What I Like About You

Season 4 Episode 17

Now and Zen

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 2006 on The WB

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    Part one of the series finale of What I Like About You. I have to tell you, part one was quite lacking, just like the rest of the season. Honestly, we didn't even get a full season. You cannot wrap up all your arcs and story lines in eighteen episodes? That's why the last half of the season felt like a rushed mess. Spa Day, something we have seen before. Chaos ensues when the girls are trapped at the spa, and can't get to Val's wedding. Lauren offering junk food to the spa girls was probably the only highlight of this episode, in a comedic sense. Nothing else about this episode was funny to the slightest. Holly complained about Vince, like she did in the last 5 episodes. Val was also freaking out. Just an episode full of whining!

    Robyn makes her move on Vince, which FINALLY got Vince to his senses, and he realized that Holly was right, OBVIOUSLY. The Gary/Vince interaction was not funny, and too played out, and I felt like they were just making up time. The cliffhanger was okay, I just cannot believe they're ending the show like this, it's just sad.
  • When Lauren takes the girls to a spa before the wedding, Robyn makes her move on Vince.

    Well it's about darn time Vince believes Holly was telling the truth about Robyn! It just irritates me to see that it took Robyn making a move on Vince for him to realize he can trust Holly. It was hilarious seeing Gary and Vince say goodbye XD Poor Gary couldn't handle it. As soon as Vince shut the door, Gary had to be hugged and comforted by Vic XD Lauren selling candy bars and snacks to the women at the spa was hilarious! XD I can't believe some paid $20 for a candy bar XD And I can't believe Val might miss her wedding due to the SWAT team locking up the spa.
  • Season 4, Episode 17.

    I loved this episode so much! The Star Wars wedding references were hilarious! Val: You only get married once.
    Lauren: You don't. LMAO! Val is extremely sexy. Jennie Garth is one of the hottest actresses EVER! I like her voice too.

    Val: I'm going to be cutting my wedding cake with a light saber!

    LMFAOOO! That line was hilarious! I liked when Val realized that she was looking for flaws for her whole life. I loved when Gary was pretending to be Holly and kept going on about how Vince didn't trust her, and then he accidentally slapped Vince. LMAO great pre-finale episode! 10/10.
  • I liked it.

    Holly, Tina, Val and Lauren go to a spa getaway. Val had just learned that her wedding is going to be Star Wars themed. She is upset about that. Holly had just said goodbye to Vince. Vince realizes that Holly was right about Robyn after she makes a pass at him. Gary tries to help him out. Holly panics after losing a bracelet that Vince gave her. Lauren sells candy to ladies there. Lauren helps Val realize her problem and Val helps Holly with her problem. The SWAT team comes in and says that no one can leave for a while.

    This episode was good. I loved the part with Gary and Vince where Gary was acting like Holly! That was hilarious! I liked the Star Wars references too! This episode gets an 8.0 out of 10!
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