What I Like About You

Season 3 Episode 23

My Boyfriend's Back (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 13, 2005 on The WB

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  • Holly visits Henry in Princeton to talk about her relationship with Vince.

    This episode was amazing!!!!! Val finally goes on her date with Todd, and Holly finally sorts out her feelings for Vince. The conversation Holly and Henry had on the bench in Princeton was hilarious! And the gay moments between Vince and Gary were priceless! Holly finally figures out that she's only running away from her relationship with Vince because she's afraid of what would happen after the relationship isn't perfect anymore. With Henry's help, she realizes that that doesn't matter anymore, and she'll love Vince always. However, when Vince goes to Princeton to get Holly, he hears Henry in his room with his girlfriend (also named Holly) and thinks the worst.
  • Amazing season finale.

    This episode, the end of season 3, which I expected to have Ben's last appearance, but I guess taht's the next episode. Luke Perry reprises his role as Todd in Val's plto , I wonder if tehir relationship wil prgress in to something more. I really hope there is nothing wrong with this guy. Michael Mcmillian reprises his role as Henry. Which made this epsiode awesome. I loved his character. . Holly Tyler (82 episodes, 2002-2006) Wesley Jonathan ... Gary Thorpe (82 episodes, 2002-2006) Jennie Garth ... Valerie Tyler / ... (82 episodes, 2002-2006) Leslie Grossman ... Lauren (67 episodes, 2003-2006) Allison Munn ... Tina Haven (57 episodes, 2003-2006) Nick Zano ... Vince (53 episodes, 2003-2006) Michael McMillian ... Henry Gibson / ... (30 episodes, 2003-2005) David de Lautour ... Ben Sheffield (21 episodes, 2004-2005) Dan Cortese
  • It was great!

    Val calls a doctor on the radio for advice about her love life. He says to go to the man she loves immediately. She visits Henry. Vince is worried when he finds out she went to see Henry. Gary tells him to relax and they go there. Holly went to Henry for advice about why she is so scared of being with Vince. He really helps her out. Henry has a girlfriend named Holly. Vince gets the wrong idea when he sees Holly hugging Henry. Meanwhile, Val sort of likes the plumber. Lauren encourages her to go out with him. They have a nice date to get to know each other. At the end, Val makes out with him. Vince, with Gary's help, realizes that the hug probably didn't mean anything, so he goes to Henry's dorm where he hears "I love you, Holly" and sees them kissing, only what he doesn't know, is that it's Henry's girlfriend, Holly, not Holly Tyler.

    This episode was great! It was so cool seeing Henry again! I loved him! I felt sorry for Vince though. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!

    AMAZING seriously...i don\'t think that there is a show out there that is any better than this one!! it impossible...if you don\'t think so your crazy...and for all you people who think they act gay...maybey you just don\'t show your feeling enough to the people you love! and you need to! so...back to the cheese...i think that they should come out with them on dvd so we can have them at home!! i think that would be really awesome! i dont think i can type 100 words....but im almost there..ok loves thank you for reading this!!!
    love your coolest reviwer
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