What I Like About You

Season 4 Episode 16

Friends & Lovers

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 2006 on The WB

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    Improvement since the last episode, since finally something exciting happened. This episode did have a few jokes that were funny that also helped the rating. It was also an entertaining watch, but the quality continues to be awful, group dynamic continues to be off, Holly still annoys me. Seriously, count how much times she says Vince in just these past two episodes. It'll make you want to jump off a cliff.

    So Holly & Lauren end up in jail because Lauren gave her wine to taste, interrupting Val & Vic having sex for the first time. I did laugh a couple times in this episode, so that's a good sign. Vince & Holly try to be friends, and their friendship over a monopoly game which was honestly the only stand out thing from this episode. This episode was also eventful once we find out Vince is leaving to Chicago. A bit of a cliffhanger, so this episode had the right elements for a great episode, yet they didn't manage to use them well.
  • Season 4, Episode 16.

    Wow. Val is extremely hot in this episode. She doesn't look good in the page's banner, but she is incredibly sexy in the episode. Amanda Bynes looked pretty good too. I loved when Lauren asked Holly to taste her cheap wine, and to tell her if it is the best-tasting cheap wine ever, and Holly has a little sip, and a cop sees them, and asks for ID. Haha, the mugshots. Holly says, "I only had one sip... It was peer pressure!" Vic is hilarious too. Vince is moving to Chicago! Val's night with Vic is interrupted, and they decide to wait till their wedding night... Cute... :) Episode before the series finale. :(
  • I liked it.

    Holly has trouble seeing Vince. They try to be friends, but it doesn't work too well. As Val and Vic want to be alone, Holly keeps going to Val for advice. Lauren tries to help Holly, but they are sent to jail after Lauren asks Holly to try a sip of wine. Vic and Val are at a hotel, but Holly needs to be bailed out of jail. Val decides that she and Vic should wait until they're married to have sex and Vic agrees. Vince is moving to Chicago.

    This episode was good. Not a lot went on and I didn't like it as much as previous episodes. Why can't Vince and Holly just be friends? I'm glad that Val decided that they should wait. This episode gets an 8.0!