What I Like About You

Season 1 Episode 10

The Party

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 2003 on The WB
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Holly has a major crush on a cute college guy named Evan and he's been coming in everyday at "Copy That" to get some coffee but Holly gets a chance to actually know him when she "accidentally" takes Evan's cell phone and gets invited to a college party to swap phones. Gary wants to come too, but Holly doesn't want him to interfere. However, despite Holly's wishes, Gary shows up at the party as a co-ed to get in with the college girls. Meanwhile, Val starts to get a little competitive at Scrabble.moreless

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  • Holly and Gary get invited to a college party where Holly falls for a player. Val and Jeff get competitive over Scrabble.

    This episode was hilarious! When Holly and Gary go to the college party, Gary meets all these girls. He gives them his advice on relationships, and they dote on him. Holly, on the other hand, falls for a guy who will dump a girl the instant someone better looking comes around. Gary tries to warn him away, but his plan backfires - to a point. The guy dumps Holly, but Holly becomes furious with him. That all changes when Holly accidentally gets locked in a bathroom with the college guy. Gary saves her, but she finds out she's ripped her pants. Gary gives her his pants, and they walk out - her in pants way to big for her, and him in boxers XD Meanwhile, Val and Jeff play Scrabble. Jeff is winning every round, so Val gets mad and tries cheating.moreless
  • Season 1, Episode 10.

    Holly: You know he's in high school.

    College Girl: Yeah.

    Gary: Preemptive move. (grinning) Tell me I'm not college material.

    Haha. Jeff is finally beating Val in Scrabble! He won twice and he was about to win again, when Jeff has to help someone at the restaurant. Val looks at his letters and it says "enzymes." LMAO! Val was a little stupid telling Jeff to put "enzymes" instead of "me." Simon Rex has come a long way from doing adult stuff to doing a whole season on a great comedy. Jeff quoted the intro from The Real World. LMAO. Holly gets locked in a bathroom with Evan and another girl. :) Cool episode.moreless
  • Gary is a really good friend.

    I really look this episode because Gary really looked out for Holly which is nice & he was so right about that jerk. I like how Gary fit in to the plot, how he was just there, not only to look out for Holly but to hit on some college chicks. While one college chick says that he is a player. I love the scene where Holly is in the bathroom & is bad mouthing Evan when he's with the other girl, Holly finally appreciated Gary's friendship. Also I like the B Plot even though it's just about a board game.moreless
  • Pretty good!

    Holly meets Evan, a college guy. She thinks he's cute, so Gary encourages her to talk to him. It turns out that they have the same phone, so Holly purposely gives him her phone. She calls and they schedule a meeting at his party to switch phones back. Gary comes along without Holly's knowledge and he starts flirting with the college girls. Holly and Evan dance and Gary learns that one of the girls has dated Evan. Apparently, once he gets what he wants, he dumps you. Gary tries to protect Holly by making him leave her alone. Val and Jeff play Scrabble.

    This episode was pretty good! It wasn't as good as some episodes though. I liked how Val and Jeff were competing! This episode gets an 8.5 out of 10!moreless

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