What I Like About You

Season 1 Episode 4

The Teddy Bear

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2002 on The WB
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Episode Summary

Holly and Val battle over the possession of a stuffed teddy bear they both cherished during their childhood. But when the struggle for the bear becomes too much, the girls agree to give the critter to a little girl in the building, though after they discover she is abusive and destructive to their childhood treasure, they join forces to regain the bear.moreless

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  • Val & Holly fight over a teddy bear.

    This episode was just okay because the plot didn't interest me & the plot didn't much develop, Val & Holly fight over their childhood bear, it seems like any other sister would fight for when they're seven! They seem to grown up to fight over a bear. Abigail Breslin did an amazing job in the episode, she looked liked she was about to tear that bear up. The B plot was the same, Jeff & Gary try to fix the armoir, still didn't develop as much, I like the jokes, that pretty much made up for uninteresting plot, just an okay episode.moreless
  • Loved it!

    Val and Holly find an old teddy bear. It was Val's first and then it was Holly's. Val took it when she went to college and now both of them want the teddy bear. Val named it Biddie Bear and Holly named it Lorenzo. They decide to give it away to solve their problems. They give it to a little girl named Josie. Josie has fun with it, but she names it Stinky Bear and drags it through the mud, steps on it, etc. Holly and Val want the bear back, so they go to her birthday party to steal it back. Jeff and Gary work on a cupboard that was broken.

    This episode was funny! I loved it! I can't believe what Josie did to the bear...how sad. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!moreless
  • What I Like About You The Teddy Bear

    This was a very funny episode. Holly and Val both had the same teddy bear, but Val gave it to Holly when Val was a teenager. Then Holly finds out that Val took "Lorenzo" from her. Val had named the bear "Biddie Bear." They fought about whose bear it was, but then they decided to give the bear to a little girl named Josie that lived downstairs. They see that Josie abuses their bear, so they go to her birthday party and they take it back from her. They happily put it back in a box, and they know that they can use the bear when they need it.

    Meanwhile, Jeff and Gary try to even out the doors of Val's cabinet. Jeff isn't the best handyman, so they end up messing the doors up, making them even more uneven. Jeff buys Val a new cabinet.moreless
  • A very funny episode!

    This episode was very humerous! At first Holly and Val fight over the teddy bear but then they decide to give it away. In a series of events in seeing Josie( a young girl the new owner of the bear) mistreat the bear and also Holly and Val thinking of all the good times they had with the bear, they decide they want him back. Several times they try to get the bear back and then at Josies birthday party they finally get it back after destroying the party and telling Josie and her mother how much the bear means to them.moreless
  • this is the best show ever i can't believe they canclled it!!

    i love love love this this this show it is so funny i love amanda bynes and jeanie garth they were the perfect people to put on the show because they are hilarious.Amanda was so funny in she's the man. My favourite episode is the one where val and rick are about to get married but then holly found out bad news and went to see his ex-fiance julie where she said rick called her so holly told val as they were walking down the asile then val had to call of the wedding and so mad at holly for wrecking her dream wedding!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Holly called the bear "Lorenzo" while Val called it "Biddie Bear." Josie called it "Stinky Bear."

    • The teddy bear was originally Val's, but she abandoned it when she went to college. Holly then took possession of it because it was the one thing that really reminded her of Val.

    • Goof: When Josie leans in and "throws up" on the teddy bear, she is standing right in Val's face, but in the very next shot, when Val looks repulsed, you can see that Josie is nowhere near her.

    • When Gary started the electric sander and freaked out because it was powerful he told Jeff to make it stop so Jeff unplugged it. Then Jeff, without plugging the sander back in walked up to the armoir turned the sander on and began sanding

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Marcy: What is it with you two and that bear?
      Val: Nothing. Let's just forget about it, okay? The bear belongs to Josie. Let's go, Holly.
      Holly: No! You don't understand how much this bear means to me!
      Val: Of course I do. He's important to me, too. See, he was my bear first--
      Holly: And that's what I loved most about him! He wasn't just any old bear; he was your bear, and that's what made him so special. And then when you went off to college, suddenly he was gone too.
      Val: Holly, if I had known you felt this way, I would have never tried to talk you into giving him away.
      Holly: (to Marcy) Can I please have my bear back? Isn't there something that you love so much, you would never want to lose it?
      Marcy: (clutches her wine coolers tighter, a sympathetic looks comes over her face as she looks at Josie) You know what, sweetie? I think we should give him back.
      Josie: Okay. (hands bear to Val)
      Val: Don't be sad, Josie. You can come and visit him whenever you want.
      Josie: (gets pale) I'm not sad. Too much candy.....(throws up on bear)

    • Jeff: Guys, stop, there is a mature way to settle this.
      Val: How?
      Jeff: I don't know, you're usually the one that handles all these things. So, you better think of something quick because right now I feel like the adult and that's not how we usually work here!

    • Holly: (on the phone with Gary) Don't worry! I'll just tell Jeff you missed the bus. (hangs up) Gary's running late. He's watching SpongeBob SquarePants.
      Jeff: What a loser! It's a repeat!

    • Val: Yes! I found the fifth Yahtzee dice! We can start the game!
      Holly, Gary and Jeff: Uuuuuuuugh.
      Val: I thought you guys wanted to play.
      Holly: No, we said we didn't want to do anything, and you screamed "YAHTZEE!"

    • Holly: I'm going in now, if Marcy comes back, blame the red-headed kid.
      Val: Why him?
      Holly: Look at him, he's guilty of something.

    • Holly: This is a very special teddy bear. First it belonged to Val, and then it belonged to me, then it belonged to Val again without my knowledge...
      Val: Let's just keep it happy, huh?
      Holly: When we were your age and we felt sad or needed cheering up, we used to hug our bear really tight and it always made us feel better. So now we want you to have him.
      Josie's Mom: Josie, what do you say?
      Josie: He smells funny. I'm gonna name him Stinky Bear! Woo hoo! (runs off with bear)

    • Val: Hey! Any luck with Biddie Bear?
      Holly: Nope. I washed him four times and he still smells like Milk Duds and stomach acid.
      Val: Well, let's try Plan B. (she puts the bear in a plastic Ziploc freezer bag and then tries to hug him) I don't know...it just doesn't feel the same with a plastic bag on it!
      Jeff: Tell me about it!

    • Holly: You like that bear, don't you? Sure you do! So why don't you hand over Stinky Bear and this guy is all yours?
      Josie: Like a tradesie?
      Val: Exactly!
      Josie: I'm keeping Stinky Bear! No takebacks infinity!
      Val: Damn infinity!

    • Val: Did you guys really think I wouldn't notice this little problem?
      Jeff: Huh? What, did you think we were finished? No, we only stopped because we had a question about the doors!
      Val: What?
      Jeff: Did you want them to match?

    • Josie: Did you find that life?
      Val: What, sweetie?
      Josie: My mom said you needed to get a...
      Marcy: Josie!

    • Jeff: I don't get it! We've been sanding for 40 minutes!
      Gary: You know what we need?
      Jeff: Skills?
      Gary: No, we need rougher sandpaper!
      Jeff: Does your dad have any in his toolbag?
      Gary: Yeah, but it's stuck to this machine. (brings out a belt sander)
      Jeff: Plug it in... I'll do the doors.
      Gary: Well, why do you get to use a sander? It's my dad's!
      Jeff: Have you ever used one of these things before?
      Gary: It's my dad's!

  • NOTES (5)