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Henry & Holly

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    Ive been watching reruns of this show on ABC Family in the mornings during breakfast before work. I used to watch it but only now and then for the first 3 seasons. Never saw the 4th season except the finale and maybe an episode here and there on reruns.Inever watched any of it week to week though.

    Anyway after seeing the 1st season and 11 episodes into season 2, I definitely like HH over HV, and both couples over HBen.

    I get HH had to break up in s2 bc thats just the way these shows go, but at the end of s2 when H and V kissed her I def think she shouldve picked Henry...that is, when she got back from Europe in the s3 premiere. In s3 they shouldve brought HH back together and then went back to the s1 formula where its more centered with the sisters. the way it went down the whole series became a will they wont they between HVH and I think the show was at its best in s1.

    On the upside I loved Gary and Tina and think they shouldve hooked up sooner.

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