What I Like About You

Season 1 Episode 17

The Breakup

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 28, 2003 on The WB



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    • Val: (drunk) Good evening, Holly.Holly: It's 2:00 in the morning.Val: Oh, sorry. Good morrow, Holly! (she and Lauren start cracking up)Holly: Would one of you like to tell me what's so funny?Val: I said "morrow," like a British!

    • Jeff: To tell you the truth, I think you're being kind of a hypocrite.
      Val: Excuse me?
      Jeff: Yeah. You say you love me, but it means nothing unless you have a ring on your finger.
      Val: You act like it's some bizarre idea that two people meet, fall in love, get married, and have a family!
      Jeff: Well, I think it's stupid to break up with somebody you love.
      Val: And I think it's selfish for you to expect me to wait around, hoping that someday, you'll change your mind and want to marry me.
      Jeff: Okay, fine, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm an immature, selfish jerk, and this past year meant absolutely nothing to me!
      Val: I'm beginning to think that it didn't.
      Jeff: How can you even think that?
      Val: My God, I do not want to talk about this anymore!
      Jeff: What do you want from me?
      Val: Nothing. The truth is, Jeff, if you really loved me, you would want to marry me.
      Jeff: What do you want me to do? Just tell me what to do, and I'll do it.
      Val: I think you should just go so we can both move on.

    • Holly: (when Val wakes her up at the crack of dawn) What time is it?
      Val: 5:30.
      Holly: In the evening? Wow, that's just two hours short of my record.

    • Lauren (she and Val stumble into Val's apartment, both of them drunk): Where's the can?
      Val (pause): Damn, I used to know.

    • Lauren: (when Val is crying about her breakup) Oh, honey, come here. (Val gets up and hugs Holly; Lauren smiles and leaves)
      Holly: Come on, let's go home. You want to clean under my bed?
      Val: I already did.
      Holly: I could mess it up again.
      Val: (smiles) You're the best.

    • Holly: (when Val comes home drunk) What did you do to my sister?
      Lauren: Nothing! She kissed me, okay?
      Holly: Oh my God!
      Lauren: I'm kidding! Look, we're just having fun. It's Girls Night Out!
      Holly: My sister does not do Girls Night Out. Look, I'm really worried about her. She's all upset over this Jeff thing, and now she's hanging out with people she can't stand! (Lauren gives her a look) Not you. Oh, she loves you......

    • Holly: Look at this! I spent 30 dollars on depressing videos to get you to cry!
      Val: Why do you want me to cry so bad?!
      Holly (shouting): So you can deal with your feelings! Get on with your life and just (knocks something over) get out of mine!
      Val: I didn't know I was such a burden.
      Holly: Just let it out!
      Val (shouting): Well fine, okay, great! You want me tuh, you want me to cry, you want me to get mad, how 'bout this! (swings her arms in the air like a gorilla) Boo frickin' hoo!

    • Holly (on the phone): Henry, tell me again, but slower this time! Ohhh, that's my favorite! Thin crust... three types of cheese? Okay, Henry, we have to stop!

    • Holly: (reading the grocery bag labels from a health food store that Val shopped at) "Natural Grocery?" I don't like the sound of that!
      Val: It's a miracle. This stuff is gonna help us live to be 100.
      Holly: How about if Corn Dog and I just make it to 60?

    • Holly (to Gary): Hey, do ladies have groins? 'Cause I think I pulled mine.

    • Val: Come running with me, it'll be fun! We'll start out slow, just 5 or 6K.
      Holly: If "K" is for Krispy Kreme, I'm in!

    • Holly (sarcastically to Val): Wow, bacon! My prayers have been answered!

    • Holly: (about Val) So how do I get her to cry?
      Gary: For me, lately, it's been two things: seeing "Antwone Fisher," and getting my business caught in my zipper!

    • Gary: (about Jeff and Val) Man, I can't believe they broke up!
      Holly: I know!
      Gary: I'm gonna miss that dude. I mean, there's a special bond that forms between a best friend's older sister's boyfriend and her sister's platonic friend's guy friend, you know what I mean?
      Holly: Special bond? You guys watched sports and talked about boobs!
      Gary: (sigh) The good times!

    • Val: Oh, I got you a present.
      Holly: (reading) "The Game Of Bacon?"
      Val: It's what Vermont's famous for... and gay marriages.
      Holly: Is that the reason for the break-up?

    • Jeff: C'mon, let's talk!
      Val: Fine.(She and Jeff go behind a curtain at the tattoo parlor)
      Lauren: (drunk) Well, no one will be able to hear them now, because they went behind the super sound-proof curtain!

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    • Antwone Fisher
      It is also called "The Awtone Fisher Story." It is a movie based on a true story, a biographical drama centering upon Antwone "Fish" Fisher. In the earlier part of his life, he was a sailor prone to violent outbursts. On the verge of being kicked out of the Navy for repeated fighting, he is sent to a naval psychiatrist for help. Refusing at first to open up, the young man eventually breaks down and reveals a horrific childhood rife with abuse. With the help of a Navy psychiatrist, he turns his life around and decides to embark on a search to find the family that abandoned him as a baby. Through the guidance of his doctor, he confronts his painful past and begins a quest to find the family he never knew. In the course of that search, his life changes dramatically.

    • Krispy Kreme
      Krispy Kreme is the name of a popular donut chain that originated in North Carolina. It spread quickly across the US in the 1990s and began it open international stores. It is famous for its very light doughnuts covered in glaze and served warm. Each store has a neon sign to indicate when fresh hot doughnuts are available. Though the chain features several varieties of donuts, it is most famous for its traditional glazed donut.