What I Like About You

Season 3 Episode 7

Ghost of a Chance

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2004 on The WB
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The group celebrate Halloween by going to a party at the diner, where Holly and Ben dress up as Sonny & Cher, Gary and Danielle as Ike & Tina Turner, and Tina and Vince as Homer and Jessica Simpson. Lauren attempts to relax Val by taking her to a dude ranch that turns out to be something quite different. Val is shocked and angry to learn that Holly has dropped out of college to manage Danielle's potential music career, and when Val insists that she return to school, Holly concocts a deal with her.moreless

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  • Holly drops out of college. Then, she helps Danielle try to get a record deal.

    I knew Holly was bound to drop out of college. No offense, but she isn't really the smart type who would work hard and enjoy college. It's a surprise that she would try to make it big in the music world though. She did do a great job with Danielle though. It's just too bad the Arcadia people didn't offer her a job or anything. That was disappointing. The beginning was hilarious! Vince came in dressed like Homer Simpson and he asked Holly what would pop in her mind if Tina told her they were going to dress up like the Simpsons. Holly said Jessica Simpson, then Tina (dressed like Jessica Simpson) comes out of nowhere and screams "Thank you!" XD It was so funny! XDmoreless
  • Halloween.

    A great episode for What I Like About You, the beginning was good but I just wanted them to focus on Halloween themed episode. Not put all those other plots in 'till it didn't have anything to do with Halloween. Holly being a music manager, I can see that, but it was painful to watch when Danielle was getting signed but she wasn't going to be able to manage it. The Nude Ranch Plot was hilarious but that's only the beginning! I like Val & Holly's deal, while Holly is paying the bills & making sure that the lights aren't on, trying to get Danielle a record deal, while Val is encouraging her to go back to college. A hilarious episode.moreless
  • It's Halloween!

    Holly drops out of college. She doesn't have a passion for it. She is afraid to tell Val. Lauren tricks Val into coming to a nude ranch, by saying it's a dude ranch. Val feels free there, but then learns that Holly dropped out of college. Danielle has a great voice and Holly wants to manage her. She and Val make a deal that if Holly can show her success as a music manager, she doesn't have to go back to college. Danielle goes to another record deal manager after Holly lets her be discovered. Val tells Holly that she is doing a great job.

    This episode was great! It was really funny! Danielle really does sing well! This episode gets a 10!moreless
Leslie Grossman

Leslie Grossman

Lauren [Episode 23- Present / Recurring Previously]

Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth

Valerie Tyler

Wesley Jonathan

Wesley Jonathan

Gary Thorpe

Allison Munn

Allison Munn

Tina [Episode 25- Present]

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes

Holly Tyler

Nick Zano

Nick Zano

Vince [Episode 23- Present]

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Holly dropped out of college during midterms and Val tried to convince her to go back, but in the end she accepts Holly's decision. Holly decided that she wants to be a manager in the music industry.

    • Ben and Holly were singing Sonny and Cher's "I Got You, Babe." While Gary and Danielle, as 70s soul icons Ike and Tina Turner, sing "Proud Mary."

    • This is the second time Lauren tricks Val so that she could relax. The first time was in Season 2's episode, "Like a Virgin (Kinda)" where Lauren tricks Val into thinking that it was her birthday, just so that Val can get a day off to relax.

    • Running Gag: Vince keeps finding woman are actually men attractive.

    • Val's strange love for college is mentioned again. The first time was in Season 2 in episode "The Interview."

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Holly: Ok, so you're sure you've got this right? I tell Val I'm quitting college, and what do you do?
      Ben: I fake an aneurysm.

    • Val: You filled the club tonight. You got record people here! Maybe you are the next Clint Davis!
      Holly: Clive Davis.
      Val: All I'm saying is, look at what you did in a week. Maybe it's not such a bad idea for you to take the rest of the year off and give this a shot.
      Holly: Are you serious? But you love college. College is your life. You'd marry college if you could!
      Val: I was one of those people who needed those four years to figure out what they wanted to do. Maybe you're one of the lucky ones who's already got it figured out.

    • Val: What's wrong?
      Holly: Forget it.
      Val: You couldn't get Danielle a record deal?
      Holly: No, actually, it looks like she is getting one. Arcedio Records is going to make her an offer. They're really big--so big that they have their own management company.
      Val: What does that mean?
      Holly: It means that Danielle's going to sign with them, and I get nothing. This whole thing is stupid, anyway.
      Val: Stupid? Hey! What happened to the girl who knows in her gut that this is what she should be doing? The girl who I've gotta say I've never seen work harder on anything in her whole life?

    • Lauren: Are you seriously not going to go to the club and see if your sister pulls this off? Very cold, Val Tyler!
      Val: That's because Holly hasn't let me turn on the heat all week!
      Lauren: All right, fine. Do what you want. All I'm saying is that I'm going to the club.
      Val: Okay.
      Lauren: I'm just saying that Holly came by today and told me that you have been there for every big moment in her life, and she couldn't believe you were going to miss this one.
      Val: She said that?
      Lauren Well, actually, she came by to make sure I didn't have any unnecessary lights on, but I read between the lines.

    • Val: You are going back to college on Monday!
      Holly: No! I make my own decisions, and I'm not going back to college!
      Val: Okay, you know what? I make my own decisions, and I'm not going to keep paying your way!
      Holly: You don't have to pay my way! I know in my gut that I can make a living at this.
      Val: Oh, really? Okay, fine, you know what? Then we'll just be roommates. Two gals living together in the big city, sharing a loft, paying the bills. Rent, water, electricity, all of which are due by Friday. You think you can handle that, roomie?

    • Holly: (about college) I didn't have a passion for it.
      Gary: Did you tell your sister?
      Holly: I didn't have a passion for that either.

    • Holly: I'm going back to college on Monday. That was the deal.
      Val: Maybe we should rethink that.
      Holly: You mean as in Tuesday?

    • Vince: (to Ben) Wow, this place is packed! Holly got a much bigger crowd for Danielle then she did for you. (Ben looks at him) I'm just saying.
      Ben: Yeah, well size doesn't matter.
      Vince: You keep telling yourself that.

    • Children: Trick or treat... (Val pushes them away)
      Val: You dropped out of college!?
      Holly: All out of candy little girl! (closes door)

    • Holly: Vince, why did you focus on a guy in a mermaid suit?
      Vince: That was a guy, too?

    • Ben: You just need a little push. Like the way Holly pushes me. And pushes, and pushes, and pushes...

    • Vince: Man, look at her! I love Halloween.
      Gary: Uhm, that's a dude.

    • Vince: Tina is so stupid. Holly, if I said that we were going as the Simpsons who would you go as?
      Holly: Jessica Simpson.

    • Lauren: (to Val at the nude ranch) Now you rip off that bra and let those puppies breathe.

    • Lauren: (To Val) You were more fun when you were nude.

    • Val: (at the nude ranch; to Lauren, after she appears naked outside of Val's window, and makes a comment about the weather) Yeah, I see it's a little nippy.

    • Val: What do you know about managing a musician? It takes you an hour to get the plastic off a CD!
      Holly: Val, I swear, I am really good at this! Danielle has an amazing voice, and I'm the one who told her!
      Val: Yeah, well, telling people they can sing is not a career.
      Holly: Yeah, it's a great career when you have great taste, and you know what kind of music's gonna hit. Do you know who Clive Davis is?
      Val: Is he the little friend who talked you into this? Because I will kick his ass!

  • NOTES (4)