What I Like About You

Season 4 Episode 10

For Love or Money

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 09, 2005 on The WB
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When Vince discovers that Holly makes more money than he does, this causes Holly to update his resume a little bit and give him jobs he never had. Val misses her first date with Vic after a falling-out with Lauren.

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    So we got a huge cliffhanger which really helped this episode as a whole, because without that cliffhanger, this episode probably would have got a lower rating. Once discovering that Holly makes more than him, Vince seeks for a job in real estate. I didn't understand why he was being so messed up to Holly. She buys him a cruise, and then he says he doesn't want to go just because she makes more money, it didn't make much sense. Meanwhile Val is having problems with Lauren, in the aftermath of finding out that Rick & Lauren are together. Val doesn't think that he would live his wife. They get in a huge fight and then Val discovers that he did leave his wife. So thank god that this was a friendship plot. Then we find out that Vic got seriously injured in a fire, after he thought that Val ditched him on their date. It all came together, and I love that, so Val's plot was way better than another bump in the road for Vince & Holly. Vince gets a job in real estate with the help of Holly only to find out that Robin, a high school sweetheart, works there. So both things are left in cliffhanger fashion. Good episode, great cliffhanger.moreless
  • When Vince discovers Holly makes more money than him, he sets out to find a new job.

    First of all, I think it's really stupid how he wants to make more money than Holly. What does it matter!? As long as they both love each other, the matter of who makes the most money shouldn't matter! Guys can be so darn stubborn! So then Holly lands him a job selling real estate where he ends up working with Robyn: a girlfriend from high school. Holly is mad, but she stands by and does nothing while Robyn flirts with Vince. Hellol! Say something! The date Vic was planning for Val was really sweet. He sent her clues about where he would be taking her and at what time. How sweet! But then he gets in an accident while putting out a fire, and the episode ends with Val getting the phone call.moreless
  • Season 4, Episode 10.

    Yay! Val and Vic kissed! Finally! I love when Lauren gets pissed at Val and fights with her. Lauren: Your relationship started at the bottom of a tequila bottle!

    Val: That was only because Rick left me!

    Lauren: And I don't blame him!

    LMAO! Haha, that was a pretty good fight. I loved when Val went to apologize to Lauren, and when Lauren walked out of the store, the security alarm sounds. The end was very dramatic. I'm hooked in season 4. I am sure Vic will be fine, but Val's reaction was just WOW. He'll probably be fine though, since shows always do that to trick audiences.moreless
  • I liked it!

    Vince finds out that Holly makes more money than her, so he gets upset. Gary tries to help him. Lauren still likes Rick. Val is excited for her date with Vic that night. Gary helps Val too. Lauren and Val have a fight about Rick. Val apologizes, but misses her date with Vic. It turns out that he is injured in a fire. Holly and Vince get past their differences.

    This episode was good. I sort of like the idea of Lauren and Rick. These episodes don't seem to be going anywhere though. It's still entertaining, but there's no real story to me, except Val and Vic. This episode gets an 8.0!moreless
  • This was an AMAZING eppisode! it was so suspenseful and nerve wreaking. I really hope that Vic is ok...he's such a major part of this show now..he belongs here. If Vince leaves Holly for his old-high school flame...i'll be so sad! BEST EPISODE EVER!moreless

    Vince found out that Holly made more money than he did. Upset, he got a new job...real estate agent. Unfortunatly, at the new place where he was to be hired, he met up with an old high school flame. Holly is a little un-easy about the whole idea.

    Val is ready to go on her first date with husband Vic. All day she recieves hints about where hes taking her. At the same time, Val fights with Lorne about Lorne's current boyfriend, Rick, who is also Val's ex-fiancee. They end up not talking [val and lorne], and in an attempt to save their friendship, val searches the city to find her and apologize. While all of thsi is going on, the time flys and val realizes that she is late for her date with vic. She hurrys to the bakery, finding him not there, she goes home, her and lorne, and they try to figure out what to do. Lorne turns on the television and on the news, there is a report of a fire. They watch for awhile and find out that Vics dispatch was needed to assist in the fire. Also broadcasted was the fact that three firemen had been seriously injured in a roof collapse in the fire. Lorne re-assures Val that it could have been anybody. Val believes her just as the phone rings, they ask for Vics wife, Val looks extremely upset, becomes quiet and the show fades.moreless
Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes

Holly Tyler

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Jennie Garth

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Wesley Jonathan

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Allison Munn

Tina Haven (Season 2+)

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Leslie Grossman

Lauren (Season 2+, recurring previously)

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Nick Zano

Vince (Season 2+)

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