What Not To Wear

Season 4 Episode 8

High School Reunion #1- Karen Coynes

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 14, 2005 on TLC

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  • Karen is an IT professional in Southern California that wears too big suits to work, and pajamas and small minis at home. Stacy and Clinton work their magic with a dynamite wardrobe almost exclusively from D&G!! You should see the dress!! My Favorite!!

    This episode is my favorite! Karen seems so down to earth and really nice. She wears suits to work that are not flattering at all, but when she gets home it's all pajamas at the market and mini shirts at her husband's shows. Rockin band he's in!!! Karen has an awe3some figure and looks so good in everything Stacy and Clinton put on her, but for someone who wears pajamas in public, she is pickier than I expected. "Not so much" is her favorite tag line!! That suit at the end is incredible. And wait until you see her reunion dress!! Still my favorite episode.