What I Like About You

Season 4 Episode 1

I Want My Baby Back

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 16, 2005 on The WB

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  • Vic instead of Todd

    I read that when Season 4 of "What I Like About You" was being made Luke Perry wasn't available to play the part of Todd, full-time, because he already had a full-time gig on "Windfall". So they had to find someone else from Val's life for her to be involved with and I'm very sure Rick was not going to be one of the choices. So they asked Dan Cortese to return to the role of Vic for Season 4 and Dan accepted. And they made that marrying Todd thing all a dream. They either had to replace Todd or cancel the show on a cliffhanger(which viewers HATE).

    I'm very sure that if Luke Perry had played Todd full-time in Season 4, he would've acted just like Vic. Val would've wanted to get their marriage annulled but Todd would've said that he doesn't want to end this marriage because he feels it was meant to be. After all, in Season 3 it seemed like he had a thing for Val and that this was going somewhere.

    I have to admit that it turned out pretty good using Vic. You know if they really wanted to make it exciting, maybe they should've had Val wake up married to Peter! Now that would've been interesting giving how much Val didn't think highly of him.
  • 401

    Although we did get a few laughs from this episode, the quality was awful. I really did not like this episode. I felt like the writers just threw the past seasons out the window and went a whole different direction. This episode didn't own up to it's cliffhanger last season, after months of waiting, I felt like this episode was just to make the fans happy by getting Holly and Vince together. It was all just fan service. It was extremely annoying that Holly and Vince can all of a sudden set their problems aside and be together after all of the past seasons. The group dynamic didn't work in this episode which is what I used to love most about this show. Probably because everyone was in different places.

    Bringing back Vic so late in the game was also all about fan service. It's like the writers didn't have anyone else left for Val to be with. "Hey remember that guy that Val kissed once in season one, yeah, we should bring him back." The sister dynamic also didn't work at all either. Did anyone everyone forget that this show is about sisters? Did Holly even consider calling Val, after she called Tina 20 times? Nope. Basically this was all a set up for a mediocre season.
  • Holly and Vince are finally a couple!

    This was an amazing episode! Val wakes up to find she's married to Vic. He was in the first season as her boss, but now he's back! This time, as a fireman and Val's husband. She tries to annul the marriage, but he refuses to sign the papers. Meanwhile, Holly travels to Florida in the back of Vince's car. She loses her money and credit cards, and is forced to mooch off of a guy named Jonathan, who is Ricki's brother. At Chili's, there is a big confrontation with Vince and Holly. Holly tells Vince how she feels about him, and when Vince is telling Ricki he's sorry about hurting her feelings, Holly believes he was talking to her. She leaves, and Vince follows her back to the beach. There, they kiss, make up, and finally become a coule.
  • Season 4, Episode 1.

    Wow, good episode. Holly learns she married Vic! Her old boss, Vic! It was hilarious!

    Lauren: You're an adulterer!
    Vic: No I'm not.
    Lauren: Wanna be?

    Haha, I love Lauren. Val tells her that if she tells anyone, she will kill her. You can tell the Florida set was fake! I hated it! The little girl was so annoying. Gary sublet his apartment to two people who were willing to give him $3000. Haha, then he scared Tina saying there was a prowler and he wanted to move into her loft with her. Definitely a well written season premiere. 5 stars out of 5!
  • It was alright.

    Holly is on Vince's car and can't get a hold of Tina. Gary gets two roommates or something for money. Val wakes up to find that marrying Todd was a dream. Instead, she married Vic. Lauren is as shocked as Val. Val wants an annullment, but Vic wants to remain married. Holly tells Vince that she loves him. She thinks it's too late and runs away. Vince goes to her and tells her that he loves her too. They kiss.

    This episode was alright. It was sort of confusing with Todd and Vic switching roles. I'm a little glad that Vince and Holly are togehter, but I still root for Henry and Holly. This episode gets an 8.0 out of 10!
  • hilarious

    This episode was hilarious. As usual, Val is all mature, but still finds a way to screw up. Holly is a totally idiot. Can she go ten seconds without being a hilarious idiot? I'm serious. That Georgia scene was so funny! Drop dead friggin out of this world wild and hilarious! Amanda Bynes waqsn't to good in her own show, but she can do a great sitcom. So she rides in a trunk, right? Forkin weirdo! And Lauren is so friggin funny too. She makes so many stupid idiot jokes, and she helps every part of this show! Good job all, this eppy rocked!
  • Vince and crew get to Florida. Holly follows Vince as much as possible and finally is forced to confront him @ Chiles. She doesnt let him finish talking & runs away. In the final sec. of the episode, we hear what Vince was really saying & they kiss.

    I absolutely love this episode!!!! Fisrt of all, Vince and Holly are the cutest couple ever and even though we all knew that by the end, they would be together, it was still a good one. The whole Val thing was very surprising b/c of all people, she would not be the one to get drunk and get married. ( Personally, I think either Lauren or even Tina if she were older would fit that bill ) It was very cool to bring back Vic. I mean seriously, Vic/Val, that makes for a very cute combonation. This was a very good epsiode.
  • Finalmente, Holly declara su amor a Vince, mientras que Val no se ha casado con el plomero... sino con su antiguo jefe.

    El inicio de la cuarta temporada vemos a Holly que, a pesar de seguir a Vince hasta Atlantic City escondida en la parte trasera del coche, sigue enamorada de el. Por otro lado, Val tuvo un sueño donde esta casada con el plomero. Cuando Lauren la despierta, nota que no tiene anillo alguno en el dedo; sin embrago, aparece su antiguo jefe mencionando que el dia anterior, luego de una noche de copas, se habian casado con un Elvis como juez.
    Holly se encuentra con Vince y Ricky en una cafeteria, y dejandose de penas y tapujos, le confiesa su amor a Vince. El se queda callado, para despues decir que lo sentia. Holly abandona el restaurante con mucha pena.
    Val y su flamante esposo, durante la cena, empiezan a conversar, y Val le pide el divorcio, mostrandole los papeles correspondientes para que se anule aquella locura de una noche. En medio de bromas, no acepta tal peticion, pero termina cediendo a la peticion de Val.
    Por ultimo, mientras vemos a Holly sentada en la mitad de camino, aparece Vince, y le dice que el tambien se encuentra muy enamorado de Holly, y que la ama, pues nunca dejo de pensar en ella.


    El inicio de la cuarta temporada de WILAY no ha sido tan comica como uno hubiera esperado. Ademas, la escenografia donde Holly se encuentra en medio del camino es poco convincente, quiza obtenido de restos de utileria.
    La historia de Val puede ser convincente, el haberse casado por desesperacion. Suponemos que en futuros episodios el matrimonio sera punto de intriga.
    En este capitulo, Gary y Tina tienen una participacion menor, casi inadvertida. La trama no se ha centrado en ellos.
    Sin embargo, la confesion de amor de Holly hacia Vince es lo mejor del episodio. Ademas, la cancion que acompaña las ultimas escenas, asi como el beso entre los dos personajes, le da cierto tono rosa que necesita este tipo de comedias. Ademas, suponemos que no les costara besarse tanto a Amanda Bynes como a Nick Zano, pues han sido (o quiza continuan siendo) novios fuera de las camaras.