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Season 3 Episode 1

Europe Was So Much More Fun (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 17, 2004 on The WB
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Holly returns home from Paris with Ben, a handsome British musician who has stolen Holly's heart.Vince and Henry Realizes they've losted Holly, Henry says goodbye to Holly one last time before leaving for Princeton. Meanwhile, Val, who has spent the summer with Rick, receives a surprise proposal after she reveals her own surprise.moreless

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    This is the episode where I just really started disliking Holly. After going back and forth all of last season from Henry to Vince, to Vince to Henry while hurting both of them in the process. She comes back with a new boytoy from Paris after they both go visit her. Who brings home a guy who she's only know a weekend for? She was only in London for a weekend. "Hey you're cute, wanna come home with me?" It just didn't seem very realistic.

    Holly's new "grown up" attitude wasn't likable either. She just thinks she's all grown up because she went to Europe, yet she didn't think before bringing home a new guy and she simply didn't think about the consequences. Holly ends up hurting both Vince and Henry, and Henry really didn't deserve any of this in the end. Vince, maybe, since he messed around with other girls, but Henry, no. Henry's farewell was definitely the highlight of this episode. It was nice to finally see Holly say she loved Henry. Her first love, that's the first time she said it too. Val thinks she's pregnant, Rick proposes, she isn't pregnant. Val calls it off, and Rick and her get in to a fight and that's left up in the air for the next episode. The pudding fight was probably the only funny thing about this episode. Not the best season opener, I can imagine a lot of angry Holly & Vince or Holly & Henry supporters being let down by this episode. Fair premiere, not the best.moreless
  • Holly returns from Europe with a new boyfriend.

    Oh my god! I just recently started watching this show, I know I'm a little late. But anyways I couldn't believe this. Holly came from Paris with a new guy!? What the hell is wrong with her?! She got to make out with Henry and Vince before she went to Paris, have them both come and visit her, then she comes home with someone else sticking their tounge down her throat!? I mean really Holly? After all that drama and the back and forth feelings she brought a third person into the triangle?? What sucked even more, was that I was hoping Holly would choose Henry when she came back (they're adorable together!), and know he hates her. Did you see that sad look on his face? He's had his heart tossed around so much by the "Holly Virus" and now it's just ripped in two. He waited all those months 'till she came home, didn't even look at another girl, passing up all those opportunities, to find it was all one big waste? I am so angry at Holly now! UGH! Even though I'm not a fan of Vince, he got hit hard too. I thought it was kind of slick how he pretended he never saw a thing, then said how he had all those girls around him (that cracked me up xD). I really hope things work out in the end. She'll probably bounce back to either Henry or Vince and dump this Ben guy, knowing Holly. Anyway, this was a good episode, but it made me angry.. >:(moreless
  • Holly has a new boyfriend who's not Henry OR Vince????

    This episode was a complete shocker to me! I couldn't believe that after all this time of loving Henry, then Vince, then back to Henry, then both, that she would find someone in Paris to bring home. I just couldn't believe it! It was really funny seeing Henry and Vince fight over Holly while they were waiting in the lobby of the airport. That was hilarious! Vince taking his shirt off in front of Holly to get her attention was hilarious too. As well as the end when Val and Holly were throwing cake batter at each other. Ben seems like a really nice guy, but he came in the series at a really bad time.moreless
  • Third season!

    Holly comes home from Europe with a new guy, Ben. Vince and Henry are waiting with flowers to get her back. Val thinks she might be pregnant. Rick asks her to marry him, but when the test shows that she isn't, they don't get engaged. Henry and Vince take it pretty hard that Holly has a new boyfriend. Val and Holly have a fun time splatting each other with chocolate batter.

    This was a great episode! I like Ben, but I still would rather have her with Henry. I also like Val and Rick together. This episode gets a 10!moreless
  • Why didn't they show Holly's summer?

    I was really bummed that the show didn't start with Holly's summer... but it starts with Holly makin out with some guy on the plane, which makes you wonder where are Vince and Henry? Back at the airport Vince and Henry are arguing over who Holly will chose and then they see her get off the plane and make out with the British guy. Henry confronts her but he doesn't matter because he is leaving for Princeton right away and Vince doesn't even bother to tell Holly that he still likes her. Valerie thinks she may be pregnant so and when Rck finds out he proposes. Once Val learns that she's not pregnant she breaks the engagement off. So once again Holly and Val wreck havoc on everyone's relationships! A good episode.moreless
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Leslie Grossman

Lauren [Episode 23- Present / Recurring Previously]

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Jennie Garth

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Wesley Jonathan

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Holly Tyler

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Vince [Episode 23- Present]

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