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What I Like About You

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2002 on The WB
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Episode Summary

When her father accepts a promotion overseas in Japan , high-spirited 16-year-old Holly has no plans to head to Japan with him. She decides she'd rather live in New York city with her "straight-laced" sister, Valerie. In the opener, Holly's attempts to prove herself a perfect roommate backfire when she misinterprets a remark about Feng Shui and rearranges the apartment. To make matters worse, Holly jeopardizes Val's job with a marketing firm when she disrupts a promotional event featuring skateboarder Tony Hawk.moreless

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  • A great start to a great series.

    This was an amazing episode to start off the series. I was laughing through the whole thing. Holly seems to do everything wrong in this episode when she is trying to do it right. Tony Hawk is in this episode! He is amazing as an actor, though he didn't say much. I love how Holly tries to get the skate board then shoe goes to the roof & she exits on the ramp where Tony is skating. That was so funny, when Holly funged up her her apartment, Like when Val was going to bed & runs in to chime, puts her foot in water & had to sleep in the living room. Holly didn't prove herself but Val accepted her offer & that makes her a great sister. A beginning of shenanegans & turbulations of Holly & Val.moreless
  • Great intro!

    Holly's father got a new job in Japan. She doesn't want to go, so when she stays with her sister, she tries behaving in order for her sister to ask her to stay. Unfortunately, she ruins a career oppurtunity for Valerie and fung shways (sp) the whole apartment. Then, she makes Tony Hawk trip. Things don't look good for Holly, but despite all that, Val invites her to stay. There is also Jeff, Val's boyfriend and Gary, Holly's friend.

    This episode was great! It was very funny and very likable. Amanda Bynes is really good! This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!moreless
  • What I Like About You Pilot Eposide

    At the beginning of this season one opening pilot, (Amanda Bynes) Holly Tyler finds out that her dad has been transferred to Japan for his job. Holly doesn't want to have to move again, so she asks her dad if she can move in with her older sister, Valerie. Holly tries to kiss her sister's butt so she can live with her. Holly rearranges Val's furniture in her loft, like Val wanted to, but she hates the way Holly redid her house. Then at Val's party for Tony Hawk's new cologne, Holly accidently flips her skateboard onto a kids balcony. She gets it back, and then she comes up a secret/trap door and she finds out that she is on the ramp where Tony is skating. He crashes, and Val falls down onto him. Then when Val and Holly get back to the loft, Val decides that Holly can live with her. Holly is so happy.

    It was a pretty good show opening. I liked itmoreless
  • The begining

    I didn't start watching What I like About You until the show was off, but I now know how very important this episode was! Holly trys to prove herself as a good, helpful sister but ends up turning Val apartment into a wreck and accedently losses Tony Hawks skateboard. As she is coming to bring it back, she comes up onto the ramp, causeing Tony Hawk to loose control. Her and her sister work it out, ending the begining of WILAYmoreless
  • The episode that started it all.

    I've watched the series since the season 1 episode "Roommates". Of course, I caught "The Pilot" and "Spa Day" on EasyView Sunday, but I had thought that "Roommates" was the Pilot! All-in-all, "Roomates would've mad a great Pilot, but something about this pilot was unique. The characters were introduced, and it was so funny (especially when Amanda pretended to kiss the fat kid!). If they make a DVD of this, they have to add the extended pilot that everybody's talking about. The short-lived character of Jeff was unique, and they need to bring him back in future episodes. Gary is...well...original. He was funny, and he didn't hide anything. Val is very cautious about things, and that's what makes her funny. Holly, the "loose cannon" did whatever she felt like. When Val set boundaries for her, she went out of them. To sum it all up, this was a great series opener, even if you've seen episodes 3 through 22 first!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (29)

    • Holly: Hi! That's my skateboard.
      Boy: No, it isn't. I found it on my balcony.
      Holly: That's because I dropped it off the roof. Where did you think it came from?
      Boy: God?

    • Holly: Wow... your place looks amazing... Wait. There's something different...
      Jeff: I think that picture used to be on that table.
      Valerie: Yeah... actually I liked it better where it was.
      Holly: Ohhh, you have an eye... One tiny move and you opened up the whole room!
      Jeff: Yeah... It's like a cathedral in here now...

    • Holly: Wow! Your hair looks awesome! What did you do to it?
      Valerie: I... brushed it?
      Holly: With what? A magic brush?

    • Valerie: I just can't believe Roberta is finally gone! Not a trace, nothing left of her but that hideous director's chair. And that weird stink of hers. Come here Jeff, you gotta smell this. Come on sniff it. Sniff it!
      Jeff: No, I better not. I gotta drive home later ...

    • Jeff: Hey Val, I got the futon set up for Holly if you wanna get some sheets ... (Val is smiling at a chair) or just keep smiling at the chair cause that doesn't scare me at all ...

    • Jeff: (trying to move Val's mattress back into her room) I have a situation.
      Val: What kind of situation?
      Jeff: "This mattress is kicking my butt" situation!

    • Val: What are you doing?
      Holly: I'm gonna go stay with Nana until Dad gets back.
      Val: You don't have to stay with Nana, okay?
      Holly: No, Val, it's a good thing. I should spend time with her while I still can.
      Val: What does that mean?
      Jeff: Oh no, did Nana get busted?
      Val: It's for glaucoma!
      Jeff: You are so cute.

    • Holly: Gary, do you have any idea what feng shui is?
      Gary: No... but I bet I can swallow it!

    • Gary: (about Val) Why don't you let me talk to her?
      Holly: Why would I do that?
      Gary: Well, because you know she's got a bad case of the "Garys". (chuckles)
      Holly: That's weird, 'cause she thinks your name is Glen.

    • Val: [About a fashion designer] Man, if I could snag a client like her my career would take off like a rocket, bang!
      Jeff: I think you want whoosh. When you're talking rockets, bang is bad.

    • Dad: You remember that Japanese restaurant, Katsu, in the East Village with the tempura that you love?
      Holly: We're going there for dinner?
      Dad: No. We're moving to Japan!

    • Jeff: [To Val who is lying in her bed in the kitchen] Do you want me to get you a night light, or should I just crack the fridge?

    • Holly: I thought you were psyched about not having a roommate.
      Val: I was psyched about not having that roommate, but you don't sit in the dark all day, you don't have hairy pits, you don't invite strange men to sleep over...you don't invite strange men to sleep over.

    • Holly: [To the door] Don't be locked. Don't be locked. Why be locked?

    • Val: This sucks!
      Holly: That's what I said, well in my head. I still have to pay dad a dollar everytime I say "suck."
      Jeff: You have to pay a him a dollar for saying "suck"?
      Val(ignoring Jeff): I'm gonna call him. He can let go one promotion.
      Holly: No! Dad's been working really hard for this!
      Jeff: So, if you say, "a baby sucks his thumb," you have to pay a dollar?

    • Holly: Oh, I'm just playing a little game. It's called getting killed by the elevator while Gary does nothing!

    • Holly: Hey, what's my bra doing under here? (looks at bra) Hello! Not my bra!

    • Holly: I gotta kiss a whole new level of butt!

    • Holly(presses her fingers to boy's mouth): Mmmmmwhah!
      Boy: Holy!
      Holly: I know, blows your mind, doesn't it?

    • Holly: We can stay up all night watching old movies like we used to!
      Val: Yes, absolutely!
      Holly: We can go shopping in SoHo!
      Val: Every weekend!
      Holly: We can go to the east village and get matching tattoos!
      Val: Oh, not a chance in hell!

    • Holly: I'm more mature now. Eww, gross, underpants!

    • Gary: (to Holly) I don't want you moving to Japan! Have you seen their trees? They're like yea big!

    • Holly: Stupid dog! Chokes on broccoli, but has no trouble licking himself!
      Gary: There's one thing I'm good at: swallowing stuff, like circus good! Seriously, when I was five, I swallowed my Mr. Potato Head's legs, arms, and both noses! And let me tell you: swallowing it was the easy part!

    • Val: (about Roberta) Remember how she would sit in that chair for hours wearing her depressing black clothes and hating pop culture? (imitates Roberta) "I'm Roberta, Spielberg sucks!"
      Jeff: God, film students ruin everything!

    • Holly: (hears dog choking) He can have broccoli, right?

    • Jeff: (about Lisa Lillien) She was the hit of Milan, and her new spring line is shaking things up all across Europe!
      Val: Hey, you read my People magazine!
      Jeff: Yeah and Demi Moore is adjusting quite nicely to life outside the spotlight!

    • Valerie: Is that my bed? In the kitchen?
      Holly: It's the only place it would face north!

    • Valerie: Are we dead?
      Jeff: If we are, do we still have to watch "Riding In Cars With Boys"?

    • Val: Hi... and also what the hell?
      Holly: I feng shuied the apartment!

  • NOTES (12)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: August 30, 2010 on TV Nova

    • In Latin America, the show is known as "Las Travesuras De Mi Hermana", which means "My Sister's Madness".

    • This is the only episode that Peter Scolari plays Holly and Val's dad. Toward the end of the series their dad is played by Barry Bostwick.

    • Jennie Garth and her fellow 90210 castmate Tiffani Thissen have something in common. They first both played a character named Kelly then played a character named Valerie.

    • Before this show, Jennie Garth {Val} starred for 10 seasons on one of the Fox networks most popular drama ever "Beverly Hills 90210" as Kelly!

    • This show will have two ratings throughout the first season. TV-PG or TV-G. The reasons for the TV-PG ratings are: D (dialogue) or L (language).

    • This was the most- watched episode of the series.

    • This series was originally thought of in 2001, and (this episode) was finally filmed in April of that same year.

    • In the original script of the series, Gary was meant to be a Caucasian male (in the mold of Tony Hawk). However when Wesley Jonathan won the role, his race was changed.

    • These are all of Season 1's episode in production order:
      1. Pilot
      2. Roomates
      3. Spa Day
      4. Holly's First Job
      5. Cool Older Sister
      6. The Teddy Bear
      7. The Parrot Trap
      8. Thanksgiving
      9. Takini
      10. Copy That
      11. The Party
      12. The Other Woman
      13. Girl's Night Out
      14. The Cheerleading Incident
      15. The Game
      16. Valentine's Day
      17. The Breakup
      18. Dude, Where's Val's Car?
      19. Loose Lips
      20. The Fix-Up
      21. The Talk
      22. Tyler v. World

    • Deleted scenes:
      1. In the opening scene, Holly and her dad discuss whether or not Jackie Chan is Chinese or Japanese.
      2. Val and Jeff dicuss about their freedoms now that Roberta is gone.
      3. Jeff talks about how his favorite bird is the woodpecker.
      4. Holly hangs from the balcony during the skateboard incident scene and she tries to mentally will the skateboard to come back.
      5. During the "fake kiss" scene, Holly imagines herself in a school in Japan.
      6. Val stalls the Tony Hawk skateboarding presentation by talking about the "Tony Cologne."
      7. Jeff finds shrimp in Val's hair while Jeff is moving the mattress.

    • Taped April 9, 2002 in Burbank, California.


    • Jackie Chan
      Jackie Chan is a Hong Kong martial artist, actor, director and stuntman. He is one of the most recognized names in kung fu movies worldwide, known for his comic, acrobatic fighting style and use of improvised weapons. Jackie stars in over a hundred movies.

    • Stephen Spielberg
      Steven Spielberg is an American film director whose films range from science fiction to historical drama to horror. He is noted for the patriotism of his work and, in recent years, for his willingness to tackle controversial issues. One consistent theme in his work is the abuse of others, whether it's a father abusing his children (physically or verbally), or capitalism or a government agency abusing an entire class of people. Spielberg is arguably the most financially successful motion picture director of all time. He has helmed an astounding number of feature films that have become enormous box-office hits, and this has given him incomparable influence in Hollywood.