What I Like About You

Season 4 Episode 14

Your Money or Your Wife

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 2006 on The WB

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    In continuation of Vince & Holly fighting, guess what happens? They fight some more. This episode was just like the last episode, the same exact thing was going on. Vince & Holly were fighting over the Robyn situation until they finally break up in the final scene. Was it sad? Sure, I just can't believe they would end their relationship after this whole season when they've gone worse. It's just a cop out to end this mediocre season with this strange arc of Vince & Holly fighting.

    Honestly, Val & Vic saved the show a bit this time around. Vic's pelvis is fixed and he's ready to have sex, but they end up arguing, and then when they make up, something interrupts them again. Some jokes were funny here, but the quality of the episode is just so bad! If you were to compare an episode from season 1 or 2, you would think they were different shows with different characters, they might as well have made a new show with all the set changes and inconsistent character decisions.
  • Val angers Vic and his firefighting buddies when she revokes the "Firemen Special." Also, Holly and Vince try to cope after the fight.

    Vince and Holly are really starting to get on my nerves. As a matter of fact, this show is getting on my nerves! Holly and Vince are acting like children! If they really loved each other, they would trust in each other, and not let some skinny blonde dumb brat get in the way. Vince has been with tons of girls! Why can't he see past Robyn's facade? Holly gets tired of it too, and ends up breaking up with Vince. Go Holly!!!! *applause* As for Val and Vic, they need to grow up too. Val's behavior at the bakery was rude and uncalled for! She should have been a bit nicer...
  • Season 4, Episode 14.

    Great episode! Holly and Vince aren't talking. :( Vic brings a fireman to the bakery, and Val gives him a free coffee and muffin, starting a fireman special. However, when 15 firemen show up at the bakery and Val doesn't make ant profits, she takes the special away. She and Vic later argue about it. Haha. Vince and Holly later begin talking again after they reconcile during police questioning about their robbery. The police officer says he's glad they made up, because the chances of them getting their stuff back is like 0. Haha. I love Lauren! "It's like a gay bar, but with hope!" LMAO!
  • Vince and Holly...

    Holly and Vince are avoiding each other. Holly and him talk, but and things start to go well, but then Robyn has a boyfriend and Vince doesn't believe Holly. They break up. Val lets firemen have free muffins, but when she realizes that she can't afford that, she stops it. They get mad. Vic can have sex now because his medical problems are gone. They are about to, but when Vic mentions the upset firemen, they have a fight. They make up.

    This episode was pretty good! I was sad about the break-up though. Vince should believe Holly! This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10!
  • The end of Vince and Holly?

    My favorite storyline of the episode would have to be Val and Vic. They're a great couple. The whole fireman special was very funny especially when Val was calculating how much all the food was. Holly and Vince's storyline is getting tiresome. They're back to their on/off state. I hate Robin- uggghhh. It was funny when her "boyfriend" showed up and it looked like Holly made everything up. Tina, Gary and Lauren still dont have anything to do- I do hope they get good storylines in the future. Overall, an average episode of What I Like About You... please fix Holly and Vince!
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