What Not To Wear

Season 5 Episode 13

Cristina Hernandez

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 12, 2007 on TLC

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  • Best episode ever! Kristina was sassy yet so endearing. For ex., she described one dress as "something I would wear if I were having tea with some nuns." This episode was full of hilarious one-liners and a rewarding "fashion conversion".

    My teenage daughter and I laughed out loud repeatedly during this episode in the midst of cheering on Kristina's discoveries. She had quite a relationship with her "girls" (breasts) and knew exactly what they were "thinking"! She described one dress as "something I would wear if I jumped off a bridge." Panicked at Stacy and Clinton's insistence that she dump her current wardrobe, she would go off into rants in Spanish. While shopping, she continually threatened that unless she found "the real Kristina", she was going to rescue all her old clothes from the dumpster. Kristina also was so honest; when she had her "moment of truth" about how much better she looked when following Stacy and Clinton's rules, she completely 'fessed up and apologized. This episode is full of wonderful one-liners from Stacy and Clinton as well. My hands-down favorite!