What I Like About You

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2002 on The WB
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As Val struggles in adjusting to Holly's boisterous presence and carefree attitude, she decides that it's time to break out the "Good Roommate Chart"--a plan of attack that will hopefully help Holly develop some better habits as a roommate. Holly does her very best to abide by these new rules, but when she and Gary must enter Val's bedroom for a moment, it flares into a huge mess that leaves Holly fearing that she should start packing her bags. Meanwhile, Val is itching for some "alone time" with Jeff, but with her younger sister wreaking unintentional havoc around the apartment, privacy was never in shorter supply!moreless

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  • Holly has to make sacrifices so she can stay with Val.

    I like this episode because it shows how Val is so neat & clingy. Like the blue section in her closet. The weird obsession of stuffed animals, the G.R.C & G.B.C that Jeff & Holly have to follow, again when she wants to do everything right (Holly) she ends up doing everything wrong, the DVD in the machine wasn't even "The Matrix" it was the "Ya-Ya Sisters" which sucks because they practically destroyed everything to get that DVD, I love Holly's face when Val & Jeff are about to do etc.! Then she collapses, I like how Val at the end agreed to keep her no matter what, Also when Holly spits on Val's tooth brush, that's hilarious.moreless
  • Loved it!

    Holly starts getting on Val's nerves as she messes up her morning routine and borrows her sweater without asking and then has Gary in her room while they watch the Matrix. After a friend calls Holly at 1 AM, Val says that she is not happy. The next day, Val gives Holly a GRC (aka: Good Roommate Chart). Holly wants to follow everything in order to stay with Val. Gary comes by and wants to get his Matrix movie out of Val's room. Reluctantly, Holly lets him. Val and Jeff come home, thinking they're alone, and they go into her room to have a romantic time together while Holly and Gary are hiding. Holly, who is on top of the bed, falls on Jeff. Val assures her that she won't make her move.

    This episode was great! It was funny and clever! I give this episode a 10 out of 10!moreless
  • What I Like About You Roomates

    In this episode, Val gets mad at Holly for going into her room, and messing things up. Holly and Gary first go into Val's room and watch the Matrix. Then Val makes a Good Roomate Chart so that Holly doesn't do anything againist her rules, or to make her mad. Then Gary goes into Val's room while Val isn't there to get his dvd. Holly ends up getting the wrong dvd, The Yaya sisterhood, and she makes the shelf with Val's stuffed animals fall down. Gary and Holly have to try to put all of the animals back in the right places before Val gets there. While they are in Val's room, Val and Jeff come home and they go into her bedroom. Holly is laying on the top of the bed, and it falls while Jeff is on the bed. Val gets really mad at Holly, but soon after they make up, and they start getting everything into a good order, so they can work together properly.

    I thought that this one was funny and good, because Holly was trying to be a good roomate for Valerie.moreless

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    • Jeff: (about the chart that Val gave to Holly) What's that?
      Holly: It's the GRC: The Good Roommate Chart.
      Jeff: Oh yeah. She gave me the GBC: The Good Boyfriend Chart. It was issued to me after a very unfortunate "pull my finger" incident.
      Holly: I heard.

    • Gary: Holly, I've got to get that DVD. It's really important.
      Holly: Why?
      Gary: Well, because I promised Patricia Franks that I would give it to her when I saw her tonight, and maybe I could even weasel my way into watching it with her, if you know what I mean.
      Holly: Do you know what you mean?
      Gary: (pause) No.

    • Val: Now, is there anyone else in my room I should know about?
      Gary: I believe I hear Barry White.

    • Val: It's like cleaning the drain in the shower and knowing that it's all mine.
      Jeff: Not that it matters, but how much hair are you losing?

    • Holly: (to Val) Please, your closet could kick any other closet's butt! If closets had butts and stuff.

    • Val: Are you gonna hug me like this every morning?
      Holly: No, sometimes I'm gonna hug you LIKE THIS! (gives Val a stronger hug)

    • Val: (when Holly's on the phone with someone at 1:00 in the morning) Is it about Nana?
      Holly: (on phone) Which hospital?
      Val: Nana's in the hospital?!?!?!?
      Holly: St. Luke's?
      Val: St. Luke's! Okay, okay. Holly, you go get dressed, I'll run downstairs and get us a cab. Where are my keys? Have you seen my keys?!?!
      Holly: (to Val) Where are you going?
      Val: To visit Nana in the hospital.
      Holly: Nana's in the hospital?!?!?!
      Val: Isn't that......didn't you just.....who are you talking to?
      Holly: My friend Liz. She was at the hospital today, she thought she saw Gwen Stefani, so she went up to her, and it totally wasn't her! (to Liz on the phone) You are so lame! (looks at Val, who is not very happy) Gotta go. (hangs up)
      Val: So you just scared me half to death because your friend saw not Gwen Stefani? That's a reason to pull me out of bed at 1:00 in the morning?
      Holly: (sheepishly) She really looked like Gwen Stefani.

    • Jeff: What were you guys doing in there, man?
      Gary: I went in to get my movie!
      Jeff: You like this movie?
      Gary: I love that movie! I'm like obsessed with it! It's one of those movies where I'm like, man, I would love to be one of those characters!
      Jeff: You wanna be one of the Ya-Ya Sisters?
      Gary: No, no! I went in to get "The Matrix," man...this must be Val's.
      Jeff: You want free cheesecake for a year?
      Gary: Sure!
      Jeff: Make it disappear!

    • Jeff: Holly hasn't left for school yet, huh?
      Val: It's Saturday!
      Jeff: (looks at his PDA) It isn't 2006, either, is it?! Stupid Palm Pirate!
      Val: Isn't it called Palm Pilot?
      Jeff: Not if you buy it off a guy in a van!
      Val: Same guy who sold you the Rulex?

    • Jeff: Give it some time. It's like Sandra Bullock said in "Ya-Ya Sisterhood": 'I'll learn what you like and you'll learn what I like and everything will be fine'."
      Val: Sandra Bullock never said that!
      Jeff: Yeah she did! Maybe you weren't paying attention!
      Val: When?
      Jeff: In that scene in the middle where.... where... oh, please don't make me watch it again!

    • Jeff: You guys aren't fighting, are you? I know how sisters can be.
      Val: You have two brothers.
      Jeff: But I have seen "Ya-Ya Sisterhood"!
      Val: That's about a mother and a daughter! Weren't you paying attention at all?
      Jeff: Yeah... Please don't make me watch it again!

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    • The Matrix
      A sci-fi movie about a computer hacker who learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against the controllers of it.

    • Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
      A movie about a mother named Vivi and her daughter Sidda who get in an argument because Vivi believs that Sidda's answers during their interview were not good. Then, Sidda is then kidnapped by the Ya-Ya's, who are Vivi's friends since she was a young girl. As Sidda learns secrets of her mother's past, she learns to accept her mother more.