What I Like About You

Season 4 Episode 9

Ground-Turkey-Hog Day

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2005 on The WB

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    I was blown away by this episode, so much things happened! What I like About You has finally managed to have a successful arc this season. The writers have been hanging "Lauren talking to the poker guy" over our heads all season up until now. When the arc reaches it's climax. Lauren meets the poker guy, and it turns out to be Rick! Coincidentally on the anniversary of Val & Rick's failed wedding day, which Holly still feels guilty for ruining. When the annulment papers come in the mail, Holly hides then so she doesn't ruing Val's relationship with Vic. Vic has to end up being a participant in a bachelor auction. Val bids for Vic with the help of Holly, but his ex, Bianca out bids Val. When Thanksgiving arrives, everything blows up. Lauren kissing Vic, Bianca finding out that Val & Vic are married. The group dynamic was just the best here. Everyone was hilarious, and just were great as a group, and it reminded me of the old days. Now for the huge eventful occurrence. Val & Vic share a very steamy kiss. They're finally together after months of anticipation and don't forget some annoying cliche scenes. An amazing episode that probably shocked all of us.
  • Excellent episode!!! =D

    I love this episode!!!!! My favorite part was the end when Vic cages Val between his arms and pushes her against the sink and makes out with her XD Loved it! They are so perfect for each other! What was sweet about the kiss, was how Vic didn't want to sleep with her until he did things by the books. He wants to date her, and woo her, and make her love him more before they move on. It was really sweet. I can't believe Lauren's poker man is Rick!!!! OMG!!!!! XD Seeing the expressions on everyone's faces when they saw her making out with him was hilarious! XD
  • I loved this episode!

    It's Thanksgiving! Holly wants Val to spend it with Vic. He goes to a fireman's charity bachelor auction. An old girlfriend of his gets Vic instead of Val getting him. Lauren wants to meet up with her poker man. It turns out to be Rick and they kiss. Gary, Vince, Tina and Holly see them. When Lauren fesses up to Val, she realizes that she's over him. Vic's ex walks out on him after learning that he's married to Val. Val and Vic make out.

    This episode was great! I love Vic and Val together! I sort of like Lauren and Rick together too. This episode gets a 10 from me!