What I Like About You

Season 2 Episode 22

The Second Season Finale

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 07, 2004 on The WB
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Holly is elated when she is accepted for an internship in Paris but when Henry and Vince each kiss her before she leaves she knows the time has come to decide between them. In order to distract her from Rick's upcoming wedding, Val books a trip to Venice with Lauren, but when Val gets sick and has to cancel, she is pleasantly surprised when a still-single Rick shows up at her doorstep. Meanwhile, it could be a summer of love for Gary and Tina when they have their second kiss.


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  • Season 2 Finale

    An amazing finale of What I Like About You and definitely the best of the series. The writers knew where to hit the right spots regarding cliffhangers. Even if they are all about relationships, I still managed to really enjoy this, and this can definitely hold me over till the show returns.

    What I Like About You was never critically acclaimed, and the show just wasn't that popular, but it's times like these when you wish this show got more viewers, at least this show is on a syndication frenzy nowadays, but this was a very good show.

    This episode probably made all the fans happy. We have a possibility of Holly & Vince getting together and a possibility of Holly & Henry getting together. Then we even have the possibility of Tina & Gary together. Then we got a hell of a cliffhanger.

    Everything happens for a reason like why Val didn't board the plane with Holly. Rick couldn't get married and goes to Val's doorstep meanwhile Vince is on the plane with Holly. Wow, a great cliffhanger that literally gave me chills. Amazing finale and one of the best episodes of the series.moreless
  • As Holly gets ready for her internship in Paris, she is forced to make a decision between Vince and Henry; who both kiss her on the same day.

    This was an awesome episode!!! There were three great parts of this episode. The first was when Henry kissed Holly. The second was when Vince kissed Holly. When Val told Vince about Holly's internship, he realized what his summer would be like without her. When she showed up in the loft, he kissed her. The third best part was at the end. In this scene, Rick showed up at the loft, unmarried, and explained to Val that he couldn't go through with the marriage because he loves Val. Also in this scene, Holly boards her plane, and finds Vince there. The episode ends right there.moreless
  • Holly must choose...

    Holly is going to Europe for the whole summer. Henry kisses her, which takes Holly by surprise. Gary and Tina don't seem to get along, yet they can't help feel attracted to each other. Lauren is sick, but Val cheers her up by getting two tickets to Venice for them. Vince comes by and kisses Holly. She doesn't know what to do. Val gets sick, so the Venice trip is postponed. Val is sad about Rick's wedding, but he comes by and tells her that he couldn't marry Julie. Henry says he's going to visit Holly for a week. Vince is also on the plane with Holly.

    This episode was great! It was pretty funny! I think Tina and Gary should go out. I want Holly to be with Henry! This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!moreless
  • An excellent episode!

    In the first 15 minutes of the episode, Henry kisses Holly. Then 5 minutes later, Vince comes to over to give Val a package and he kisses Holly. Holly describes Vince's kiss as "awesome" and Henry's as "sweet." She says something like "wow I must look really good today." Excellent episode. I was disappointed by the Gary and Tina kiss though.
Leslie Grossman

Leslie Grossman

Lauren [Episode 23- Present / Recurring Previously]

Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth

Valerie Tyler

Stephen Dunham

Stephen Dunham

Peter [Episode 23- 32]

Wesley Jonathan

Wesley Jonathan

Gary Thorpe

Allison Munn

Allison Munn

Tina [Episode 25- Present]

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes

Holly Tyler

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