What I Like About You

Season 4 Episode 7

Someone's in the Kitchen with Daddy

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2005 on The WB

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    Surprisingly... good! I really enjoyed this episode. It was as if this show was going back to it's witty norm. Holly & Val competing for their dad's attention was very entertaining. Although some of the jokes didn't fly, it was still a very entertaining and eventful episode. The group dynamic was the best, and it's probably been the best group dynamic episode this season. With everyone being together like Tina, Gary, Vince, Vic and Lauren. We got some really good interactions. Although I did not like that they changed the actor that played Val & Holly's dad. At least we get an explanation on why Holly & Val never see their dad. The sister dynamic was also very great, since this episode was based on family. Yet like said before, they always find their way back to relationships which in this case was a good thing. Val realizes she's in love with Vic, so I'm sure that made a lot of fans happy. Ending the episode with everyone singing show tunes just made this a really feel good episode, that wasn't so focused on relationships.
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