What Not to Wear (UK)

Wednesday 9:00 PM on BBC Premiered Nov 29, 2001 Between Seasons


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  • I like this show loads, But do trinney and Suzanna Break confidence rather than build it. Read my review please :) x

    They are harsh when saying what peoples flaws are but these glamour queens always come out on top. The point of this is too make people feel comfortable in thier own skin, and i think the fact that its on T.V builds up the confidence of the person. They always get the shape right whether it is A line Hour Glass Pearshaped they cant get it wrong. They only things I would say about then is that they cant work separatly but then some would say thats the brilliance of the show. I loved this show in the beggining but I am now thinking Trinney and Suzie need to take a back seat and make way for GOK! He is a true genuis and he makes women feel great by using his own sex appeal by flirting and always reasurring them they look great however they are whereas Trinniy and Suzie are almost saying that they have to be made up and dressed correctly to look good. I dont think this is a positive image to promote even if it ends up the same way as Goks show. The difference is that Gok builds confidence, and In some ways Trinney and Suzanna breaks it down by saying they need good clothes and make-up, Not very good :) I do like this show but I like Goks fashion Fix more.
  • Not many know I watch this!

    You can defiantly see how hard Trinny and Susannah try to make a change in various women's lives. I first heard about the 'what-not-to-wear-girls' on the Oprah Winfrey show, and months later here i am watching the show. I do admit the show is some what of a drag, especially when it comes to the point in which they have to pick out clothes and some of the guests become emotional and what not. I enjoy watching this because it is entertaining to see the changes made in their clothing style, as well as their personality. These changes may be permanent, or pointless, one thing is for sure: they are drastic.
  • Trinny and Susannah care about their subjects, who start out as pathetic and end up just glowing.

    It's not that Trinny and Susannah have such great fashion sense themselves; sometimes I'm just appalled by what they're wearing (though it's never as awful as the stuff they're throwing out, over the protests of their somewhat deluded subjects). It's that they CARE. It must be that, or why would people let them take such liberties, patting them in placing even their best friends don't pat them and telling them stuff to their faces that their friends can only whisper about behind their ill-clad backs?

    And let's confess, we enjoy looking down (for a time) on these people and how thick they are regarding their own sartorial shortcomings. (Oh my God, I wouldn't be caught DEAD in THAT!) It makes us feel better about ourselves. That's a dangerous pitfall but we do escape it quicly because as Susannah and Trinny care, we also come to care, so we don't look down our noses for long. We really hope the subjects will suddenly GET it and choose something that suits them. And... eventually they DO!

    So it's also that this show gives us hope. Lord, if they can help these pathetic people, there is hope for us! By the end of the show, no one is pathetic. People we thought were well beyond rescue are beaming with newfound self respect. Two grand isn't all that much, not even in sterling. It has to be the caring and the hope!
  • They are fantastic!

    I love this show! Trinny and Susanna are absolutely brilliant trying to get these terribly dressed women to actually get some style and confidence. They make me laugh but the end result with the contestants are breathtaking and the transformation is amazing. I really love the way that the show works!
  • The original series is still the best!

    What Not To Wear, the original UK version (shown originally on BBC 1 in the UK, and on BBC America in the US, BBC Prime elsewhere) is hosted by fashion journalists Susannah Constantine and Trini Woodall. Although there is a US version, with different hosts, it\'s really Susannah and Trini that make this show. They are ruthless in their comments and bully their hapless victims... er, subjects for fashion makeovers... relentlessly until they have succumbed. There\'s no denying though, 99% of the time the subjects do come out looking fabulous. You may not agree with their tastes all the time (they seem to rather prefer their subjects to look like variations on themselves - feminine, understated, a bit frilly) but their personalities make this a highly entertaining show.