What I Like About You - Season 2

The WB (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • 5/7/04

    Holly is elated when she is accepted for an internship in Paris but when Henry and Vince each kiss her before she leaves she knows the time has come to decide between them. In order to distract her from Rick's upcoming wedding, Val books a trip to Venice with Lauren, but when Val gets sick and has to cancel, she is pleasantly surprised when a still-single Rick shows up at her doorstep. Meanwhile, it could be a summer of love for Gary and Tina when they have their second kiss.

  • The Anti-Prom
    Episode 21
    When Holly and Tina don't have dates to the prom, they are upset, so they decide to throw an Anti-Prom, with no decorations, no dresses, and no prom king or prom queen. Everyone who doesn't have a date shows up, but when Henry comes with Kate, Holly is heartbroken. Meanwhile, Val doesn't know what to do when she gets an invitation to Rick and Julie's wedding. She tries to look at the post mark to see if it was sent before Julie's "no contact" rule, but the postmark is smudged.moreless
  • Rollin' in It
    Episode 20
    When Holly receives $2,000 from her grandmother for her 18th birthday, she decides to blow it on a lavish hotel suite.
  • The Big Picture
    Episode 19
    Val meets Rick's fianceé when he and Julie come to dinner. Julie finds out that she and Rick are not as compatible as she thought they were. Meanwhile, while writing an essay that could get her a summer internship in Paris, Holly forgets to save it, and it gets deleted. She asks Henry for help and he agrees, which causes him to miss out on meeting his idol Bill Joy and receiving $10,000 in cash. Holly questions the breakup between her and Henry.moreless
  • The Interview
    Episode 18
    Val and Holly prepare all week for Holly's interview to get into Columbia University. The day before the interview finally comes, when Vince announces that he can invite as many friends as he wants to go to Coney Island with him to test out the new rides there. Holly skips the interview and tries to reschedule when she learns that the earliest opening is Tuesday, March 15th, 2005. Meanwhile, Lauren considers ending her relationship with Brad 'the doctor'.moreless
  • 2/13/04
    Holly is puzzled by Vince's recent antagonistic behavior toward her until she learns the truth about why he was so brusque with her. And Val tries to sort out her feelings toward Rick.
  • 2/6/04
    When Holly and Tina are shopping at F&A (Gary's new workplace), Holly meets Greg, Gary's manager. Greg asks Holly out on a date, and she accepts, just to make Vince jealous. Everyone decides that they're going to Holly's house to see a lunar eclipse, and that's when everyone's true feelings come out.moreless
  • Sky Rink Sucks
    Episode 15
    Holly and Vince try to be friends again by throwing a surprise birthday party for Gary's 18th birthday. When Holly and Vince run into Jill (Gary's girlfriend) at the diner, who is supposed to be in Paris. They find out that for six months, Jill was really in New York! Holly and Vince argue whether or not to tell Gary about Jill-especially on his birthday. Meanwhile, Rick and Val keep visiting each other, and Lauren keeps bragging about her new boyfriend-who is a doctor!moreless
  • Your Cheatin' Heart
    Episode 14
    Holly tries every attempt to find out if Henry has a new girlfriend so she can go after Vince. It turns out that Henry has moved on. When Holly goes to Vince's, she finds something she wasn't expecting. Meanwhile, Val and Lauren run into Rick (Val's ex-boyfriend) while they are at the diner. They make lunch plans, and reminisce on old times.moreless
  • The Hospital
    Episode 13
    In this episode, Holly sends a fake package to someone to see Vince. They say hi and then Vince leaves quickly. When he is on his bike, a car runs into him and he has to go to the hospital. Holly, Val, Lauren, and Tina go to the hospital to see him. Holly sees Vince. Meanwhile, Val and Lauren meet a handsome doctor.moreless
  • 1/9/04
    Holly and Gary's friendship is put to the test when Holly asks Gary to meet her with Henry at the movies. Meanwhile, after discovering that she ate seven Mounds bars and woke up with chocolate cake in her cleavage, Val decides it's time to go on a no-sugar diet, with Lauren as her partner.moreless
  • Regarding Henry
    Episode 11
    After Henry overhears Holly discussing their rocky relationship with Val, he quickly takes off and ignores all her phone calls. Afraid that she has lost Henry for good, Holly scours the city looking for answers while Val--who is angry at Holly for disregarding her advice to give Henry some space--refuses to help.moreless
  • The Odd Couple
    Episode 10
    When Henry moves out of his parents' apartment because of a disagreement between him and his dad he moves into Vince's apartment, making Holly feel confused because she thinks she has feelings for Vince also. Meanwhile, Lauren gets Val to go with her to a speed dating place to find Val and boyfriend.

  • When Henry is away at Princeton, Holly realizes that she loves him, and will go at any length to tell him in person. But things go wrong when Holly takes a train to Princeton, and Henry takes the train to Holly's house. Meanwhile, while on a business trip, Val winds up getting the hotel room next door to Peter's, and they wind up kissing.moreless
  • 10/30/03
    Holly and Tina plan a girls' night out, while Henry and Gary plan a boys' night out. Vince sees Holly and Tina at the diner and hooks them up with free front row tickets to The Strokes' concert. Henry tells Holly that he has tickets to the strokes, but they have a partially obstructed view. Holly wants to tell Henry how she got her tickets, but he says he stood in line for 12 hours waiting for his tickets. Meanwhile, when Val finds out that Peter is number 2 on the "New York's 10 Most Eligible Bachelors" list. Lauren sets Val and Peter up by forging a letter requesting tickets to the party.moreless
  • 10/23/03
    When Tina's boyfriend Cal gets a condo up in the mountains, the gang makes plans to go away for the weekend on a ski trip. But when Tina and Cal have a fight, the ski trip gets canceled. Holly gets mad because she really wanted to go on the trip, but when Cal says everyone but Tina can go, Holly decides she wants to go. Tina takes her anger out on Holly because she invited Vince, when she knows Henry will be there. Meanwhile, Val and Lauren get into a fight because Lauren's new boyfriend likes Val better and invites her out for drinks. Holly decides that being with her best friend is more important than skiing with Henry, Vince, Gary, and Cal, so she cancels on the gang and spends the weekend with Tina.moreless
  • 10/16/03
    Val accuses Holly of spending more time with Vince than Henry when Vince helps her set up Val's barbeque on the terrace. Holly and Vince fall asleep, and Holly wakes up in Vince's arms. Although it seems (to Val and everyone else) that they had sex, Holly assures them that they didn't, and she realizes that she has feelings for Vince.moreless
  • 10/9/03
    When Holly learns that Henry has already lost his virginity she is shocked. She and Tina go and search the city frantically for the girl that 'soiled' Henry. Meanwhile, Lauren tries to get Val to relax and take a day off from work by faking her brithday.
  • The Loft
    Episode 4
    When Val thinks it's time to move into a new apartment with bigger office space, she and Lauren look for apartments. When Tina shows Holly a loft in her building, Holly thinks it's wonderful. Things get better for Holly when she finds out that the guy (Jay) is in prison. Holly and Val try to compromise with the guy to buy his loft. The Tyler sisters don't get Jay's loft, but Jay offers them another loft in the same building.moreless
  • 9/25/03

    In order to help Val get her first client since starting her own public relations firm, Holly becomes friends with the client's troubled teenage daughter, Tina . Meanwhile, Lauren distracts Peter when they find themselves in competition with their former boss for the new account.

  • Boys' Club
    Episode 2
    Holly begins to feel the pressure of school, work and friends,so it is hard for her to be there when Henry needs her the most . Meanwhile,Val get upset with her boss business antics and the new boys' club atmosphere that the business has taken on,so Val takes matters into her own hands and quitsmoreless
  • I Love You... Soon
    Episode 1
    In the second season premiere, Holly tries to help Henry overcome his jealousy of Vince, an eccentric older guy who works at Harper and Diggs,but she makes matters worse when she accidentally tells Henry that she loves him. Meanwhile, back at the office, Val finds herself attracted to Peter, her handsome and charming new boss.moreless
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