What I Like About You

Season 2 Episode 1

I Love You... Soon

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 11, 2003 on The WB



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    • Lauren: Hey, bike messenger.
      Vince: I have a name.
      Lauren: (touches Vince's abs) Yeah, don't care.

    • Gary: (to Henry) Listen man, I'm sorry I called you weak and insecure.
      Henry: I still don't find you attractive!

    • Val: I love you so much.
      Holly: Who doesn't?!

    • Holly (to Val): But isn't it so much easier to work with a jerk that you're totally over than working with someone who you're constantly wondering about? (pauses) Go ahead, try to find a hole in that, ain't gonna happen.

    • Holly (to Henry): Who did I spend every single day this summer with? Who did I call every single night before I went to bed? You, you, I love you! (long pause)
      Henry: (slyly) Whaaaat!
      Holly: Nothin'.

    • Holly (to Gary): Maybe if you don't tell me what you know, you'll get my foot in my ass!

    • Val: I am so screwed!

    • Holly: You've been doin' the same bit all summer! You're not getting my chicken!
      Vince (shows his muscular arm): Oh, I think I will!
      Holly: Oh my God! Get out of here! (jabs Vince's arm) Ooh, hard!

    • Holly (to Peter): Hi, I'm Holly. If you need anything, I'm here 24/7.
      Val (whispering): SInce when?
      Holly: Since now!

    • Gary: Yo, what's up, man? You're all over Vince! Laughing at all his jokes, telling him his hair is cool...what's up with that?
      Henry: It's all part of my plan!
      Gary: What, to marry him?
      Henry: To act not jealous! Holly can't know I'm all insecure and jealous! It'll make me look weak!
      Gary: Jealous? C'mon, man, what are you jealous of? (they look at Holly and Vince kidding around)
      Henry: Just... she's always talking about him and how funny he is! You know he gets to see him more than I do! And he's a guy!
      Gary: I'm a guy! You're not jealous of me?
      Henry: I'm sorry... I just don't find you attractive!
      Gary: Whoa! You're jealous and insecure! And I don't like weak men!

    • Holly: Hey Lauren, how was work?
      Lauren: Stupid. How was school? (pours the last bit of coffee into her mug)
      Holly: Stupid. Hey Lauren... isn't it the rule that if you finish the pot, you have to make a new one?
      Lauren: Oh! (pours the coffee from her mug back into the pot)

    • Peter: (eating peanut butter with Val)...and I was thinking that maybe we could go out to dinner sometime?
      Val: (mouth full of peanut butter) Heh, heh. (holds up index finger to signify "hold on") (belches and chokes)
      Peter: I'll... take that as a... yes?

    • Val: (to Peter) ... and I was just thinking that maybe we could... (bumps into the door and screeches) heh, heh! Goosed myself!

    • Peter: Hi, I'm the new boss for this company. Is this my new office?
      Holly: (to picture of Vic) Later, pretty boy! (throws picture away)

    • Lauren: (to magazine with picture of Vic on its cover) Hi there, handsome! (holds it up to her breasts) Ooh! You like?

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