What I Like About You

Season 3 Episode 17

Dangerous Liaisons

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 2005 on The WB

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  • Season 3, Episode 17.

    Holly is still mad with Tina for having a one night stand with Vince, but she becomes furious when she learns that Val had a tryst with the Todd, which caused Val to miss Holly's comedy act at Giggles 10 years ago.

    I loved seeing a video of when Amanda Bynes was young! Awww! Val is pretty hot! I loved when Holly said she had cheap, meaningless Tina sex and Lauren introduced herself to Todd as Tina. LOL! I loved that! I loved when Val said that there was a fire in the kitchen after Todd brought up the one night stand. Haha, good episode!
  • Once again, Holly is mad at Tina and the world...

    These types of episodes are starting to get a bit annoying. It seems like Holly is always mad at someone for doing something. This time, she's mad at Tina and Vince because they slept together and kept it a secret. Then, she gets mad at all her other friends for stupid reasons. It doesn't take much to get her to forgive them though. She sees Lauren and Gary making out in the bakery and runs off to tell all her "ex-friends." Lauren and Gary making out is just disgusting! Isn't Lauren like 10 years older than him? I know she's at least 10 years, but it might be more...
  • 90210 references & Amanda show references!

    I love this episode, the aftermath of Holly finding out about the one night stand with Vince. I love all the 90210 references, first of all the Spring Fling, the theme song in the background. Luke Perry, Brenda being the best from high school. Then the Amanda show stand up thing,Holly saying that she should have her own show, the plot that surrounds it is the best, Tina & holly make up in this episode, I like how Lauren was hitting on Gary & making out with him. I also liked how Holly kept deleting everyone of f her phone & she realizes she has no friends. A great episode with awesome references.
  • Funny! 90210 references!

    Holly seems to be running out of friends. She isn't talking to Tina or Vince and now she doesn't want to talk to Gary because he is hanging out with Tina. Then, Val's one night stand from high school comes by to fix the pipes because he's a plumber. Holly learns of it and also doesn't want to talk to Val. She keeps calling Lauren because that's all she has. Gary and Lauren set Holly up and she finally talks to Val and Tina. Holly forgives Tina for sleeping with Vince.

    This episode was really good! I never watched Beverly Hills, 90210, but I did notice that the flashback scene was similar. Also, Holly's routine was real and that was cool! This episode gets a 9.5!
  • The writers really made a great Beverly Hills 90210, sorry, What I like about you episode.

    I love the idea for this episode, the Beverly Hills 90210 feferences were great.

    When this episode begins, Holly is still mad at Tina because of what happened with Vince. But at the end she forgives her and learns that her sister isn´t as perfect as she seems.

    Because something is broken at the bakery, a plumber(Todd-Luke Perry) goes to fix everything.
    Todd went to high school with Val and they have a one night stand while he was with a friend of Val, Brenda. You just change Val for Kelly and Todd for Dylan and you have....Beverly Hills 90210. When they remember what happened, they are in school and they say: Bye Brandon to a guy (his face is not seen)and you can hear the 90210 music.

    For me: one of the best episodes so far!!!
  • What I Like About You gives a Beverly Hills 90210 flashback...

    Dangerous Liaisons was well written in bringing Val back to her times as Kelly Taylor. Luke Perry guest stars as Val's old fling, but when she tells the story of their past, we were brought back to 90210.

    The plot was actually very witty as they talked about "Brenda" and we see a back shot of a man they called "Brendon". Jennie Garth and Luke Perry are even dressed the parts of their former personas.

    The silly remake also took the time to teach a lesson (as all other episodes also do). This time, Holly was lead to believe that her sister was "perfect" in the sense of her past relationships. But that wasn't even close to the truth as we're introduced to Todd. Both Holly and Val are reminded that mistakes will be made and nobody's perfect.