What I Like About You

Season 3 Episode 17

Dangerous Liaisons

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 2005 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • Holly has no other friends besides Val, Gary, Lauren, Tina, Ben, and Vince and neither does Tina.

    • Running Gag: Holly keep deleting everyone off her cell phone (except Lauren).

    • There is a mysterious guy at the bakery who knows everything about Holly being upset about Tina and Vince having sex and how she might have feelings for Vince.

    • Gary and Lauren actually MAKE OUT (twice) to get Holly and Tina to talk to each other again and Lauren really likes the kiss.

    • From this and previous and future episodes, we find out that Lauren is really attracted to guys with sexy asses (such as Peter [from sesaon 2], Todd the plumber, the high school senior, the homeless guy, etc.).

    • Holly forgives Tina for her liasion with Vince.

    • Val once told Holly that having a one-night stand will make a girl's ears fall off (Lauren checks her ears).

    • It is revealed that Holly used to be interested in comedy.

    • Brenda and Brandon are mentioned as Val's friends. Brenda and Brandon were characters on 90210.

    • We hear a different version of the 90210 theme during Val's flashback.

  • Quotes

    • Val: Holly can never find about my liaison!
      Lauren: Your liaison? Who are you, Meryl Streep? You got sh'tupped!

    • Todd: Okay. My work here is done.
      Val: Oh thank you God.
      Todd: Yeah, you can call me Todd.
      Val: Eww.

    • Tina: How's Holly?
      Val: Ah I wouldn't know. She's not talking to me.
      Tina: Why isn't she talking to you? What'd you do?
      Val: Well, the same thing as you, actually.
      Tina: Oh my God, you slept with Vince too?

    • Holly: Oh, I'm so glad that we're all friends again because now we can watch my comedy tape together!
      Val: And how glad am I that you found it...

    • Holly: So you're on my side?
      Val: Of course I am.
      Holly: OK, well GOOD. 'Cause my friends are dropping like flies.

    • Holly: (to Val) Since when did you think that loveless sex and one-night stands are okay? I mean, when I was ten, you told me that having sex without love could make a girl's ear fall off.

    • Holly: (to Val) You had sex with your best friend's boyfriend?
      Man: Just like Tina.

    • Holly: You and Val at the lockers?
      Todd: Who are you?
      Holly: I'm Val's sister.
      Todd: Then, yes.

    • Holly: Tina, you know what I realized today? I have no other friends.
      Tina: (laughs) Me neither.
      Holly: Ohh. And sometimes friends do stupid, stupid things. Especially when they're bummed because they just got broken up with and, they're vulnerable and, they're not thinking straight and, maybe they're just a little bit slutty.
      Tina: Aww, you know me so well.
      Val: What about me?
      Holly: Aww, you're slutty too.

    • Todd: Thanks for the ass compliment.
      Lauren: Well, thanks for the ass!

    • Val: Listen to me, okay? The uh liaison I had with Todd-
      Holly: Liaison?
      Val: (stutters) Uh tryst.
      Holly: There were three of you?

    • Holly: You smell weird.
      Gary: Yeah well y- I had a falafel on the way over.
      Holly: No, no, Gary, that's not a falafel smell it's like ... vanilla and ... waterfalls and ... Tina!

    • Holly: (normal tone) Oh my God, Val. (angry tone) YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOO DELETED! (clicks a button on her phone to indicate that she has just deleted Val's number) Ha, there goes your home phone number.
      Val: Ha, ha. We live in the same house; you just deleted yourself.

  • Notes

    • International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: November 26th, 2010 on TV Nova

    • Although credited, Nick Zano does not appear in this episode.

    • The tape shown for Holly's stand-up routine is a real video of Amanda Bynes performing.

    • Todd talks about how he and Val hooked up in high school while his girlfriend Brenda was in Paris. Well, in season 3 of 90210, Luke Perry and Jennie Garth's characters hooked up while Luke Perry's character Dylan's girlfriend, Brenda was in Paris.

    • The dress that Val is seen wearing (as well as the way her hair is put up.. and all the other little details) in the flashback when she is crying at the lockers is the same dress that Jennie Garth's character, Kelly, wears to her Spring Formal of the first season of the show Beverly Hills, 90210.

    • Jennie Garth and Luke Perry (Todd the plumber) used to star together in the 10-year series Beverly Hills, 90210. The series started in 1990 and went on to tell the stories of a gang of friends whose little black books all basically amount to a list of the show's starring cast.

    • Taped January 21, 2005.

    • Jennie Garth's pervious series with Luke Perry was Beverly Hills 90210. In fact various elements from that series appear including the theme song and mentioning of Brenda and Brandon.

  • Allusions

    • Lauren: (About Holly) She's baaaack!
      This is a direct reference to the Poltergeist movie series about a possessed girl who said the original line, "They're baaaack!"

    • The Amanda Show

      Holly: I tell ya, that kid should have her own show!

      Holly is watching a video of her stand-up comedy act and in real life, that is a home video of one of Amanda Bynes' comedy acts. Also, Amanda Bynes had her own comedy show on Nickelodeon called The Amanda Show which was a spin-off of the popular children's sketch comedy show, All That in which Amanda starred in.