What I Like About You

Season 1 Episode 8

Copy That

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2002 on The WB
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Holly lands a job at a copy shop where she thinks her new co-worker, Jake, is interested in her, but when she takes Jeff's advice on how to handle the situation, she becomes the laughing stock of the store. Meanwhile, Val is nervous about landing a new account and impressing her prospective new client.moreless

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  • Holly gets a job at a photo store, where she becomes a laughing stock over an incident with her coworker.

    Parts of this episode were humiliating, but other parts were hilarious! Like the part where Gary is trying to get Jeff to buy his new menus. Gary designs a new menu for him, but they cost nearly $100 each, so Jeff refuses to buy them. Gary gets mad, and does everything he can to try to get Jeff to buy them. Meanwhile, Holly thinks her coworker, Jake, likes her. She tries to tell him she's not interested in him, but he turns the story around and tells everyone else at the store. Holly becomes a laughing stock, and the topic of jokes. To prove herself, she gets a picture of Jake kissing her and tries to have Gary blow it up so she can show everyone. But they blow up the wrong picture. Instead, the picture was of Holly in sweats looking at herself in a mirror.moreless
  • Val's new client stinks... literally!

    I liked this episode because Holly gets a job! Well her official second job & it goes terrible, if it wasn't for Jeff's advice this would of never happened, I don't see why Holly didn't like Jake, he was really nice, but then he turned out to be a jerk, Holly is perceived conceited in this episode & all she does is makes it worse, by showing a hot picture & bloating thinking it was the "revenge" picture for Jake. As for the B plot, is flawless because it would suck if you had to work with someone that smelled & I'm sure a lot of people go through that in New York.moreless
  • Great!

    Holly gets a job at Copy That, where Gary also works. Val needs to present her idea to her boss, but kissing up is also part of the job. Apparently, Val's boss smells really bad. At Copy That, a guy named Jake seems to be hitting on Holly. Jeff tells her that if she doesn't like him, that she should tell him. Holly tells him, but he says that he never liked her. Val's boss accepts the idea. Unfortunately, they have to meet the guy in a limo, meaning the smell will be apparent. Luckily, the guy accepts their idea! Jake tells the guys at work and they all start joking about Holly and her pride. Holly tries to foil it, but she fails. Gary helps out.

    This episode was great! It was funny! I don't have much more to say. I give it a 9.5 out of 10!moreless

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    • Jeff: (about Jake) Did you or did you not touch his arm?
      Holly: I touched it, I didn't lick it.

    • Jeff: (after Jake gives Holly a latte) Jake, huh, nice!
      Holly: Do you want his number?

    • Gary: Do you know what you get when you take the art out of artist?
      (Jeff is shaking his head)
      Gary: Ist. And I'm a little ist off right now.

    • Holly (about Gary): He's even figured out how to copy parts of himself on mugs.
      Jeff (looking at a mug): Please tell me that's his thumb.

    • Holly (about the picture which she thinks it's the one of her and Jake kissing): It takes your breath away, duh'n it?!

    • Holly (to Jake): No, no, don't be scared! (giggles) Wait uh... (seductively) not here, it wouldn't be right. (moves Jake) Here, I always imagined it would be here. (they both kiss and camera flashes)
      Jake: Wow, I think I actually saw a flash of light!
      Holly: Really, I got nothing, oh well!

    • Holly (in seductive voice): I'll admit it, you're not bad. Well, those are very powerful words, Jake.
      Jake: So?
      Holly (in seductive voice): So, those words make me realize that you're not so bad yourself. And when you put two... not so bad people together, you get really bad.

    • Holly (to Jake): I kinda get the feeling that you like me and don't get me wrong, I like you too. It's just uh.. if you like "like me, like me" then I have to tell you that I don't like you, like you like me.

    • Holly (to Jake): A latte... from a friend... thanks "a latte."

    • Jeff: Why don't you just go for it?
      Holly: There is nothing to go for. For starters, his last name is "Wood."
      Jeff: So?
      Holly: So, Holly Wood. Why even go down that road?

    • Holly: I told Jake I knew he had a thing for me, but he denied it. Then he told everyone what I said and now they all think I am conceited.
      Jeff: Are you saying he denied the heat?
      Holly: No, no, he liked me...he just didn't like being rejected by me.
      Jeff: So he did like you, but you rejected him first, then he turned it around to make you the object of ridicule. My God!
      Holly: I know!
      Jeff: That kid's a genius!

    • Gary: You like this menu I designed, didn't you? Nice paper... and the leather... (sniffs the cover) smells like a man, but feels like a woman!
      Jeff: Look, I told you, I loved it! I thought it was great, but I can't afford it!
      Gary: Ah, but what if you could? Look! Check it out!
      Jeff: Okay! Question: Why is the chicken ravioli now $56.95?
      Gary: You make a little more on the food, and you can afford my elegant hand-crafted menus! Everybody's happy!

    • Jeff: So I've had these same old menus for while and I guess I could use some new ones. Give me your professional opinion.
      Gary: Frankly I'm surprised you've stayed in business this long!
      Jeff: What? They're not that bad!
      Gary: Come on, Helvetica Bold?! It's a poor man's font! We'll upgrade you with a lovely palatino! Perhaps a nice 18 point... no, no, no, no, no, 14 point!
      Jeff: Just make me some without stains, dude!

    • Val: I have to meet with my boss. I have to kiss her butt because she finally asked me to pitch a new client with her. Then we have to discuss the strategy for kissing the client's butt and then execute said butt kissing plan!
      Jeff: So that's what you public relations people do! Kiss butt all day!
      Val: And make famous people more famous!
      Jeff: Hey, can you do something for Billy Bob Thornton? I feel like I don't know what's going on in his life anymore!

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