What I Like About You

Season 3 Episode 6

Three Little Words

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2004 on The WB



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    • Val: (About Rick's "beer butler" she damaged and then taped back together) Maybe he won't notice anything.
      Lauren: Maybe. If you drop him from that same balcony.

    • Holly: What else has he lied to me about? Maybe he isn't even British!

    • Val: Yeah, I heard what he said. Okay huh, look Rick no, he can not stay because I'm kinda going for, like, a contemporary modern thing here and he is contemporary ugly.

    • Holly: This honesty thing sucks. From this moment on, Ben's song, brilliant.

    • Rick: It's the first piece of art I have ever bought.
      Lauren: Huh, there was an artist involved.

    • Lauren: What the hell is wrong with you two? Val is 21 days away from the altar, she has the right to lie, steal, falsificate documents to cross that finish line.

    • Holly: What should i do? How can i look into Ben's beautiful eyes and tell him his song sucks? I mean do i do it after i tell him i love him or before?

    • Holly: When you love someone, you forgive them.
      Ben: When you love someone?
      Holly: Yeah, I've been waiting for the perfect moment. I love you. I know its only been two months and its okay if you want to wait to tell me but--
      Ben: I love you, too.

    • Gary: What if she and Ben didnt break up?
      Vince: Wife, Gary, wife! She's never gonna forgive him for this.

    • Holly: Who knows what else he's lied about? Maybe he's not even British! (Faking accent) 'Ello mate! (Normal voice) How hard was that!

    • Vince: You should dump him.
      Holly: What?
      Vince: What!? I said you should work it out! What'd you hear? GOD!

    • Vince: Fiona, this is my friend Holly. Ben's girlfriend. Holly, this is Fiona. Ben's wife.
      Holly: What!?

    • Vince: (about Ben) Whats Queen Elizabeth so excited about?

    • Holly: (about Ben's song) Ohmygod, isn't it the worst song ever?
      Val: He's from the same country as the Beatles?

    • Val: (to Holly) You have to be honest with Ben.
      Lauren: Oh, I forgot, Glinda the Good Witch is here!

    • Holly:How do I tell Ben I love him, but his song sucks?
      Val: You love him?!
      Lauren:(popping out from under a desk) Oh my God! She loves him!

    • Fiona: Oh, Benji!
      Ben: (in shock) Oh my damn!

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  • Allusions

    • Holly: Oh I forgot, Glinda The Good Witch is here.

      This is a referance to The Wizard of Oz, in which The Good Witch of the North is named Glinda. This is also a referance to Wicked, a musical that tells the untold stories of the Witches of Oz, The Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda, the Good Witch of the North.

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