What I Like About You

Season 4 Episode 15

Garden State

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 03, 2006 on The WB

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    What I Like About You has reached an all time low here. Holly has become the most annoying character out of the whole cast, her going on and on about Vince is not entertaining. Her driving up to the bar where Val meets Vic's brothers was also not entertaining. Lauren & Tina finding new guy's in their lives seemed rushed, and I felt like they just hooked them up with some random guy to fulfill the plot. All the supporting characters were barely in it, and throughout the whole episode, it was just "Vince this, Vince that" I also noticed something else. Nearing the end of the show, usually characters develop or mature or make changes like Val did in this episode. But this episode was a great example on how Holly hasn't grown up. She doesn't know how to deal with problems at all, and whines about everything. Val making changes was okay, nothing special. Val & Vic not really being married was just so that the "BIG" finale could end with a wedding. This whole season was a cop out. This episode was such a disappointment.
  • Val and Vic find out they're not actually married. Later, they argue about how many kids they're going to have.

    Once again, Holly and Vince are getting on my nerves. Vince claims he loves Holly and she's his first love, but he doesn't seem to care about the break up at all! What is wrong with him? And then there's Holly who lies about how she feels and has to be a baby about it. She needs to grow up...I can't believe Vic and Val aren't actually married! Wow! At least we'll have a wedding to see later on. Let's hope it works out this time... The argument Vic and Val had in the car about kids was hilarious! So was Holly getting advice from some of Vic's brothers XD
  • Season 4, Episode 15.

    Holly: (to Vic's brothers) I think I made a huge mistake breaking up with my boyfriend. And I thought that the drive over here would cheer me up, but then my radio didn't work and I ran over a bunny. LMAO! Holly's pretty funny!

    Val: I see what you're doing. You're trying to compare the ziti to our children.
    Vic: Don't be ridiculous. I would never eat our children. Hehe, Vic rocks. :)

    Holly: So many super things are happening to me. Like...Val...she's meeting with Vic's family...I am pleased with my outfit... Hehe, I love Amanda Bynes/Holly.

    Val: (to Vic) You're turning my lady parts into a tennis cannon! (imitates tennis cannon popping noises)

  • I liked it!

    Val and Vic find out that they are not legally married. Holly feels depressed about Vince. She plans a girl's night out with Lauren and Tina, but then they get dates and makes Holly even more sad. Vic and Val drive out and meet three of Vic's brothers. They have an arguement about how many kids they want. Vic and Val talk and Vic helps Val change. Holly drives up there and receives advice from Vic's brothers. Vic and Val are now engaged.

    This episode was good! Vic's brothers were pretty funny! I want to have 4-5 kids maybe when I get married. This episode gets an 8.0 from me!
  • Garden State, so unfunny it'll make you cry!

    When What I Like About You started out all 22 episodes of it's first season was excellent. Step forward 4 years and we have Garden State. The worst episode ever. Absoultly nothing happens that is remotley funny; the whole relationship that this episode and season centers on is rubbish. I'm glad What I Like About You is ending with episodes like this!
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