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  • Season 1
    • The Good Guys Hostage Crisis
      Shopping for electronics and the latest in tech gear is an activity that doesn't usually involve threats on your life. But in 1991, shoppers at a Good Guys store in Sacramento, California, found themselves in the middle of the largest hostage situation in United States history. We will hear from the reporter that brought readers of the Sacramento Bee every harrowing detail and hear first hand accounts from one of the surviving hostages. Experts will tell audiences how they can keep themselves safe if they too every find themselves in a hostage situation.moreless
    • Luby's Cafeteria
      Luby's Cafeteria
      Episode 14
      We explore the Luby's Cafeteria shooting in Kileen, Texas on October 16, 1991 and hear from survivor, Susanna Gracia Hupp.
    • Dartmouth Murders
      Dartmouth Murders
      Episode 13
      Dartmouth, New Hampshire is one of the safest towns in New England. On an average lazy Saturday, the Zantop's are catching up on chores and enjoying the time off. In the middle of the day they hear the doorbell ring and look outside and see two teens standing at the doorstep. It doesn't look like a dangerous situation but for these two teachers, their trusting disposition cost them their lives.moreless
    • LA Riots
      LA Riots
      Episode 12
      1992 Los Angeles Civil Unrest was sparked on April 29, 1992, when a jury acquitted four LAPD officers accused in the videotaped beating of African-American motorist Rodney King following a high-speed pursuit. Thousands of people in the LA-area rioted over the six days following the verdict. By the time the police, the U.S. Army, the Marines and the National Guard restored order, the casualties included 53 deaths, 2,383 injuries, more than 7,000 fires, damages to 3,100 businesses, and nearly $1...moreless
    • Night Stalker
      Night Stalker
      Episode 11
      In 1984, leaving your window open could have serious ramifications. In fact, 13 people ended up dead at the hands of the man known as The Night Stalker. Daring citizens aided in the capture of Richard Ramirez - but how did they do what the police couldn't?
    • Golden Dragon
      Golden Dragon
      Episode 10
      Chinatown in San Francisco in the 70's was a hot bed of Asian gang activity with the Joe Boys Gang, the Wa Ching Gang, and the Hop Sing Gang competing for a share of the extortion and illegal firework sales rackets. When a rumble between the Joe Boys and the Wa Ching ended with a Joe Boys member dead there was a vendetta to be paid. On September 4, 1977 three masked members of the Joe Boys gang descended on the Golden Dragon restaurant where the Wa Ching and Hop Sing gangs were eating. A...moreless
    • The Laura Black Stalking
      After stalking Laura Black, Richard Farley stormed the ESL building, killed 7 people and wounded 4 more, including Laura. We meet Bill Lee who was there on that fateful day and helped evacuate the building, and Rueben Grijavla, the Chief Negotiator who talked Farley into surrendering.
    • Holocaust Museum Shootout
      The United States Holocause Memorial Museum shooting was a shooting at the national Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. on June 10, 2009. At about 12:49pm, 88 year-old James von Brunn drove his car to the 14th Street entrance of the museum. Von Brunn entered the museum when security guard Stephen Tyrone Johns opened the door for him. Authorities said he pulled out a 22-caliber rifle and shot Johns who later died of his injuries. Two security guards, Harry Weeks and Jason Mac McCuiston,...moreless
    • Edmond, Oklahoma Post Office Shootout
      The workplace shooting that started the phrase go postal, occurred on August 20, 1986 when a relief postal carrier, Patrick Henry Sherrill, brought two .45 caliber pistols to work to get retribution for being reprimanded by his supervisors for mis-delivered mail. In 15 to 20 minutes, Sherill executed 14 people and wounded 6 others before shooting himself in the head.moreless
    • Columbine High School
      A look at the events surrounding the Columbine High School shootings including interviews with Dave Cullen, author of the NY Times best seller, Columbine and Columbine principle Frank DeAngeles. Predator Stoppers, The Sig Sauer 556 tactical rifle is profiled.
    • San Ysidro McDonalds Massacre
      Huberty gathered up his 9mm Uzi semiautomatic, a 12 gauge pump-action shotgun, and a 9mm Browning HP and told his wife he was Going hunting humans. He then proceeded to kill 21 people and wound 19 other before being taken out by a police snipers bullet. It was the largest mass murder in the United States at the time.moreless
    • Mexican Drug War
      Mexican Drug War
      Episode 4
      The Mexican Drug War is an armed conflict taking place between rival drug cartels and government forces in Mexico. Although Mexican drug cartels, or drug trafficking organizations, have existed for a few decades, they have become more powerful since the demise of Colombia's Cali and Medellin cartels in the 1990s. Mexican drug cartels now dominate the wholesale illicit drug market in the United States. Arrests of key cartel leaders, particularly in the Tijuana and Gulf cartels, have led to...moreless
    • North Hollywood Shootout
      The North Hollywood shootout was an armed confrontation between two heavily armed bank robbers, Larry Phillips, Jr. and Emil Matasareanu, and patrol and SWAT officers of the LAPD in North Hollywood, California on February 28, 1997. It happened when responding patrol officers engaged Phillips, 26 and Matasareanu, 30 leaving a bank, which the two men had just robbed. Wearing custom made body armor and armed with 5 fully automatic weapons and 3300 rounds of ammunition including armor piercing...moreless
    • Westroads Mall Shooting
      The Westroads Mall shooting was a murder-suicide that occurred on December 5, 2007, at the Von Maur department store in the Westroads Mall in Omaha, Nebraska. Nineteen-year-old Robert A. Hawkins stepped out of the elevator on the third floor at 1:43 pm, armed with a semiautomatic rifle and two 30-round magazines of ammunition and opened fire. He killed eight people and wounded four others over the course of six minutes, before dying from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head near the...moreless
    • New Life Church
      New Life Church
      Episode 1
      We'll explore the events surrounding the New Life Church shootings from Colorado Springs on December 7, 2007, when a disturbed Matthew Murray stormed the church and killed two people only to be stopped in his tracks by church member and volunteer security guard, Jeanne Assam. We'll meet Ms. Assam and find out first hand what it felt like to face a killer and save literally hundreds of her fellow parishioners.moreless