What I Like About You

Season 4 Episode 1

I Want My Baby Back

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 16, 2005 on The WB

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    Although we did get a few laughs from this episode, the quality was awful. I really did not like this episode. I felt like the writers just threw the past seasons out the window and went a whole different direction. This episode didn't own up to it's cliffhanger last season, after months of waiting, I felt like this episode was just to make the fans happy by getting Holly and Vince together. It was all just fan service. It was extremely annoying that Holly and Vince can all of a sudden set their problems aside and be together after all of the past seasons. The group dynamic didn't work in this episode which is what I used to love most about this show. Probably because everyone was in different places.

    Bringing back Vic so late in the game was also all about fan service. It's like the writers didn't have anyone else left for Val to be with. "Hey remember that guy that Val kissed once in season one, yeah, we should bring him back." The sister dynamic also didn't work at all either. Did anyone everyone forget that this show is about sisters? Did Holly even consider calling Val, after she called Tina 20 times? Nope. Basically this was all a set up for a mediocre season.