What I Like About You

Season 3 Episode 2

The Longest Night of the Year

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2004 on The WB
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Holly moves out of the loft with Ben when Val tell her that Ben can not live in the loft with them. Holly and Ben then end up at Vince and Gary's apartment, Vince agrees to let them stay there, Meanwhile, Val is concerned her fear of commitment is affecting Holly and wonders if she did the right thing by breaking off her engagement with Rickmoreless

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    Not the strongest episode of What I Like About You, but we did get some improvement after that rather disappointing premiere. Lets face it, What I Like About You isn't the funniest sitcom there is, but it is always a very enjoyable and entertaining one, and I surely was entertained here.

    This episode was also rather eventful which I also very much enjoyed. From Holly deciding to wait to "do laundry" to Rick proposing to Val in the very end, this was an eventful episode, that set the rest of the series in motion.

    We did see a lot of forced comedy here, true, I did get a few genuine laughs, but nothing was really special here in the comedy department. Vince just acts like he does the rest of the season, like a complete idiot falling over Holly, in a very albeit unfunny way.

    The interactions that were good here was the sister moment that Holly & Val share, we got season 1 quality in that department, when this show was about sisters, so that really helped this episode a lot. Overall, a good episode, could have been executed better though.moreless
  • Holly moves out when Val tells her Ben can't stay in the loft. Meanwhile, Val regrets saying no to Rick's proposal.

    This episode wasn't too bad, but it wasn't the best in the series. The part where Ben and Holly were sleeping on Vince's couch was hilarious XD Ben slept in his boxers that had little duckies on them, and when she felt them "moving" she quickly left and went back to the loft XD It was gross, but funny XD Val finally accepts Rick's proposal of marriage. But she does so only after she talks to Holly, and straightens out a few odds and ends. Those would be how Val is afraid of getting hurt and dumped, and treats Holly like she's afraid Holly will get hurt as well.moreless
  • Great episode!

    Holly wants Ben to move in, but Val doesn't think it's a good idea. Holly and Ben move to Vince's for a short time. Holly tells Tina that she and Ben haven't done it yet. Lauren tries to give Val advice about Holly and Rick. Vince is very jealous of Ben. Holly helps Val approach Rick and they get engaged again.

    This was a great episode! I applaud Holly's virginity! Lauren actually had some good advice! This was a funny episode also! I loved it when Holly was talking about "laundry." This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10 from me!moreless
Leslie Grossman

Leslie Grossman

Lauren [Episode 23- Present / Recurring Previously]

Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth

Valerie Tyler

Wesley Jonathan

Wesley Jonathan

Gary Thorpe

Allison Munn

Allison Munn

Tina [Episode 25- Present]

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes

Holly Tyler

Nick Zano

Nick Zano

Vince [Episode 23- Present]

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    • Holly (to Val and Rick): You go do some laundry!

    • Holly (thinking): This is nice. Yeah, I can do this no pressure. Oh no! The duckies are moving, the duckies are moving! (out loud) I'm going to go get some water...

    • Holly: Ben and I haven't exactly done...laundry yet.
      Val: Well ou just got back from Europe, no one expects you to have done your laundry yet.
      Holly: But we've been together for 3 weeks. We're supposed to have done our laundry. Everybody's done it. Vince has done it, Gary's done it. Tina's like a frickin' laundromat.

    • Val: Sorry, I took such a long time to change.
      Ben: Oh, that's okay. I just leafed through your magazines and took a peak at your medicine cabinet.
      Val: Oh, that's a back massager. I have a pinched nerve.

    • Lauren: (to Val) Yes, I will be your bridesmaid. Oh, and for the dresses can we go with scoop necks because I want to show off my maids of honor!

    • Ben: (singing)...that's how I feel about the girl.
      Holly: (walking down the stairs) Aww, Ben! I've never had anybody write a song about me, except for the "Holly Go Poop!" song, but that was just to toilet train me! Wait a minute! I am "girl" right?
      Ben: Uh...yeah! Sure!

    • Ben: (singing "The Vince Song") Vince is a prince! This is the first song I've written since...
      Ben and Gary: (singing together)... "The Gary Song"!

    • Ben: (singing "The Gary Song") I just met Gary! His name's not Larry, or Mary, or Harry...
      Ben and Gary: (singing together) ....'cause his name is Gary!
      Gary: Dude that was tight! But check this out. My middle name is Johann, and I don't think--(Vince pulls him away)

    • Val: Wow. Five months in America and Ben still doesn't have a place to live?
      Holly: Oh, no. He does. He'll be staying somewhere close.
      Val: Oh yeah? Where?
      Holly: The couch!

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