What I Like About You

Season 2 Episode 1

I Love You... Soon

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 11, 2003 on The WB

Episode Recap

Val finds Holly grieving over the loss of their old boss, Vic. They are getting a new boss. Lauren comes in and the three all miss Vic together. Peter, the new boss, shows up. They introduce themselves as they all think he is attractive. Val gets nervous when talking to him.

Holly and Lauren talk in the break room, then Vince comes in and he flirts with Holly. Gary and Henry come in and Henry seems a little intimidated by Vince. He, Holly and Gary are going out and Holly asks if Vince wants to join them. He agrees and the four meet up. Henry tells Gary that he's jealous of Vince. At the office, Peter and Val are setting it up. Peter asks Val out, but she isn't sure. After Vince leaves, Gary tells Holly about Henry's jealousy. Holly accidentally tells Henry that she loves him after trying to explain that Vince is just her friend.

Val and Holly talk about Val's situation with Peter. Holly tells her to go out with him. Henry calls to tell Holly that he loves her. Holly meets up with Hnery and tells him that she's not ready to "I love you" yet. He understands. Val goes out with Peter, but finds out that he's a pig when he tells her that he had an affair with a married woman.

Val thanks Holly for making her go out with Peter because now she's knows he's a jerk. Holly tells Val that she solved her Henry problem by herself, which makes Val think that Holly doesn't need her, but Holly assures her that she still needs her!
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