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  • Amanda Bynes - sweet and innocent character

    I really love the Holly and Val sisterhood! that's why What I Like about You has turn out to be the number one on my list when it comes to teen show. I also miss the Amanda Bynes I used to watch before and this show reminds me the innocent and sweet Amanda! Hope she'll come back like what we used to know of her. I bought a DVD copy of this show at memorylanedvd .com which is a really good set - the quality of both audio and video are way better than watching this show on screen years ago! All I can say is, it's good to watch this show again. reminds me of the good old days!
  • cute show

    What I Like about was one of my favorite TV shows before and I must admit that I have become hooked watching it every week. Holy and Val were simply awesome and really hilarious. I used to remember that this is a great start for Amanda Bynes career back then. I really do miss watching this show and as an enthusiastic fan, I've always longed for having a complete DVD collection of this TV series. I take a look on those different websites. There are lots of them but I take a deep research and read some reviews on some of them. I choose to buy this series at memorylanedvd .com . DVDs were shipped promptly and the quality is great! The DVD set I received has all the complete episodes and I'm fully happy because I can watch this funny show all over again.
  • What I like about you

    I really actually liked this show.
  • 10th Anniversary, but season 1 is way better...

    I used to like this show back in 2002-2003 (Season 1) because of Amanda Bynes. But after season 1, the show went downhill very fast. Simon Rex, who played Jeff, left the show for no reason. Wesley Johnathan, who played Gary, was better actor than the girls. As a matter of fact, both Simon and Wesley were considered the best. Season 2 to Season 4 became corny when increasing topics on sex and vulgar and bad jokes. I'm glad this series ended at its 86th episode when that happens. I think Wesley Johnathan can star in a new series since he has better acting and jokes.
  • Too cliche, too corny, not a great show.

    I am a fan of Jennie Garth, but not in this show! This show is too corny, too cheesy, too cliche, too boring! You know what's going to happen before it happens. I find myself rolling my eyes more during this show than I ever have in my life. The jokes aren't funny. The acting isn't funny or good. This show is a waste of time! How it lasted four years I don't even know. The whole Vince and Holly thing is played out! Everything they do is so cliche and so already done a million times. Nothing on this show is realistic! How did Val afford her apartment for a year when her business went way south? How can she keep her bakery afloat when there seems to be almost no customers and everything is boring?
  • Not bad.

    I think this is a show in which the base needed more work. The characters were okay, but the acting was just sub-par and average. Again, not bad acting, just mediocre. The best part of the show was Amanda Bynes. She was actually a decent actress and she was kind of hot. I guess I never cared much for the show because I consider myself an acting buff. The worst part of the show had to be the storylines and the revolving door of angles on the show. Overall, not a bad show, but just a show that was average at best. Thank you.
  • Meh, its not any good, its almost a Friends rip-off.

    What I like about you is about two sisters that are roommates, and they get into fights. They make up, and wonder why the fight in the first place. They also talk with their friends about who they slept with, or who are they going to sleep with. Its kinda of gross and stupid, and a total rip-off of Friends. This show is annoying, its even more annoying because most of the character voices are speaky. You wouldn't want to watch it.
  • I'm not going to lie but What I Like About You was just a mediocre comedy show that was not interesting at all. The comedy was too thought out and the storylines were too complicated and kind of boring. There's a reason it got canceled.

    When I first watched this show it was just for boredom because I had nothing to watch. I did get into it but as the seasons progressed it got boring, too thought out, and it seemed like these two wonderful actresses are barely getting acting lessons. I did like all the season but as I said they are just to have something to watch when there is nothing. The storylines were really weird. They kept on changing love interests ever other episode and that made it seem really dumb and boring. Now they are showing re-runs almost everywhere but there is a reason it didn't get its fifth season because it didn't catch the eye of many viewers. At least they tried.
  • Series about two sisters living together in a loft in New York.

    This is one of my favorite shows and I can't seem to write a better summary XD Now that's sad XD Anywho, I just started watching this show a couple of weeks ago, but it's already found a special place in my heart. The series is about two young woman who are living together because their dad moved to Japan. Val is the oldest, Holly is the youngest. Holly, being the teenager, runs across dilemmas normal teenagers face; such as school, jobs, conflicts with friends, sister fights, and, of course, boys. Val, being a young woman in her twenties or early thirties, deals with jobs, coworkers, and men. Together, with help from their friends, they deal with their problems and work to create a better life for themselves.
  • It's gone a little downhill but hey, it's still good.

    I used to enjoy what i like about you alot and i have watched it whenever it came on. After a little while it started getting a little boring but still, Most the episodes are intresting and funny when they air. I usally only watch it now when the older episodes air. Although a couple newer ones are not half bad. Although i don't "Enjoy" or "Love" The show like a lot of people. I still think it would be a great example of a funny, And cool show sometimes. What i like about you, However, Is a unique title i like how they picked it. What i like about you is still a great show.
  • What I Like About You is one of personal favorites.

    What I Like About You is a cool comedic show to watch when you need a laugh.Also has verytalented and good actors on the show.It shows what happen in the majuerity of everyday teens life and it will leave you with a smile on your face.The creators of the show really thought into putting comedy with teenage situations.The show is also cool because you see thea actors grow up.Iam also happy to know iam one of the very few to review What I Like About You on tv.com.Thank you for reading my review on your time on tv.com.GOOD BYE TV.COM.
  • Improper language used

    I was changing channels trying to find something for my 3yr old son to watch. The Noggin channel is one of our favorite channels for educational and fun entertainment. This show was on, and not 2minutes into it, I heard the main character use a word I don't feel is appropriate for children to hear. A**-was the word, and she spoke it to a child on the show-saying she "would kick her a**". Children repeat a lot of what they hear. And I believe the show would be just fine without such language incorporated in it. Thank you. I probably won't watch this show seeing as how this is how you wish your characters to be portrayed. No matter how good this show may be to other people. Without language, it would be just fine.
  • Sisters move in together, Holly(Amanda Bynes)& Val(Jennie Garth). Val is a neat & orgainized freak while Holly is a free & sometimes troublesome teenager,like any family there are fights,broken hearts,& misunderstandings. Best part is the sisterly love.

    This was the best show for Amanada Bynes, she was able to use her comedy chops and her down to earth personality. As for all us Beverly Hills 90210 fans we got to see Jennie Garth in a new and comedic role and fall in love with her all over again. Both Val and Hollys best friends (Lauren and Gary) are the yin to their yang and make the show even more rounded. I personal love this show and have all 4 seasons, its a good pick me up on a blue day:)(even though there is a few episodes that might make you cry) Happy Watching:P
  • In this show, two sisters live together in New York. Together they learn what it takes to have great friends and romance.

    I love this show. I have been watching it all summer, and it is soooo good. Holly is such a doll, she has a great spunk about her. Vince is my favorite cuz he is sooo hot and sweet. Holly and Vince are sooo cute together. I enjoy watching as their relationship comes together, and that their love is real and enduring. I think that Val is so pretty and funny in a cute way. I feel bad for her as she goes through all those hard relationships to find the right one. I am glad that she finally found someone who will stay with her no matter what. Gary is also very funny and such a good friend to everyone.
  • Good Comedy

    The characters in What i Like About You are hilarious! I absolutely adore Holly (Amanda Bynes), Val (Jennie Garth) and Vince (Nick Zano). They always make the show a great hit! :) I like seasons 3 and 4 the most and I wish that they kept adding new episodes because I feel like the story can always go on. It's also really great because at the end of every episode you feel hooked to see the next one. The show is absolutely amazing and I can easily say that I'm obsessed with it. I can't miss a single episode, even if I watched it before. I strongly recommend this show to anyone who loves comedies about love, friendship and sisterhood. It rocks!!!!!!
  • "What I Like About You" was a great, light situation comedy. The only problem was how it ended. It didn't do justice to the Vince & Holly relationship. Also, it was ended too soon. It could've become a long running show.

    The show had a good routine, with how stories unfolded & were resolved. The journey was the reward & each character developed. The writing, the style of the show with its music, wardrobe, scenery, etc. Everything was of the time, & relevant, progressing with a fun unoverbearing way of teaching viewers a valuable lesson. It celebrated girl power, honesty, communication, friendship, family, being reponsible, being entrepreneurial, & never giving up on dreams. It did have a cheesy factor, a sweetness and pallpable messages. Its growth was tunted by its discontinuation for anothr season. It was one of the ast great American sitcoms. It could've gone on for a long time, to the point where Holly and Val have families, careers, & closure, wih all their friends likewise settled & content. What a great loss. Simple you ay think, but why does TV need another heavy piece of superficial tv?
  • What I Like About You... I miss it! :(

    Val Tyler and Holly Tyler were the people I counted on to cheer me up on Friday nights. Now I'll have to settle on reruns. :( What I Like About You always cracked me up. The original characters (Val, Holly, Gary, and Jeff) were awesome. I loved Val and Jeff's relationship and it was neat to see Val's reactions to Gary's crazy attempts at getting her to like him back. The newer characters (Tina, Vince, Henry, and Vic) were okay. I never really felt the connection between them as much as the original four, but they were funny anyway. I thought Gary and Tina's relationship was interesting--a love/hate relationship. Vince had some funny lines, and Henry, too. Vic helped Val break out of her 'I'm scared to commit' shell, which I thought was really cool. All in all, awesome show! I love it and I wish it would come back!
  • What I Like About You is a hillarious show about an unruly teen, named Holly Tyler, living with her sister, Valerie, in New York City. The show shows all the dramas of being a teen in a hillarious way.

    Man! Do I love this show! It's great! I just recently started watching it but I already can't get enough of it! Even though I'm not supposed to watch it I do! I just can't get enough of What I Like About You! It's one of my favorite shows ever! It'll make you laugh one minute... then the next it'll make you feel really bad for the characters. I've only seen 10 episodes but heck! I liked it from the start! If only WB would bring it back. Cause they seriously should! What I Like About You is the best show ever!
  • WILAY was great in the beginning!

    What I Like About You is a story of two sisters, Val and Holly. They deal with life and friends and things like that. Holly's best friend is Gary and Val's best friend is Lauren. Val dates Jeff, and then dates Peter, and then Rick, and finally Vic. A guy for each season. Holly dates Henry first, then has feelings for Vince, and then comes back from Europe with Ben and then goes back to Vince. Tina is Holly's female best friend. Basically this show is about friends and girlfriends/boyfriends.

    This is a really funny show, especially in the beginning. In season one, it was really good and seemed like a typical Dan Schneider show! After season 2, things really changed. The cast grew and the setting was completely different. I like this show all 4 seasons, but it really did go downhill. I would rank the seasons in order as they aired. The best being season one and the worst being season four. All in all, it's a funny show with great characters! This show gets an 8.5 from me!
  • It was kinda ok...

    I did enjoy this show! It had a great cast who brought the characters to life and there was a lot of funny and off center humor going on and that's what made the show great BUT...There are a lot of things that need fine-tuning! The romance for one thing, went back and forth and was completely cliche and predictable. I did get sick of watching it after awhile when I realised that the plot was revolving in circles at one stage. It was interesting to see the journey of one girl in the big city without the "Felicity" feel - it was casual and fun a common little man story! It was entertaining, predictable and I kinda like it!
  • I am not sure what to say. Only thing I have to say is watch it.

    Ok once I start watching the show my eyes are glued to the t.v. If you dont watch this show go on www.youtube.com and watch it. or if you cant do that watch abc fam at 3pm central time. If you cant do that either you really need to find away to watch what i like about you. So yeah that is basically everything. All most all the kids in my school watch this show. It is hilarious, romantic (not to romantic.) And Amanda Bynes acts like a little kid, even though she plays a character who is like 20 or so.
  • It's a really nice show! :] Even though there are some down sides to it.

    i love this show!
    i watched it all the way through, everyday after school was over.
    too bad it ended on the wedding. well, it is a good place to end, but i wanted to see if they'll have children or what not.

    i like the actors, they played pretty good and they knew what to do.
    it was perverted at the same time :|
    but i dont really mind.

    it's just like a drama series but more outgoing i guess..

    it was kind of corny at times and the same things happen again and again.
    sometimes holly just acted like this wannabe girl or something.

    but overall it was good!
  • You really need to bring this show back!

    What I Like About You is a really good show. If this show doesn't come back then I have to find a different show that I will watch everyday. It would be nice if we could see what was going to happen after Val and Vic got married. Also after Holly and Vince got back together. I wish we could have seen what would happen. If this comes back I would be in my room a lot more. This was a wonderful show to watch. I really enjoyed it. I hope it will come back. The only thing is I don't think it will come back because it's been 2 years and they haven't yet put it back on. I wish this show would come back on!
  • Funny.

    "What I Like About You" is a great comedy that now airs on ABC Family at 4 o'clock eastern time on weekdays. I don't watch it that much anymore. I watched it during its run and when it first came on ABC Family but it just got old to me and I stopped watching it everyday. I guess just because I was tired of sitcoms. It is pretty funny ill give it that. its not one of my favorite shows but it's still good. it just gets old fast. I have 3 episodes on my iPod and I've only watched it like 2 times. It's an ok show.
  • What I Like About You is the perfect example of a comedy gone drama. That is known as a Dramedy. Well the show has great people and great characters, and even though this show wasn't LOST popular, buts hell it's in my top.

    Amanda Bynes is a great character who became the **** sister of Jennie Garth. Valerie and Holly are the perfect sisters and the perfect actresses portray them. What I Like About You didn't have guest stars like Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston, but it was a great show. Even though it only lasted 4 seasons, it has a great plot and a great a great example of how two actresses know that to have professional sister chemistry. This show wasn't that popular like FRIENDS or LOST, but it is a great show. What I Like About You isn't in the TOP shows of the century, but it's on my top.
  • This show is the best. I like the fact that Amanda Bynes(my newest idol)is on it. Its about the free-sprited women who moved in with her sister. She has many rules to follow before she kicks back and says that its her house.

    Holly Tailer(Amanda Bynes),moves in with her sister Val Tailer. The two sisters have many roads to go through before they can get used to each other. The two sisters are the oppisite. Holly is really energetic and the free-whelling sister, while Val is the neat picky perfectionist. Holly has two best friends Gary and Tyna. They are with her through thin and thick. Holly has had many relationships including with Henry,Ben,and Vince. Vince is her real boyfriend and she has really admitted to him that she loves him. She even got her first time with him(sex). In the first episode Holly brakes one of the biggest rules in Val's loft. She was not allowed to go into the rooms with friends without any consoless. She did it anyway, and Karma found her and ate her. She felt so guilty that she gave herself up and ended up even intending to go to Japan with her father. Val stopped her because both sisters love each other very much. Even if they drive each other up the wall.
  • why do i need a summary....everyone knows what this show is about:)

    great show....however i am in GREAT NEED of finding something from this show and out of all the sites related to the show this is the only one with recent reviews or activity...i am looking for a picture of amanda bynes when she was gonna be in Val's wedding to her high school sweetheart...not Vic....i'm getting married in a few months and i absolutely LOVED how Holly's hair was pulled back and curled at the ends and i need a picture or a screen shot or something to show my hair stylist...i also looked all over google and the web for a picture of this but found no luck. if for some reason this episode was in season one (which i dont think it was) if someone could let me know cuz i will GLADLY buy the whole season!! but im almost certain it wasnt season one....
  • Like "Reba", this is another one of my favorites.

    I love this show...the writers did a great job and the acting is great too. This is a nice family
    show, that can entertain the entire family. I never get get tired of watching this show. The teenager comes out of me when I watch this show, and I laugh. I love shows that make you just laugh, and it is a silly kinda fun show that I never get sick of. I enjoy the reruns over and over again and will continue to. There is usually a nice moral to the story, as you are entertained. Good show ! ! !
  • Well this show is about Holly and Val who are sisters. There dad moves to japan so holly has to live with her uptight sister val. Val and Holly get in to mant funny sitiations with boyfriends and obstacles. I love this hilarious comedy you will to!!!!

    This show is hilarious why did they cancell it it was so stupid of the director or whoever it was they should put it back on it rocks. Val and Holly are so funny i wish i had a relationship with my sister like that. I rush home every day to see this show on abc family I just die out laughimg all the time. It is just the funniest show i have ever seen. I no i have said this alot but i hope they bring this show back it just kills me. Well i hope evryone liked my review i no it wasn't that good but i tryed peace.
  • So funny

    I first watched it because i really like jennie Garth, so i was happy to see her again. and i really liked the show, it's really funny. Amanda is such an amzingly funny girl, she cracks me up. i think the show got better with the seasons and i was sad it ended, it's really too bad. Holly and Val were an amazing team and i gladly watch it again every time it's on tv. what also had me squeed to no end was !luke perry guest starring, that was sooooooooooo good!!! i was really happy about that.
    i liked the last episode although i dont think it was the best finale ever, at least Val got her dream guy/wedding.
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