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New Episode "Rebecca"

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    [1]Oct 26, 2007
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    Wow. In the first time in the history of the show, I acutally couldn't find anything about the makeover person that I liked.

    She was really stubborn and rude. And it forced Stacy and Clinton to be rude right back, which was really uncomfortable.

    Wow. That was just really unpleasant all around.

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    [2]Jun 16, 2008
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    Gosh, I guess I'm late to the party but I just today watched the horrific Rebecca episode and was absolutely APPALLED by her incredibly ungrateful behavior and the level of rudeness displayed toward Stacey, Clinton, Nick, and Carmindy!!

    I couldn't believe it. I joined the forums just to vent!! That's how much I hated this one.

    All the people involved with her makeover are highly regarded professionals of their craft, and proven time and again to do wonders for people. What is wrong with this stupid, ugly CPA??

    If the tables were turned and one of her clients treated her the way she did them, I'm sure she wouldn't have stood for it. Poor WNTW staff!! I feel bad for anyone that had the misfortune to have to interact with her during the taping, what a negative, draining personality she has!
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    [3]Aug 9, 2008
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    When she was ambushed, there were some in the friends and family crowd who didn't smile or applaud. One looked fearful. I was really appalled by Rebecca. She was a know it all. And talking about herself in the third person is the ultimate in narcissism. She had no boyfriend and I can't imagine her having one. Nick was sweating bullets and he was right to express his displeasure when he didn't get a thank you. And she said she didn't feel bad about giving him a bad time. Stacey had to remind her that this show wasn't about her. It was about millions of women across the US and Canada who are learning about fashion and how to make themselves look their best. And, they all had to put up with Rebecca "flapping her trap."

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    [4]Aug 17, 2008
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    Excuse me, but I beg to differ about all these criticisms. Stacey had to remind her that this wasn't about her--- what, what, what?? Of COURSE this is about her; that's why she's on the show, to improve HER wardrobe and HER style, duh! If anybody should be told this show isn't about her, it's Stacey! I've always asked this question as I watch the show: 9 times out of 10, when the 'applicant' is interviewed after the ambush, they always say something to the effect of "I don't know why I was chosen; my style's not that bad!" Well, if you feel that way, WHY are you going on the show??? Just turn them down and get on with your life!

    To the critics, I say this: if you REALLY want to see an ungrateful candidate for a makeover show, you should have watched "How Do I Look?" this weekend. The person chosen for the makeover wore hideous mosh pit clothes and styled her hair with these ridiculous twisted curls that made her look like a bad Anime character. After she was made over, she announced she hated everything the accomplices picked out and wished she had never agreed to come on the show. One of the stylists tried to make her feel guilty by telling her that her friend who nominated her had to drop a lot of other commitments to do the show, to which she replied, "She should have done that other stuff instead. This was a complete waste of time." Now THAT'S rude!

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    [5]Aug 26, 2008
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    Sorry, but I must disagree with you! There is a difference between what you are bringing forth here and what happened on this episode. Yes, people have a right to express opinions and/or discontent, but this 'person' is just plain vulgar. I mean, you could see 'why' people at work wanted her on the show so much...to embarrass her(or should I say to 'allow her to show herself to the world and be an embarrassment for herself' and my guess is they are tired of working with her 'tude' and this is their only way to 'get even'. Which from what my husband and I both perceived...quite clearly. We usually laugh along with and feel good for most of the people on WNTW, but in this episode, we were appalled and laughed 'at her'. Sad and angry person, in our opinion.
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