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more styles for low income women...

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    with all of the shows i've seen, the women doing the make overs are all receiving $5,000 to go shopping with. in today's world there's a vast majority of us that can't afford to spend more than $25.00 for a pair of jeans let alone spend more than $1,000 in wardrobe, hair, and make up for a year. we pay on an average of $75-$100 for a perm, $50-$95 for a hair color (both depending on the length of hair before the trim or cut), and the cost of make up, going to macy's or any other named stores it too much therefore leading a lot of us to keep avon in business with make up and perfumes. what can you do to show the lower income women some styles to pick from.

    my wardrobe consists of blue jeans, sweat pants, sweaters, sweat shirts, summer spagetti strap tops, and even flannel shirts. my foot wear is sneakers, clogs, and work boots. i used to dress in skirts and high heel shoes and for the past 20+ years i've been a jeans and t-shirt girl. i'm a 45 y/o woman that became partially disabled a few years ago and with very limited finances. also, since the car accident i was hurt in i have no use of my left shoulder and limited use of my left arm making it hard for me to style my hair giving me no option other than pulling my hair up or back let alone wear some of the tops i have in my closet. now, my problem is, my self esteem was lowered shortly after the car accident. i'm no longer able to work, no longer able to dress the way i used to like to dress, and can't afford to dress the way i'd like to dress with changing my style. can you help people like me out with finding a look that best suits our budget?

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