What I Like About You

Season 4 Episode 18


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 2006 on The WB
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In the series finale, Valerie finally has her dream wedding to Vic, but there are a few problems. Val, Holly, Tina and Lauren are stuck at a spa where an escaped convict is being searched for, making the four of them late for the wedding.

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  • Series finale.

    Well, it was good while it lasted. Seriously, if the writers hadn't of jumped the shark this season, as early as season four, I would have liked this show to continue. But if they continued this show, that would have just destroyed whatever I liked about this show in the first place, at the pace they were at.

    This season was mediocre, and just not the What I Like About You norm, and I finally understand why this was the series finale. This finale of course seemed too rushed, with ending it in such a fairytale in under 22 minutes. That was the HUGE problem with this episode. Vince & Holly get together, Val & Vic get married, Gary & Tina get together, Lauren has her cop. Why did everyone have to end up with someone?

    This just goes to show that this show converted in to a show about relationships at about beginning of season three, if not earlier than that. An okay series finale, just didn't deserve to end this way. Deserved a better ending.moreless
  • Val finally gets the wedding of her dreams, Gary and Tina hook up, and Vince and Holly are together again.

    When I heard Vince come back to the wedding to be with Holly, I got goose bumps and a big smile. I was so glad he finally came back and they're together again. Tina and Gary finally hook up. It was really cute. Tina was singing a love song for Vic and Val while they danced. Tina would look frequently at Gary and sing to him, so finally Gary came up to her, stopped her singing, and kissed her full on the mouth. It was so cute! Val finally gets married! And to one of the hottest guys on the show! XD This was a very good show, and I'm sad to see it go, but I'm glad it ended on a happy, hopeful note.moreless
  • This is the series finale of What I like about you.

    I am not glad that it has ended. It seemed that there was so much more that could have happened. It could have ended with a different finale episode, though. The wedding didn't seem like anything different, except the fact that Val does get married. I mean, before then, Vic was having a fine life with Val and Holly. I can't imagine what might of happened after this. Well, the ending just does not make any sense at all. It is all very, very, confusing. hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi good byemoreless
  • Series Finale. Val finally get her happy ending.

    In the Series Finale Val finally gets her happy ending with Vic. But not without complications. Val, Holly, Lauren, and Tina are stranded at the Spa when they should be at Val's wedding. So, Val and Holly escape to make it to the wedding in time, but they get lost. Then, Lauren and Tina beat Holly and Val to the wedding. AH! But in the end Val finally gets the happy ending she has been waiting for for four years! This was the most perfect ending to the most perfect show. I'm happy that it got a proper finale.

    Goodbye 'What I Like About You'moreless
  • Season 4, Episode 18.

    Aww, it's the final episode. :( Lauren's nipples were visible through her blouse when she was flirting with the S.W.A.T. guys. Val is too sexy for words! Holly looked pretty hot in this episode too. "Never a bridesmaid, always a bride." LMAO! I loved the Val/Holly fight.

    Val: Vic and I are going to move to... Argentina!

    Holly: BUENO!


    Val: Oh, I don't want to move to Argentina.

    Holly: Then why did you buy a house there?

    Val: I didn't, Stupid! ROTFL! Val and Vic are finally married! Yay! Allison Munn is a great singer! Vince came back. It was kind of like the Ross/Rachel ending at the airport. Tina and Gary are together! Everybody is together! I loved when Val and Holly were talking to each other at the same time, over each other's voices, and you clearly hear Holly say, "You get married a lot." LMAO! Cool finale, but the ending was too happy. Hehe, but still cool.moreless
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Kipp Shiotani

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • It's a bit of a stretch for Holly to have thanked her sister for taking her in four years ago "when no one else wanted her." It was clear that Holly's father very much wanted her to move with him to Japan in the pilot episode; she just wasn't prepared to make that kind of drastic change. Evidence was also given that Holly's grandmother would have taken her, but the main point was that living with Val was the best thing for Holly. That doesn't mean that nobody else wanted her, though.

    • The WB never flashed a note of thanks to the cast and crew of the series. This was done for the final episodes of Angel, Dawsons Creek, Felicity and even Grounded for Life (a series they bought from Fox).

    • It is revealed that Holly is 19 years old in this episode.

    • The last line of the series was by both Val and Holly. They both said "I still love you!"

    • One of the reasons for complaints about the ending was the Gary & Tina love angle. It was hinted at the end of second season, ignored during the third season, and aside from one episode never developed during the final season. In fact where was Tina's boyfriend when Gary kissed her?

    • Unlike most continuations of "What I Like About You," none of the cast members said "Previously, on What I Like About You," although there were clips from the previous episode, "Now and Zen."

    • The four main characters who weren't given last names throughout the show's run were: Lauren, Vince, Jeff, and Peter. However, Jeff was given the last name Campbell on the season 1 DVD packaging.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • (Vince has just surprised Holly by appearing behind her at Val's wedding reception)
      Holly: (near tears) What are you doing here? You're in Chicago.
      Vince: All the way to the airport, I tried picturing my life without you, and I just couldn't do it. Holly, I love you, and I never want to do anything to hurt you...
      (Holly kisses him)

    • Holly: (singing) Who's the best sister in the world? Holly-Holly-Holly. Who's gonna get her sister to the we-- (stops) Wait, wait, my shoe fell off!

    • (as Holly is dancing with her father)
      Vince: (out of nowhere) May I cut in?
      (Holly turns around to see Vince standing behind her)
      Holly: You came back.
      Mr. Tyler: Good to see you, Henry.

    • (last lines of the series)
      Val: (to Holly) Looks like my bad-luck wedding streak is finally over.
      Holly: I know, and it should last, as long as you don't keep bugging Vic with all your annoying questions.
      Val: Oh, please, I do not have any...what do you mean by "annoying?"
      (Val and Holly continue to bicker as their bickering overlaps each other)
      Holly, Val: But I still love you.

    • Tina: (to Gary after he kisses her) Well it took you long enough!

    • Val: (muttering to herself in the woods) Never gonna be happy. Never gonna be happy. Never gonna be happy. I Hate Holly. Holly lost the horse, and ruined everything. I hate her. Holly's bad!

    • Holly: Thanks for taking me in when I was 16 and no one else wanted me.
      Val: My pleasure. (they hug)

    • Holly: (speaking to Gary) Happiness sucks.

    • Lauren: This is all my fault. Why did I generously have to treat us to that fabulous spa? Why?!

    • Holly: (speaking to Val; trying to take a picture of her) Please? You look like a teenager in that light!
      Val: Okay, one picture won't kill us!

    • Lauren: (Being heard over the officer's CB) Help us! We're stuck in a spa. You got to help us out of here!
      Vic: Is that Lauren?
      Gary: No, man, what would make you think that is Lauren?
      Lauren: (on the CB) By the way, if I die, my name is Lauren.

  • NOTES (5)

    • International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: January 17th, 2011 on TV Nova

    • After this episode aired, The WB got a lot of hate mail bashing their decision to cancel the show, and asking why they "gave such a dumb, unrevealing ending."

    • Amanda Bynes (Holly), Wesley Jonathan (Gary), and Jennie Garth (Val) are the only cast members to appear in every episode. In second place is Leslie Grossman (Lauren) who appeared in a total of 69 out of 86 episodes. These are the only 4 cast members to make an appearance in every season.

    • To many fans, this episode was a let-down. In the summary released weeks before the episode aired, it said two things that didn't happen:

      1) Lauren finding a love solution.
      2) A guest dropping dead at the wedding.

      Many fans were disappointed in The WB for releasing this false information.

    • The series ends as the WB's least-watched series averaging 2.4 million viewers. This marks its second straight year with that title.


    • In one of the last scenes of Amanda Bynes' movie 'What a Girl Wants' her character Daphne is dancing with her Dad at a wedding. Then her boyfriend Ian (Oliver James) - they are in conflict - appears and asks her to dance with him.
      One of the last scenes in this episode is similar: Holly is dancing with her Dad on Val's wedding, then Vince appears and asks her to dance with him.
      (It is also a 'spoof' that in the German dubbing Vince & Ian are synced by the same voice speaker)

    • Val refers to her horse as "Wildfire" as in the horse in ABC Family's drama Wildfire.

    • Star Wars

      Vic mentions to Val: "Hey, did you notice? No Star Wars!"