad hits it off with Holly and tells her that he's thinking becoming a pro tennis player, she thinks he's cute because he has the kinda hair that looks perfect when he does nothing to it. He offers her a beer, Holly smiles. I'm going to kill this Chad guy when I get my hands on him!

    • Gary: I'll get it. (pauses)
      Holly: What?
      Gary: I can't do it, I'm afraid!
      Holly: Of what?
      Gary: Hoboes!
      Holly: Hoboes?! Do they even exist?
      Gary: Girl, yeah, they're making a big comeback!
      Holly: Gary, why would a hobo do anything to you?
      Gary: Because they've got nothing to lose.
      Holly: I'll get it, then.
      Gary: Well don't be tempted by their free-spirited lifestyle!

    • Gary: My parents would never let me miss a minute of school. I would love not to get the perfect attendance award -- and the ridicule that comes with it.
      Holly: Perfect attendance is something you should celebrate, and... (giggles) ... be proud of.
      Gary: Yeah, that's what it says on the sash!

    • Val: She wanted to go to school half-naked just because all her friends do. I mean, if all her friends wanted her to jump off a bridge, I supp-... (pauses) Oh, my God! I do sound like a mom!
      Jeff: So what if you do? She's your little sister! You're just looking out for her!
      Val: No! I said "jump off a bridge!" I used to hate hearing that when I was a kid!
      Jeff: I used to hate hearing "Don't eat anything bigger than your head"!

  • NOTES (5)